Suffix line.......good or bad? Suffix line.......good or bad?
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    Suffix line.......good or bad?
from Stumpy (  
2/16/2005 10:28:00 AM


  I'm thinking about trying it out just wanted to get a few oppinions first. Is it good, bad, or just average? If you like it or dislike it, why?



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   Sufix Line from Chris (  2/16/2005 10:39:00 AM
 Stumpy, I have been using Sufix for about 3 years now and absolutely love it. I just started using the new Elite and Seige. Good stuff. I use the seige for my crankbaits and on my spinning rods and the Elite for soft plastics and flipping and stuff. I also use another brand of Sufix called Tritanium for my heavier lb. tests 17 + for flipping and what not in heavy structure and stuff. In my experience it has near zero memory, low stretch, awesome strength and is as durable if not more durable than anything I have ever fished wth. It is the only line I fish with and I have 100% confidence in it.

   I agree with Chris from SOCB_hawghunter (  2/16/2005 6:57:00 PM
 It is a great line I use the Sufix DNA, now the Siege as well as the tritanium. I only wish they had a pure flurocarbon line, if they did they would get all of my business.

There mono and copolymers are excellent quality!

   Sufix Lines from DonH  2/17/2005 8:46:00 AM
 Good Lines. LOVE THE DNA line for spinning equipment. Tritanium is tough line with NO STRECTH but I have had a few breakoffs in lighter tests if the outer coating got nicked. Don't know how the new Elite and Seige compare with the older lines but i do know the ProMix is the old DNA line. Hopefully the Elite is an improved Tritanium.

Also have some Sufix Magic Touch line bought off ebay. Not marketed here in the USA but great pitchin and spinnerbait line.

Anyone know were I can find Elite and Seige in largers spools?? All my sufix line is on 1/4 pound spools which makes it very inexpensive. Have only seen the new stuff on reel filler spools.

   Chineese lines from Mrbass (  2/17/2005 1:16:00 PM
 I think everything is going to be made in china! If we don`t quit buying this chineese stuff nobody will be working here or japan.

   As long as they are producing quality I have no problem with it! from SOCB_hawghunter (  2/17/2005 6:58:00 PM
 I would love for an American Company to step up to the plate and produce Quality materials. Unfortunatly, it does not seem to be the case, perhaps the Mustad Buyout of Remington will open up some quality lines. This is a good product and has not failed me as other lines have, until the qulality wanes it gets my business.

Will a real American Manufacture Please stand up? We are waiting....

   Suffix Siege from Ole Ed (  2/18/2005 9:36:00 AM
 Bought the 17# for spinnerbaits and use it on the doscks on Lake of the Ozarks with no problems. Like the low memory.

   Sufix makes it all anyways from Triton180DC  2/18/2005 8:21:00 PM
 Sufix makes Lines for over 100 companies. Maybe not all of them, but a good portion of the lines worldwide are made by sufix in china.



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