Best rod for flipping & pitching Jigs? Best rod for flipping & pitching Jigs?
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    Best rod for flipping & pitching Jigs?
from greg hall (  
10/25/2005 9:45:00 AM


 I,ve just started learning to pitch & flipp cover w/baitcaster trying to break the habit of a spinning rod,I don't have a flipping stick but I am using a 7' Shimano compre rod med action rod w/curado I'm doing alright but It's harder to feel the strikes w/the bait caster I would think going to a flipping stick with heavery action would be harder to feel the fish but still want to try to get away from the spinning tackle,ant recomandations would be a big help Thanks Greg

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   Heavier the better from bsl (  10/25/2005 10:09:00 AM
 Stiffer the rod, better sensitivity. Try med.heavy to heavy action.

   Rods from Jon Pski (  10/25/2005 12:52:00 PM
 For pitching, a Medium Heavy, Fsat action in 6'-6" to 7' works well for me. A bit of a fast tip helps with accuarcy and distance on pitching yet still gives enough strentgh to haul fish out of cover. My flipping rod is 7'-11" Medium Heavy, Moderate action. This rod is a beast so far and has no problem getting a good hook set and moving fish out of cover.

In my opinion, ditch that medium action rod. There will come a time when you hook up with a hog and the rod is not going to allow you to power him out.

You also mentioned about "feeling" your bites? That certaintly is a big part of the game BUT by training yourself to watch your line, you will greatly increase your catch ratio.

   A good rod.... from Hawg (  10/25/2005 12:52:00 PM
 I would recommend a 7 footer. Heavy action. A rod I love is G-Blanks custom rods. They are custom rods and they are very inexpensive even being custom. They are $125 plus shipping. Very high quality stuff.

Email if you want the contact info on G-Blanks.

Good Fishin,


   Minority opinion from Ralph Manns  10/25/2005 1:20:00 PM
 Many highly-respected Pros and most writers, following the lead of the pros, recommend heavy action 7 to 7.5 foot rods for flipping. Perhaps this is necessary, particularly if an angler follows their advice to use 50#+ braided line. A super-hard hook-set at short range and tight drag that doesn't give the bass an inch might break lighter rods. The downside is that these heavy- flipping rods aren't much good for anything else, including pitching, accept for some forms of salt-water fishing for 50 pound tuna.

Most non-professional anglers can only afford three or four rods, and this is over-specialization IMHO. I routinely flip and pitch with a 6.5 foot medium-heavy worming rod using a maximum of 30-pound mono. In practice, I find I pitch a lot more than I flip. I even set my drag a lot lighter than many pros as I don't fear that a fish will take a few feet of line, nor insist that every single bite be hustled into the boat for a weigh-in.

For fun and a less tiring day, a lighter rod and line combo does the job as well or better than the clubs pros use to flip. Again JMHO.

   line? from RangerRob (  10/25/2005 1:41:00 PM
 You failed to mention your choice in line and since you feel you are lacking sensitivity, I'm going to assume you are not using braid. Switch to braid and you won't have issues feeling ANYTHING.

As far as rods go, I pitch way, way more than I flip and my choice would be a good, lightweight MH rod with a fast tip in the 6.5 - 7 foot range. Good luck.

   I'd go with a 7' H Falcon Cara... from Josh (  10/25/2005 2:22:00 PM
 its a little more than a $100. Nice rod, It's my main pitchin rod. I pitch alot more than I flip. I use 20lb line on it. If your gonna flip vegetation I'd use braid and a 7'6" rod. For docks and wood the 7" is fine and you can be more precise.

   options from BobP  10/25/2005 2:26:00 PM
 I have jig rods including a 7' H power and a 7'6" flipping stick. But 95% of the time I pitch or make short sidearm casts and a better and more comfortable rod for that is a 7' MH fast action rod. Like Ralph, I find flip sticks very specialized. They have no tip flex so don't pitch or cast worth a darn for me. I won't take one along unless I'll be fishing extreme cover like weed mats or dense hydrilla. Some guys start out fishing with a flipping stick and see it differently but if you're a spinning rod guy who's transitioning, I'd bet you aren't gonna be one of them.

