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    Flipping tubes
from Greg (  
5/24/2007 9:06:00 AM


 I am looking for suggestions on Texas Rigging tubes. I currently use Venom tubes for this duty but am finding they are too tough so I don't get good hook penetration. The tube has a tendency to bunch up on the hook.

Any suggestions on a brand of tube that is soft enough for Texas rigging in a 4" size?

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   Flippin Tubes from Derrick (  5/24/2007 9:41:00 AM
 I have had great success using Mizmo tubes and Reaction Innovation's Boom Boom tubes. I use Owner Rig'n hooks with both and have had a very good season so far.

   right bite tubes from doss (  5/24/2007 10:21:00 AM
 right bite tubes are pretty soft also due to the high salt content. lots of colors and you can buy in bulk, not just 10 packs.


also, the hook can make a difference as well. the ohio pro lure gmax hook is awesome. it is a gammie wide gap w/ a special wire keeper.


   Venom Flippin Tubes from Tyson (  5/24/2007 10:24:00 AM
 Stick with them... I pitch there 5" tube 90% of my tube pitchin and the other 10" is with the Reaction Innovations Boom Boom Tube.

I noticed a few years back that everytime I would put a fresh Venom tube I would miss the first 2-4 bites. As the tube got beaten up (the salt starts to come out) I would stick every fish. From that point on, before putting a fresh tube on, I would take 5-10 seconds to twist the tube a few times and allow the salt to pop out of it.

The Reaction Innovations tubes are nice but I prefer a salted tube. They are not loaded with salt like a Venom. I feel that once the salt starts to disolve and you have a bunch of little voids in the bait, it really starts to move and wave better.

Give this a shot before switching brands. Venom tubes are top of the line. You just need to break them in a bit. As I stated before, I would notice that after 3-4 misses and the tube started to crush, I would stick every fish from that point on.

   Tubes from g2072 (  5/24/2007 11:08:00 AM
 A tube I really like is the Strike King Flip-N-Tube. Another very thin walled tube is the big Zoom tube. They can be a little tough to find but I really like them.

   Its all in how you hook the tube.... from Jason, Secret Weapon Lures  5/24/2007 11:33:00 AM
 and I guess I'll share the secret with all of ya now.. I call it side hookin the tube but basically here's what you want to do, if your TX rigging it, run the head of the tube on the hook same as you normally would, after turning the hook around and you go to tx rig it, instead of comming back through the tube simply come to the side of the tube and skin hook the point of the hook into the side, you can use an offset round bend or EWG for this, prefer the round bend. this set up keeps the tube from bunching up on your hook and you don't have to worry bout the hook not comming out cause the point is pretty well exposed, it just rests snug with the side of the tube by a very small piece of plastic from the tube, when the fish bites, the hook comes free and is TOTALLY exposed while the tube is way out of the way. I guarntee your hookup ratio will go through the roof and your snag ratio won't change at all...


   Jason - Do you get line twist? from Getthenet  5/24/2007 12:44:00 PM

   no cause I'm using a Baitcaster to Pitch and flip with from Jason, Secret Weapon Lures  5/24/2007 12:49:00 PM
 I guess if you were using a spinning rod, but why would you use a spinning rod to flip? Line twist isn't a problem when using baitcasters, or at least it isnt' for me. The bait doesn't have any different action than if hooked normal.


   Crush it! from Tom Uber (  5/24/2007 12:53:00 PM
 Salted tubes are firm due to all of the salt in the bait. Crush the tube by rolling it on a hard surface. I ussually toss it on the deck and roll it with the palm of my hand. This loosen, activates, all the of the salt pockets and softens the baits rite up. This will also lighten some colors up just a hair which provides a different look.

Also, fish the Ohio Pro Lure Sure Grip 3/0 hook. It'll hold the head of the tube up the shank and allow you to deliver a solid hookset every time.

Those added hook up will make a big difference on just about any day in Ohio.


   ) from Getthenet  5/24/2007 1:32:00 PM
 Thanks. It sounds like a good tip. I will give it a try. I prefer a short line presentation as well, but someitmes I have to make a cast.

   Tubes from Wkvd (  5/24/2007 3:34:00 PM
 YUM Vibra Tube with an Owner 5/0 Wide Gap hook. Texas rig the tube and skin hook it.

   Rite Bite KICKS ASS from McFish (  5/24/2007 7:02:00 PM
 Best tube I have ever used.

   i like from gatrboy 52 (  5/25/2007 9:21:00 AM
 yum vibra king tubes,solid head,loaded w/ scent,ringed to give off air bubbles,really good tube especially for flippin.



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