Top 5 Flippin' Baits Year Round? Top 5 Flippin' Baits Year Round?
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    Top 5 Flippin' Baits Year Round?
from California Kid (  
8/27/2006 3:52:00 AM


 What's up guys? I've been flippin' and pitchin' a lot lately and I'm just curious as to what are your Top 5 Flippin' Baits for Year Round use? If you could ONLY pick 5 baits to use all year under different fishing conditions; what would they be? I want to know the baits, EXACTLY how you would rig them, why you chose that bait; and the color. Yeah I know, you use more than 5 and you can't pick just one size weight to rig them on or blah, blah; I don't care! Give me FIVE! Here's mine!

Not in any particular order, LOL!

1) Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver, 1/2 oz Tru-Tungsten Green Pumpkin weight pegged with a Top Brass Peg-It, 3/0 Gamakatsu EWG Superline hook, California #420 color, beaver tail split. I chose this bait because it's one of the best flippin' baits made in my opinion. I've caught tons of bass over 5 pounds on it, in every lake in San Diego, but at the same time; I've also caught 7" bass on it. It just gets bit! The 1/2 oz weight will work in most types of cover. It will penetrate about 80% of the cover I fish.

2) Gambler B.B. Cricket, 3/4 oz Tru-Tungsten Black/Blue Flake weight pegged with a Top Brass Peg-It, 4/0 Gamakatsu Straight Shank Superline hook, Bowen's Silver Shadow color (which is black and blue with blue and silver flake). It's a bait I just really started to fish this year. They are pretty cheap at $3.20 for a bag of 15 and they are durable. Thay also work very well! Again, many bass over 5 pounds this year including one over 7 pounds. With the 3/4 oz weight, I can fish it in the heaviest cover San Diego has to offer. The bait slides through the cover very well because of it's small size. It's also a finesse bait without a lot of action. It's been doing VERY well for me lately and I've been fishing it even more than the Sweet Beaver.

3) 5" Yamamoto Senko, rigged wacky style with a 2/0 Gamakatsu Weedless Finesse Wide Gap hook. A 1/2 inch piece of 1/8" diameter soldering wire is inserted into each end to add some weight to the bait; yet still allow it to sink horizontally. This makes it easier to fish when it's windy. Watermelon/Green Pumpkin color. I chose this bait because it's a great bait to flip around sparse cover, the edges of heavy cover; and in holes. I don't flip it a lot, but if I could only pick 5 baits; it would have to be one of them.

4) Reaction Innovations (5") Flirt Worm, rigged with a 3/8 oz Green Pumpkin Tru-Tungsten weight pegged with a Top Brass Peg-It, 2/0 Gamakatsu EWG Superline hook, Watermelon/Green Pumpkin color. I chose this bait because it will get bites when nothing else will. One lake in particular; this bait just WACKS'UM! It's another one of those finesse flippin' baits. If I can't catch fish on the first two baits (I usually can); this bait will catch them. I do usually catch smaller fish on it than I would on the Sweet Beaver or craw; but it will get the bites when the other baits won't. I normally flip this bait around sparser cover such as brush, tullies, edges of heavy cover, etc.

5) 1/2 oz Diamondback Jig, double barrel rattle added, rigged with a cutdown Yamamoto 3" Fat Baby Craw, Brown jig/Green Pumpkin trailer. I chose this bait because my largest flippin' bass to date was caught on one. Actually it was caught on a 3/8 oz model in Black/Blue. It weighed just under 10 pounds. I chose the Brown jig instead because I feel it works better in the many different lakes I fish. Brown is a color that works in clear water and pretty dirty water. It'll even work in muddy water with that rattle! I don't flip jigs as much as I do plastics, but a 9 to 10 pound bass will make you add one to your Top 5 flippin' baits, LOL! Also, the 1/2 oz size is more versatile. I can fish a 1/2 oz jig where I can fish a lighter jig; but not always the other way around.

