Best line for a spinning reel.... Best line for a spinning reel....
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    Best line for a spinning reel....
from LightLiner (  
6/24/2007 3:49:00 PM


 Hey guys, in your opinion what is the best line for a spinning reel? The reason I asked is I've went thru a multitude of different lines and I always have the same problem...the dreaded line memory. Help me out here...


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   You can only reduce line twist and memory... from jus2manylures (  6/24/2007 4:38:00 PM
  ...with spinning tackle. There is still no way I know of to eliminate it. Here is my approach...developed over 25 years or so.

1) Use large diameter spinning reels.

I have a couple of Shimano Stradic 4000's that I use for line sizes up to 10 lb. test. I also have a 2500 but never go above 6 lb. test with it.

2)Use good quality line in light pound tests.

There are lots of good line choices in 6-10 lb. test, these are mine: Stren Magnathin mono, Berkley Vanish flouro, and I've just started using 10 lb. Power Pro braid.

3) Put the line on the reel with as little twist as possible.

I lay the spool flat and watch the line as it goes on the reel. When it begins to twist, I flip the spool over and reel the twist out. I have to keep doing this until the spool is full.

4) After a cast, close the bail with you hand...not by cranking the handle.

5) After a few trips, I cut off the lure (usually a jighead), let most of the line out behind the boat, and reel it back in to take the twist out.

6) Change the line frequently.

Frequently is relative to the line type. Mono gets changed every few trips. Flouro about two to three times during the season. Braid doesn't require changing as often, and I haven't figured out the interval yet.

7) Use a swivel.

I fish wacky rigged Senkos a lot, and always use a small swivel about 18 inches up the line. I also use a small swivel above the hook on a drop shot.

8) Make a habit of keeping an eye on the spool for loops in the line to prevent birds nests.

That's about all I can think of. Seems like a lot of work, but it's not really, once you get used to it.

Best of luck.

   I've been using from ye ole hobbit (  6/24/2007 4:58:00 PM
 Powerpro braid last couple of years. Doesn't have much memory at all. Have fireline on one reel this year and like it. I use flourocarbon leaders with it usually.

Mono I use stren or a host of others. Actually liked stren easycast the most, but its not made any more.

Imagine trilene xl would work well, though I've never been a fan of trilene. Of course the same company now has half the major brands of lines anyway.

   larger spool diameters and more. from Ralph Manns  6/24/2007 5:30:00 PM
 The advice to stick to Shimano 4000 or larger spools is excellent. The entire move to sell miniature ultra-light spinning reels was a move away from function to cuteness.

This year, several manufacturers (or one under several labels) are/is producing spinning reels with wider spools. I for one will never again buy even a 4000-size reel. See your latest Bass Pro Shops catalog.

As for your original question. Although line-twist reducing rollers help, and I wouldn't own a reel without these rollers, the very nature of spinning leads to line twist and an eventual need to straighten out twist. Using very limp lines helps. I've an article on loading spinning reels on the Articles pages, and many threads have listed manual procedures, like hand-closing bails, that help reduce twist.

Finally, I've found Berkley Fireline to be as twist-resistant as any line. Other braids or "super-lines" may work, but I don't like the friction and vibration they create in my guides. (Watch the next WFL red-fish event on TV to hear the excessive friction). I haven't fished anything but Fireline with fluorocarbon leaders on my spinning reels for years, and I hardly ever have line twist or pop-up memory problems. But, each angler has his own style and problems.

   spinning line from spinrbait (  6/24/2007 7:35:00 PM
 i use shimano symetre 2000,'s and 2500's. i have a 4000 but i like the smaller reels better. i only use 14 lb. test on them and i have found 2 different lines that do very well.(14lb. test is light line to me.) they are the bass pro shop tourney tough, and trilene xl. i also always use a swivel. i only use spinning rods for flukes, and floating worms though. hope this helps. oh, i kind of like the tourney tough better than the xl as far as line twist goes. but don't let the tourney tough go past 90 days. it seems to lose some strengh. spinrbait

   Big spools from River Rar (  6/25/2007 9:05:00 AM
 Been using U.S. Reels because I use light line on the Ohio River as well as on high pressured clear lakes.

The spools are over sized but can be fished with 2-16 lb mono and up to 30 lb braid. I close the bail with my hand and have had no line twist. U.S. Reels offer some with abec bearings but I do fine with regular stainless which cost considerably less. I normally fish with 6-10 lb mono. I do not use braid nor floro so I don't know abouth those.

   And from River Rar (  6/25/2007 9:14:00 AM
 i am using visious fishing line. It seems to be as good as any out there and is priced right. If I can save a dollar and get good results I will. I love to fish but need to spend money as wisely as I can. i enjoy fishing light line on spinning reels and in the Ohio River we catch catfish, drums, and carp while trying to catch a bass HAHA But the reels [without the abec bearing] and the line have been great.

Back to lurking

   also reel magic from RandyB (  6/27/2007 1:35:00 AM
 I use the Stradic 2500's and only use 8#. 6# breaks too easy for me, above 8# has too much memory. I spool carefully, flipping the plastic spool back and forth when I see twist.

I spray Reel magic on, close the bail by hand, take up slack before reeling, and drag it behind the boat when it's so annoying that I can't stand it.

ps) I do like braid a lot. It doesn't know line twist from adam on a spinning reel. It can tangle like a b*stard on a baitcaster

   Spinning line / Bass Fishing from Paul (  6/28/2007 7:57:00 PM
 I use Stren Magnathin on Shimano 1000 and 2000 spinning reels. Thin line is very important when it comes to spinning reels. IMO, Berkley Ultra-thin is (was) the best mono spinning line but it was discontinued some time ago. I bought 21,000 yards of Ultra-Thin before it was discontinued.

In general, I use 10 or 12 lbs Stren Magnathin / Berkley Ultra Thin lines on Shimano 1000 reels for finesse presentations like tubes and split-shot rigs and 16 lbs Magnathin on Shimano 2000 reels for other presentations like top-waters and trick worms. I keep plenty of spare spools of 10, 12, and 16 lbs line in my tackle box so I can replace fouled spools or change line size quickly.

I use 30 lbs Power Pro line on Shimano 1000 reels, when fishing heavy cover with light lures like rats or frogs.

Regarding line memory problems, only fill line to about 80% of the spool's capacity. If possible, don't use new line just put on a spool, the longer line has been on a spool the better in terms of line memory. One trick I have used to reduce memory is to soak new spools in warm water for about 15 minutes.

Line memory is a problem when using spinning gear but (IMO) it is less than the line problems associated with bait casting reels.

   Line from Jimbob (  6/30/2007 8:32:00 PM
 Spinning tackle has become an importamt part of my tackle over the last year or two. I recently purchased Seaguar flourocarbon 8#test and spooled up a couple of reels. First time out, I hated it. Hard to cast and manage on the reel, but used it today to win a club tournament with a shaky head. I have previously used P-Line CXX 6# test with good results. Regardless, fil the spool with as few twists as possible, then get in yoru yard and walk out about 50 yarads of line. Go back to the rod and get all the twists out by hand. I have used this method for the last couple of years with good success. Also, close the bail by hand after each cast.

   Think Limp from DatingMatingAndRelating_Com (  7/1/2007 1:49:00 PM
 Look for the limpest mono you can find for the best overall handling and lowest memory.

While the big spool reels will solve some problems, they introduce others. The torque and efficiency is higher on those reels and they are harder to reel and less fun in use. It's the wrong direction to go. The number one job of a reel is to wind up the line.

Try Duel X-tex, Stren Duratuf, or Super Knot.



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