   Agree with Rob,,,,,, from Rattler  10/25/2005 2:33:00 PM
 I'll use a 6.5'and sometimes a 7' medium heavy act. Always a med. heavy. That's where your sensitivity is lacking.

Also recomend to find you a braid that you will be comfortable with, (added sensitivity)! The braids act differently, get one and try it. If you don't like it, try another until you find one your comfortable with.

I use a 6.5' MH 90% of the time but rarley flip, that's how I get away with using a short rod.

Good luck with your new found expertise!!!

   Flippn rods from Spotsticker Baits  10/25/2005 2:35:00 PM
 I dont do alot of this but when I do I go with a 7' H & H rod from Texas in a medium heavy action . I really like these folks rods from finesse stuff up to heavy stuff . They are of the highest quality and have one of the best warranties on the market which makes them worth the money.

713-875-7827 is the owner( Josh) He can help with your questions and can get you some type of catalog.


   Thanks guys! from greg hall (  10/25/2005 2:56:00 PM
 I think I will get a med heavy 7' rod I'm looking at a allstar MH 7' fast tip 3/8 to 1oz. also I'm using 30lb. Berkly fire line I hope it will help with feeling the fish ,mono just coils too much for me,I know what you say about watching the line the few I have caught pitching a jig & pig the line twichted & I hammered a good hookset very fun!

   Flipping from Spookchucker (  10/25/2005 6:08:00 PM
 I use an American Rodsmith 7'6" tube flipping rod. It's a little softer than most flipping rods, which makes it excellent for pitching too. It's also light so it won't wear you out. Most flipping rods IMHO are too heavy for most bass fishermen. Now flipping heavy grass is another matter, where you do need a heavy rod & braid. but for most, I believe they will be happier with a little lighter set up.

   If your new to flippin make sure from jbass (  10/25/2005 10:12:00 PM
 That you learn to flip/pitch with the correct hand. Too many right handed people with right handed fishing reels start pitching/flipping with there right hands. When the bait hits the water, you have to move your rod to your left hand so you can begin to wind your reel handle. Learn with your left hand/arm to pitch/flip in the beginning so you can have your hands set-up for an immediate hook set if you get bit immediately. This happens a lot when you are fishing tight to cover. If you get bit on the initial downfall of the bait and you have to switch hands with the rod to set the hook you will probably miss the fish. Keep your rod choice simple. Get something comfortable and light weight. Start with a 6'10" or a 7 footer. I don't like a heavy action rod. I think the extreme stiffness kills sensitiviy. my father-law describes it like fishing with a broom handle. Go to a store and try a few different ones and get what you like. And by all means use a high gear ratio reel 6:3 if you have it. I know a lot of people use braid, but i don't like it fishing at such close range. I have had better hook-ups and landing ratios with a line that has some give to it, and i mainly flip grass. It helps to absorb the shock of such a close hook-set. Don't be paranoid about not feeling bites. If it feels different set the hook. Hook sets are free, experience will teach you the difference, and its really not as difficult to feel as everybody likes to talk/brag about. Above all else, just have fun with it.

   I had 2 American Rodsmiths snap in 3... from Josh (  10/25/2005 10:25:00 PM
  within 2 weeks of each other. I had the same rod mentioned above. I bought one thought it was a nice rod, I set the hook on a fish and snap. Brought it back and got another, same exact thing happens a week later. Was using mono also. I now use Kistler, Falcon, and a Forhan Revolover.