Anyways, thats my Top 5! There are other baits I fish more that I didn't mention, but IF I could ONLY pick 5; those would be it. So let's "hear" it!

Give me your Top 5 Flippin' Baits for All Year Use!

Take care and Good Luck Bassin'!

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   Top 5 from Mike McBroom (  8/27/2006 7:23:00 AM
 1. Mizmo tube in green pumpkin

2. 3/8 th or 1/2 oz jig

3. Senko in green pumpkin w/green and purple flake

4. Zoom Superhog watermelon candy

5. Netbait Paca Craw in green pumpkin candy

   5 from Spookchucker (  8/27/2006 7:36:00 AM
 A jig,

baby brush hog,


8" big dead ringer,

O'le Monser worm.

   Don't need five... from jus2manylures (  8/27/2006 7:51:00 AM
  For perspective...I do not consider myself an accomplished flipper or pitcher. I fish BFLs as a coangler and recreationally otherwise. Primarily pitching, and very little flipping. I do enjoy pitching baits into cover, especially since I've started developing tendonitis and rotator cuff problems the past few years. The baits below have performed very well for me and are my go to's.

1) Yamamoto Fat Ika rigged on a 1/8 or 1/4 oz. Charlie Brewer Wide Gap Slider jighead.

The Fat Ika fits a niche in between a tube and a finesse jig. It usually catches better than average fish and when fish bite it, they do not let go. The EWG has a strong, sharp hook and, being a jighead, rigging is easy. No special tricks involved, just tie a knot and go fishing.

2) Yamamoto Kreature...same rigging as above

A big fish bait, and like most Yamamoto baits, fish do not want to let go once they bite it.

   Only Three from Kurt (  8/27/2006 9:04:00 AM
 Yammie Kreature black/char. tail 3/16 tungsten Picasso Junebug 3/8 jig w/blue super pork Manns redshad dragonfly 3/16 tungsten

   Favorite Flipping Baits - Florida Style from Whiteboat  8/27/2006 10:24:00 AM
 1) Gambler Craw Daddy Blue shadow glitter

2) Gambler Paddletail in June Bug or Grape blue glitter

3) Gambler B.B. Cricket in Bowen's Silver shadow

4) 6" Bass Assasin hook tail worm in Junebug blue tail

5) Producto 6" Tournament Worm in Junebug

   Flippin & Pitchin Baits from Jim H (  8/27/2006 10:58:00 AM
 1.) Homemade Jig 2.) Micro Munch Tackle 4" Roadkill Camo Tube 3.) Gambler 4" Baby Bacon Rind, Junebug or Green Pumpkin 4.) Zoom Brush Hog & Baby Brush Hog, Blackberry & Watermelon Seed 5.) Zoom Baby Bass Super Fluke

   flippin... from holeshot (  8/27/2006 4:31:00 PM
 Zoom super hog....

   My 5 from BassCat (  8/27/2006 5:09:00 PM
 1). Baby Brush Hog (Junebug, TX-Rig, 1/8oz/pegged)

2). Black/Blue Jig (1/4 oz, Black/Blue Sweet Beaver trailer)

3). Zoom trick worm (Pumpkin Seed, TX-Rig, 1/8oz/pegged)

4). 4 Inch Tube (Green Pumpkin, TX-Rig, 1/8oz/pegged)

5). Zoom 4 Inch finesse worm (Watermelon Seed, 1/8oz spider slider head)

   okay, I've got to call time out from Brother Picky (  8/27/2006 9:18:00 PM

The kid asked about flipping. Since when did super flukes and trickworms become flipping baits?

