Braided Line and Crankbaits Braided Line and Crankbaits
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    Braided Line and Crankbaits
from new guy (  
6/28/2004 9:46:00 PM


 I've switched to Braided line on my crank bait rod and I have a question. Does braided line of the same diameter as mono or fluro affect the depth of a crankbait. This weekend I was fishing a lake that I go to often and using a crankbait that should have been ticking the top of the weeds, but wasn't. Since this was a new crankbait for me I didn't know if the 6-8 foot depth on the box was accurate or if my line was the culprit. The line I was using was P-line braid 8/30. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks

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   braided line from Chris85 (  6/28/2004 10:26:00 PM
 well braided line floats

   Hmm... from Randy (  6/28/2004 11:58:00 PM
 If you're using braid of the same diameter, the flotation will probably cause the bait to run a bit shallower than mono. OTOH, braid of similar strength should allow the bait to run deeper because of the greatly reduced line diameter. I don't really understand braid and treble hooks--too easy for the fish to get slack and throw hooks for me--but some people love it. Let us know how it works for you.

   braided line from bassfishr (  6/29/2004 8:58:00 AM
 I routinely fish my cranks with braided line. My choice of braid is powerpro mossgreen 30lb test with 8lb diameter. For the same crankbait, braid should have better vibration and sensitivity as well as depth compared to mono. I have fished lakes with abundant vegetation and have found that I can more easily rip the bait through the veggies with braid than mono. I have tournament fished the same crankbait side-by-side with my father who only uses mono and been able to make bottom contact when he can not. I have a number of times been able to catch fish by detecting pushes or soft strikes with the braid that my father thought was bottom or vegetation contact. Currently, I fish mono when I am fishing a shallow crank in clear water, I fish braided line in pretty much all other situations. Bassfishr

   Does the floataion factor (ff) of braid make a difference on a shallow running Crankbait? from paul (  6/29/2004 9:09:00 AM
  Can the floation factor (FF) of the small amount of braid that you have in the water on a shallow running crank bait make that much if a difference? If it does, then does casting into the wind, as opposed to casting with the wind make a signifcant difference in depth? Does drift speed? Does using the trolling vs drifting? Does rod angle matter? The only way to know if it's the braid or the bait is to throw the bait on 8lb mono. Personally (IMHO), I think line diameter will create more drag, and be more important than the ff (floation factor) of the line.

Just my 2 cents (that's about what it's worth).

I just love to use these ("()") things, too bad I can't spell parenthesis (SP).

   re from wf (  6/29/2004 9:25:00 AM
 I use Fireline and PP on 7ft med rods. I also have a 7ft'r rigged with mono. Throwing CB's that dive 16-20 the braids just don't get it as deep, as the mono of same dia. . I think the stretch in the mono has more to do with it than if the braid floats, IMHO.

I love braid for shallower cranks, as mentioned above great sensitivity, etc...

Deep divers to get them to the Max for me its mono.


   I think experimenting is in order from Gregory2327  6/29/2004 11:38:00 AM
 If you normally use 8lb mono, then try 30/8 braid, as well as 8lb flouro all with the same crankbait. If the bouyancy of the line makes a difference, then the braid should not run as deep as the mono, and the mono should not run as deep as the flouro. Now the next step would be to try 20/6, 15/4, 10/2, or 8/1 braid and see which one gets as deep as the 8lb mono (if any of them do). I would love to see these results as well as I have been contemplating using braid for cranks.



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