   Which rod depends on a few things! from California Kid (  10/26/2005 7:13:00 AM
 What's up Greg Hall? Which rod you use for flipping/pitching can vary depending on many things. Some anglers are comfortable using an 8' flipping rod, while others wouldn't even consider using anything over 6'10". Some anglers just aren't comfortable using the longer rods. You also want to think about the cover you will be flipping/pitching and the average size bass you will catch. If you mostly fish sparse cover, you don't really need a heavy or ex-heavy rod. You also don't want a super heavy rod if you are catching mostly 2 pounders. If you are flipping with a ex-heavy flipping rod with heavy line and are catching 2 pounders; there is a greater potential for you to loose fish. A smaller bass won't be able to bend such a heavy rod and will cause the fish to get slack. That slack can allow the bass to throw the hook. Match the rod to the cover/size of bass that you will most likely be dealing with. I live in Southern California where I can honestly catch a World Record bass on my next cast. There are big fish in the lakes I fish and I use heavy tackle when flipping and pitching. I'm 6'2" tall and I can comfortably use ANY rod length. I flip AND pitch with a 7'4" to 7'11" HEAVY flippin' stick AT ALL TIMES! If I'm pitching soft plastics with 1/8 oz weights; I use the heavy rod. If I'm flipping 1 oz weights; I use the heavy rod! I never really understood when guys say,"I can't pitch with a stiff rod or can't cast well with a stiff rod." I can take a 7'11" BROOMSTICK with any line you can think of for bass fishing and pitch as well as anyone. I can still cast light stuff too if I want. I also don't get it when anglers say that a flipping rod isn't "versitile". With a "flippin' stick", you can flip, pitch, Carolina Rig, cast light to medium swim baits, fish frogs; as well as fish any other bait you can think of around HEAVY cover. And I'm not talking about just using it; but using it well. You don't need a "frog rod", a C-rig rod, and a flippin' stick; just the Flippin' Stick. It may not be the best tool for everything, but it is NOT just for flipping. Anyways, if you can handle a long rod (7'6" to 8'); I would recommend the Shimano Crucial line of rods. For the money, they are awesome. They make two 7'6" models and two 7'11" models for around $160. I have the 7'6" MH and the 7'11" HEAVY and they are great. If you get one, stick with the heavier models if you are dealing with larger bass and heavy cover. Another great option would be a custom built 7'10" St. Croix Avid flippin' rod. That is one awesome rod; especially when custom built. As for line, I stick with 20 pound or heavier most of the time; even in clear water. VERY RARELY, I'll flip with 15#; but very VERY RARELY!!!!! I use 20 pound mono most of the time, followed by 50# braid as my next choice. Fluorocarbon is good also in the 20 to 30 pound range. With the way I flip/pitch, I'm looking for a reaction stike. I use larger weights and fish SUPER HEAVY cover. Most of the time; line size doesn't matter in my opinion.

One last thing; GET YOURSELF SOME REACTION INNOVATIONS SWEET BEAVERS! Those baits will make anyone a "good" flipper, LOL!

Take care and Good Luck Bassin'!

   Simple from Rockrat (  10/26/2005 8:43:00 AM
 Go to a local bass pro git a couple of the im6 7'6 rods for 19.99 go fishing. I have a couple they seem to do the job later on you may want a higher priced rod.

   rods from greg hall (  10/26/2005 11:17:00 AM
 so many opinions, I will try a few rods to see what fits my style & bass Thanks guys for the info. my season is winding down in the mid atlatic but I will get out soon & try some pitching & flipping some wood & rock cover that's were my bass are moving to now so I have some time yet!

   I kinda like my 7'6" Allstar flippin' stick with... from Spinny  10/26/2005 3:12:00 PM old Quantum AC500. Very smooth reel for pitchin' and a switch for flippin' which makes it easy to use as a southpaw.

   Flipping and pitching from Neilslure (  10/29/2005 1:14:00 AM
 I use a 7'6 MH-H rod custom built by Skeets Custom Rods ( I use a 6:1 Shimano Curado spooled with 20 lb Stren Heavy Cover. This rod is not at all heavy and I can feel just about everything. One good thing about my rod is that it is 1 piece, no retractable butt. Someone stated above that flipping and pitching rods are too specialized. If you are a diehard jig fisherman I believe you should have a specialized rod that you like. I use mine exclusivly for jig fishing and another I use exclusivly for TX rigging. If you are just starting out it may be better to have multi purpose rods. I usually fish with 5 or 6 on deck and have several others rigged and ready in the rod box. A few extra bucks for rods saves alot of time retying and looking for tackle. just my .02, Tight Lines

   go with a from Jason (  10/31/2005 11:38:00 AM
 falcon 6'10" cara in MH it handles up to 3/4oz and can be used for any soft plastic application and pretty good for casting heavier spinnerbaits and has all the power and sensitivity you will need. tackle tours website has a review of this rod if interested.



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