   Actually Brother Picky! Also Jus2manylures and BassCat!!!!! from California Kid (  8/28/2006 6:31:00 AM
 What's up Brother Picky? Thanks for the reply, but the Tickworm isn't a surprise to me. Any soft bait can be a flippin' bait really. For that matter; any bait period can be a flippin' bait. I remember an article in Bass Master Magazine where Denny Brauer was talking about flipping and pitching shallow crankbaits. No joke! One of my friends done really well in a tournament last year flipping and pitching spinnerbaits. The Fluke is a little different, but again; I read once that Randy Blauket (spelling?) flips soft jerkbaits too. It's all up to your imagination. At times, I'll take a heavy weight and flip a drop shot rig. I've been doing that for years and when a lot of other anglers are flipping the standard T-rig; I can usually go behind them and catch fish. It's just something different. A trickworm is a good flipping bait and one that I've seen used A LOT on TV. My second largest flip fish was caught on a 7" Roboworm. That fish weighed just under 9 pounds. I don't flip worms that much, but I always have some with me. Four inch Ring Worms are very popular with some of the older flipper out West. It's a bait that will get bites under pressure. As far as flippin' baits go; I keep my selection pretty basic, but I don't limit my imagination. I flip mostly creature baits and craws, along with worms, jigs, and senkos like I mentioned in my original post. I flip other stuff at times, but I usually have a creature or craw tied on. I'd flip anything if I thought it would work!

Hey Jus2manylures! You may not consider yourself an accomplished flipper; but you're flippin' the right bait! I've fished both the baits you mentioned, but I'm talking about the Fat Ika. I don't flip that bait too often, but I can tell you that one of the best anglers in San Diego LOVES that bait. His exact words to me were, "it's the best flippin' bait ever made." He rigs it backwards and sometimes weights it, but I won't say how simply because it's one of his secrets and I can't tell. It's really different though and involves a drop shot weight LOL. You probably wouldn't guess LOL! He's a VERY accomplished angler and VERY well known in the West. That's all I'll say about him. I love the Ika for casting; I just haven't flipped it much. It is a great bait though and like you said; it usually catches the better quality fish.

What's up BassCat? Dude you use light weights LOL! You're like one of my friends that got me started flipping. The guy's going to be 70 years old and flippin' and pitchin' is his passion. He is one of the reasons I got into flipping. The guy can flip as good as anyone on Earth; it's insane. I swear you could watch him flip ALL DAY LONG and you'd NEVER see the bait hit the water. That's how quiet and good he is. He loves light weights too and lighter line for that matter. He rarely goes heavier than 15# and he uses 1/8 oz to 1/4 oz weights most of the time. He's caught some pretty big fish though. His largest is a little over 13 pounds flippin'. The thing is this! We can be on the lake in different boats and he'll flip his way; I'll flip mine. We are usually flippin' different stuff, but we will both whack'em. I got him using the Sweet Beaver and I'm still working on getting him to use heavier weights more so he can get deeper into the cover. The funny thing about that is that he's been flippin' longer than I've been alive.

Keep the replies coming! Take care and Good Luck Bassin'!

   well okay Kid, but it does sound foreign to me, from Brother Picky (  8/28/2006 9:10:00 AM
 when I hear flipping Iím thinking bluebird skies and hard to reach thick cover.

To hear flukes related to flipping would be like reading about aquarium fish for shiner fishing. Although now that I think about it, I bet a beta or oscar would work fairly well.

I guess maybe Iím too old school for internet fishing. If they ever make anything better than a lunker lure triple rattleback jig for flipping, Iíll bite it myself.

   My Top 5 from Socb_Hawghunter (  8/28/2006 10:17:00 AM
 1.) Sweet Beaver with 3/16 tungsten 2.) Senko (Yes I pitch Senkos a lot) 3.) Jig 1/2oz Brwn or Blck starting with a purple trailer 4.) Tube 1/8 5.) Brush Hog 3/16

Kreature bait would be interchangeable up there with brush hog and sweetbeaver depending upon the bite. If you are working a bank and dont have a senko (type) bait tied on you are missing fish.

Good Thread Kid, just remember the paragraphs.


