Lucky Craft Splash Tail / Devilhorse type topwater problem Lucky Craft Splash Tail / Devilhorse type topwater problem
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    Lucky Craft Splash Tail / Devilhorse type topwater problem
from David Saxon (  
7/6/2003 10:23:00 PM


 I've just bought a couple of Lucky Craft Splash It topwater lures with props on the nose and tail.

After I rip it for a while I notice my line has curled and twisted around the front prop shaft. Why is this happening? Is there a right and wrong way to retrieve these lures? Appreciate any advice and help.

Thank you!!

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   Topwater problem from Fishingelbow  7/6/2003 11:03:00 PM
 David, if you pause between "rips", the lure catches up with the line and that's when they tangle. Lures with a prop in front are typically used with a steady retrieve to avoid this. My 2

   Lucky Craft Splash It from RyanC/LanierSpots  7/7/2003 6:44:00 AM
 David, You have just uncovered the problem with front end prop baits. I also use the Lucky Craft Splash It and have had great success from it. I also had the same problem as you.

What I have done is use a swiviel and a short (maybe 12 inches) of 15 pound flourocarbon leader tied to the Splash it. The stiff flourocarbon will take care of the front blade getting wrapped around the line and the swivel will take care of the line twist that comes with the dual propbait.

Unlike Fishingelbow, I prefer a very eratic retrieve with the Splash It. I make big jerks, pause, jerk, pause. Here on Lanier, schooling fish are a way of life. LOL. It produces best for me by really tearing up the surface then letting is sit for a few seconds then rip it again.

Good luck with the splash it. I think you will find it very productive.


Phone: 770-356-4136

   Ryan .. will 15 pound mono work as well? from David (  7/7/2003 11:41:00 AM
 Ryan .. thanks for the advice.

I hate florocarbon ... knots seem to be brittle. Do you think a 15 or maybe even a 20-pound mono leader will work as well???

Also, what pound test mainline do you use?

Thanks for your advice!!!!

   Line Foul vs Topwater from 2 B Buzzin (  7/7/2003 11:53:00 AM
  Get a red plastic tube from a WD-40 can, cut in various lengths. I like 1-2 inches. Slide on line prior to tying on bait. I prefer Berkley "speed clips". Cadence of retrieve is very important when using prop baits. Line retrieve needs to stay in sequence to jerk of rod tip. Experiment with a high rod tip, low rod tip and places in between. Creates different actions. Also, tune the props for different sounds. I bend front prop backwards a bit, then I remove & reverse rear prop for alot more splash. Bait will remain in same area longer with prop in front & back prop facing different directions. Work in slow jerks, let sit for 5-10 secs, then snatch lure forward about a foot as hard as you can. Try some with 1 prop, front, or back. Watch area for jumping baitfish. Try to imitate what the baitfish does. Nothing Like Being " ON TOP "

   Line Foul from o2bbassin (  7/7/2003 12:51:00 PM
 My suggestions: 1) As mentioned in previous post, hvy (15-20lb test) mono floats better hence won't foul as readily. Fish don't mind as usually a reaction bite with props. 2) Coat the first few inches of line from tie w/Chapstick to float the line (with credit to Bill Dance). 3) Use a wire snap (also aids in walking the bait). 4) Remove the front prop. Might not want to do this with your LCs(!), but IMHO Devil's Horses work much better this way.



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