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    hank parker
from bumblebee (  
2/15/2003 12:42:00 PM


 Did anyone see Hank Parkers show today? Am I just behind the times.When did his wife go from Sherrie to Martha?

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   Looked the same.. But I was confused by name also.. from bjlc (  2/15/2003 4:44:00 PM
 Looked and sounded like his wife, at least to me but I haven't seen her in a show for quite some time.. Some one else must have an answer for this one.. bjlc

   Hank got a D-I-V-O-R-C-E some time back from Everything Bass Inc.   2/15/2003 5:45:00 PM
 Must be his new wife.

Brad Tharp is the owner of Everything Bass Inc. , and proud to be a sponsor of BFHP.

   heard that Clunn had,, and so did Roland.. from bjlc (  2/15/2003 9:01:00 PM
 I had heard that Clunn had gotten remarried and so did Roland, but I have never heard ANYTHING ABOUT HANK!!!!! Nothing at all. Did he stop using the "phone form the stage intro also?" Can anyone else confirm this?

   Wives from Joe J. (  2/15/2003 9:26:00 PM
  I had brought this up on the board after last week's show. His first wife's name was Angie, and had been on several shows, was seen on a Rubbermaid ad they did together, etc. Don't know when they got divorced. My wife was surprised to see the new wife on today's show, as she liked Angie and the shows she and Hank appeared on together. Unfortunately, divorce happens to bass pros and TV stars much as it does to others. Martha appears to be a sweet and attractive lady, and now has caught a bigger bass than I have.

   He sure did from Terry_CA (  2/15/2003 9:31:00 PM
 I feel funny about commenting on this because I met Hank only once, but yep, they divorced. You guys were right about how she looks like his ex.

I was talking to Jimmy Houston at a fishing show two years ago and he said that Hank's new wife Martha looked like Sherrie's twin. Jimmy said he had a hard time calling her Martha because they looked so much alike and he was used to Sherrie.

   always thought that Hank was Mr. Clean Marine... from bjlc (  2/15/2003 10:46:00 PM
 Never expected it to happen to him..

   Who is this.... from Pp (  2/16/2003 8:38:00 AM
 Sherrie yall keep mentioning????? As Joe J said; Angie was his wifes name. I always thought they made a pretty good couple (& fam). I didn't get to see the show...will it air again today (Sun), what network, time?


   Pp its on now,9 am on TNN from The perchjerker  2/16/2003 9:07:00 AM

   Sherrie from zaraspook (  2/16/2003 9:19:00 AM
 Sherrie is Jimmy Houston's daughter. Real nice person when my wife fished with her in Bass n Gals.

   Ok if I'm wrong tell me so.... from SLiderhead (  2/16/2003 9:56:00 AM
 But I always thought that ANGIE(not Sherrie) may have laid down the law to Hank prompting his retirement from competitive fishing. Can anyone confirm this ?


   Hey Zeirt... from jojo-sc (  2/16/2003 11:47:00 AM
  A lot of people are interested in our sports super stars lives and affairs....It's cold and wet out not much fish'n most places now.... Sorry we offended you, but on the other hand this topic makes more sence than most of your stuff.... LOL.....CYA Jojo-SC GoTeamTriton/SOB

   You're right from Terry_CA (  2/16/2003 6:53:00 PM
 I said Sherrie in my previous post, and it was Angie. My bad. That's what I get for gossiping like an old bird.


   Hank's first wife from flipnfool (  2/16/2003 6:53:00 PM
 Hank's first wife's name is Angie man, what a good looking woman anyway Angie's family owns Lance crackers. That's where Hank got the backing to fish the pro tour when Angie got tired of Hank being on the road she laid down the law and that's when he started the TV show also with her money I heard that was the beginning of the end. The way I got the scoop on this a friend of mind went to school with Angie and still talks to her from time to time.



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