   Mine from tangledagain  8/28/2006 1:02:00 PM
 1. Sweet Beaver - Watermelon/Green Pumpkin (clear water) & Penetration or Hematoma (stained water or really thick cover) -- weight is anywhere from 3/16 oz to 1.5 oz depending on the cover, depth & fall rate I want

2. Big Ika, any natural color (#236 is favorite for clear water), reverse-rigged and weightless. If I'm anywhere around rocks and crawfish, I'm throwing this bait at least a few times.

3. Berkley Pulse Worm, Blue Flek - why oh why did they discontinue this bait?! I've used it on everything, from 6 lb. line and 1/16th oz. weight for highly pressured fish, to a 1 oz. weight & braid for true flipping.

4. Bass Stalker jig - weight depends on where, but color is almost always either some form of green pumpkin or black/blue

5. Mizmo 4" tube, work of art color

   My northeastern set from RichZ (  8/28/2006 6:38:00 PM
 1> Green Pumpkin Ozmo, 3/4 oz lead slip sinker toothpicked to the line, and the bait toothpicked to a 3/0 Texposer. If the water's murky, I might dip the tails in lime dye.

2> 6" Producto Vibrator, black grape, same hardware as above, except only 3/8 oz of weight.

3> Black, 1 oz jig with just a touch of chartreuse rubber, green or black crawzilla, with the tail flipper broken off. Choice jig brand has varied a lot over the years, and I can't really say I have a favorite at the moment.

4> Black Neon Ozmo, on a 1/2 oz title shot jig head.

5> Oversized black neon 5" tube that Terry Battisti made up for me some years ago. Rigged with 1/2 oz of weight, toothpicked to a 4/0 Texposer. I use these very sparingly, because I don't know if/when I'll ever be able to get him to make me more.

   Brother Picky and SOCB #@$!@&%! from California Kid (  8/28/2006 7:57:00 PM
 I totally understand Brother Picky! When I picture flipping and pitching; I see SUPER HEAVY COVER, larger than average weights, jigs and soft plastics, heavy line, big rods, and bass over 5 pounds! But at the same time, flippin' is a technique; not a bait. You can flip with anything if you want. I remember one time when I was going down the bank casting a jerkbait. There was this one little pocket that I thought looked good, but it would have been really hard to cast into. I grabbed the bait with my hand and pitched it under the cover about 10 feet from me. I twitched it three times and watched a 6 pounder come out and inhale it. It would have been VERY TOUGH for anyone to get that bait where I got it with any other cast. Now I'm not saying I flip cranks, spinnerbaits, and all that stuff; because I don't. I flip the standard stuff like most people. I'm just saying that the option is there.

Also, think about the Fluke again as a flippin' bait. I have NEVER flipped a fluke. However, on some of the lakes I fish right now; there is a lot of grass. The big balls of bait are using the grass as cover. You can go within sight of the grass beds and see these big clouds of bait. Then you'll see bass coming up out of the grass and destroying them. They'll come up to take a shad and go straight back down. Think of how well a shad shaped bait could do if you flip it in there. I probably won't try it LOL, but it would work. A fluke on top would probably be better and so would other baits, but flippin' it wouldn't be a bad idea.

Again, I understand how you are thinking. In general, that's what flippin' is. Heavy cover, heavy line, etc; etc. Besides, you probably catch larger bass on average in Florida flippin' that jig than most of us do where we fish. I'd love to have the cover you have to fish. Enjoy it!

SOCB Hawghunter! THERE; are you happy now? My next post is going to be REALLY LONG and all one paragraph if you guys don't start leaving me alone, LOL! I'll do it! Don't push me man. I ask a question about flippin' baits and SOCB Deltatransplant has to mention the paragraphs. Man! Any big ones lately? Let's hear it!

Ad list meye spelin is pruty goood!

Take care and Good Luck Bassin'!

   Flippin Flukes from Jim H (  8/29/2006 2:09:00 PM
 Since I'm the one who listed the fluke, I guess I should explain why. CK, you hit it exactly, you're story about flippin in a pocket you couldn't cast into is right on! I primarily fish tidal rivers & creeks that have a lot of pockets & overhanging trees. The edges in many of these tidal areas is marsh or swamp with shallow water extending well back into the trees, and often there are undercuts or washed out roots. I like to flip it into the pockets & under the trees. I rig it without weight, or with as little weight as possible. I've even rigged it with brass beads & cone heads, like fly tyers use ( I tie flies as well) and embed the bead or cone in the head of the fluke, just enough weight to get it where I need it. The water is shallow, less than 2 ft in most places so heavy weight is not needed. This is not typical flippin, but it is a good approach for these small pockets.

I also listed it last, it's not a bait I flip alot, I prefer a jig, but it is one I usually have on one rod. I like to throw weightless soft jerkbaits, but I don't limit how I use them.

   Jim, from Brother Picky (  8/29/2006 2:52:00 PM
  you should try the zoom frog hook on your superfluke. It does a really good job for us on the rivers. Just the right weight to sink the superfluke down a little faster and the hitchhiker helps when twitching it through the thick stuff.

   Zoom Hook from Jim H (  8/29/2006 3:56:00 PM
 Brother Picky, thanks for the tip. I haven't used that hook, but have used something similar. I've been buying Hitchhikers, and adding them to the Mustad 91768BLN jig hook, which looks very similar to the Zoom Hook.

I've also used the Hitchhikers on a Gammie EWG jig hook #2014, which again is very similar to the Zoom hook.

Both have worked well for me & I have the jig hooks in a few sizes anyway. I make all my own jigs.

Most of the time I rig Flukes with a weightless 4/0 or 5/0 Gammie EWG # 584 or 583 hook

I'll give those Zoom hooks a try. Thanks again!

   Hey Kid Bit me from Socb_Hawghunter (  8/29/2006 5:29:00 PM
 Kid bit me *sic* Cant help it i type faster then i think, and there is no sepll chick on dis here putter. I give you a hard time because I enjoy reading what you write, and my A.D.D. mind just wont allow itself to read the unbrocken paragraphs.

As fer as biguns I have had one 6 lber last month for big fish in a tourney, but nothing consistantly over 5. I have been on the Delta primarily and the one thing that kills the big fish bite there (for me) is wind and we have had a month and a half of windy weekends or nights here.

Always learning and adapting my brother. Next month off to Clear Lake for TOC in the fall I am hoping for a couple of 10's in that event! YEE HAWG

   Socb Hawghunter! from California Kid (  8/29/2006 11:00:00 PM
 Hey Bro! "there is no sepll chick on dis here putter"; no need to tell us that! I know we're just kidding around!

Glad to hear you got big fish in one of your tourneys. I haven't got any "big" ones this year YET, but I have got a bunch between 5 and slightly over 7. My biggest fish flippin' this year went 7 pounds 8 ounces so far. Got it on a Gambler B.B. Cricket rigged with a 3/4 oz weight. Been catching a lot of 5 to 6 pounders lately while flippin' grass. Not numbers of them in a day, but one or two a trip. I'm flippin' two lakes right now. One lake is 2 to 6 pounders; and the other lake is EITHER 2 pounders or something over 5. Nothing really in between! I went to the first lake for the first time in 5 months. I didn't get any info from anyone. I ended up catching 18 pounds and I could have had about 22 pounds if I hadn't lost a 4 to 5 pounder. And the other lake is tough! I'm getting a lot of bites, but like I said; it's either a "rat" or a 5 plus. Because of that, even if I have a good day; I'll only have around 16 pounds or so.

Anyways, don't want to sound like I'm complaining; LOL! I'd just like to get the 5 right bites. I'm on a bite where if everything goes right; there is a chance to catch 30 pounds. I'm working on it; they just need to hit the carpet. That's one drawback sometimes to flippin'!

Take care and Good Luck Bassin'!



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