What to wear on your feet in cold weather What to wear on your feet in cold weather
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    What to wear on your feet in cold weather
from Mike (  
11/26/2007 10:22:00 AM


 Well, it looks like cold weather is finally going to get here in TN. Just wondering if you guys could suggest some boots (or shoes) that will keep your feet warm and dry, but that you can still operate the trolling motor. Hunting type boots have such heavy soles with "mud grips" that really don't fit on the foot pedal very well. How 'bout it - anybody found a good FISHING BOOT????


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   Cold Weather from Jim Dangle (  11/26/2007 11:07:00 AM
 I like wearing 3 pairs of sox and a pair of water shoes. Lets the feet breathe and not sweat, lightweight, the socks keep the warmth in.

   If you want your feet to stay warm, put a hat on. from Pard (  11/26/2007 11:10:00 AM

That first part is true enough from a heat retention viewpoint.

Then onto the feet themselves. First rub in some hand lotion/ maybe even a vasilene product. Then two layers of socks of different fabric: Suggest cotton first, then wool. If you really want to both get wierd and warm, first put on a pair of your ol' ladies knee high nylons, and then the socks. After that try light weight, waterproofed, leather, anklehigh , chucka boots of your choice and you are good to go.

   Keep boots from beeing too tight from Mcga (  11/26/2007 11:24:00 AM
 The problem some have with multiple socks is their boots being too tight. This will cut teh blood flow to your foot, and make theem feel colder. BTW, the Redhead lifetime waranty socks are great for $9.99. They will replace if they tear or wear out, and i do not see that happening. For cold weater some good waterproof, Goretex, boots with at least 900 grams of thinsulate with a pair of thick socks is all you need. Can't beat a pair of Rocky boots.

   Cold feet from Larry Brumley (  11/26/2007 11:31:00 AM
  I wear a pair of regular socks then put my insulated gore-tex socks on over the the my leather new balance tennis shoes. My feet stay warm and dry in temps down to 20 degrees and have no problem running the trolling motor. Larry Brumley

   SealSkinz from MikeF  11/26/2007 11:42:00 AM
 SealSkinz makes socks out of the same material they make gloves. I wear a thin pair of cotton socks under them and a pair of Vasque Gore-Tex boots and if it's over 40 my feet get hot. It's important to buy whatever boots you get after you decide on the socks. Too tight like mentioned above and you inhibit circulation and your feet will still be cold. A little loose is better than even the littlest bit tight.

   Warm feet from Poisson (  11/26/2007 12:03:00 PM
 I have a lot of experience with cold weather since I fish in Canada into December with temperatures around 30 degrees in the morning. The best combination I've found are wool socks with a Gore-Tex lining inside ( called In Genius) and ankle lenght walking shoes ( Columbia) with also a Gore-Tex layer. Breathability is the key. Cotton, I would stay away from. A thin poly sock under a wool sock is ok if you have enough room in your shoe.

   Loose shoe & redhead socks from RandyB (  11/26/2007 12:39:00 PM
 I'll 2nd the votes for redhead socks (BPS) and keeping the boots loose.

I've got some cheap boots that are a size too large and they are great.

Keep some of those hand-warmers in the glovebox and if it's really bad, slip one of those under the pad of your foot.

And it goes without saying, put on dry socks. Dry the boots well before going. Moisture draws in cold like crazy.

   Warm Feet from Wayne P.  11/26/2007 1:00:00 PM
 I use a sock liner under a pair it 90% wool socks. I then stick those chemical heat packs made for shoes on my socks and wear jogging sneakers. If it gets below freezing I add a pair of Thinsulate socks over my other socks. I have a size larger pair of shoes for that setup.

   A couple of things from SOCB_Hawghunter (  11/26/2007 1:07:00 PM
 My winter and water proof boots are sized for me to wear cotton socks with Wool Socks on Over the cotton. The cotton wicks the moisture. The boots I purchased at walmart years ago and hold up fine. I have no issues with circulation, as I sized my boots for double socks. Also too in extreme cold I will place handwarmers inbetween my layers of socks, but this is usually a little uncomfortable.

Garments such as underarmor provide socks that can be beneficial in helping secure heat as well.


   Do not wear cotton from Mike Whitten  11/26/2007 1:21:00 PM
 If you want your feet dry, and warm, stay away from cotton innersocks. Cotton DOES NOT wick anything. It soaks up perspiration, and your feet get wet and cold. Check with any good outdoor store, and they will tell you the same thing. Mountain climbers and skiers avoid cotton innerlayers. Silk inner socks are the best, but the newer poly layers also work well. Best I have found are poly/thinsulate inner socks, layered under a wool/thinsulate outer sock, all of that in a Columbia or Rocky boot.

Also, Pard is dead on with his comment about head covers--wear a good hat/balaclava---Windstopper fabrics are great from this.

I can stay warm and comfortable in a sauger boat down to about 15 degrees---below that, I'm not mad at 'em any more!!

Mike Whitten/Germantown, TN

   Another tip..... from AveryF (  11/26/2007 1:42:00 PM
 Here's another tip that I picked up from one of the USAF Winter Survival School instructors from years and years ago: use an antiperspirant deodorant on your feet. It sounds crazy but your feet will stay a LOT warmer if you can keep them dry.

   wool. from SnakeHead (  11/26/2007 2:24:00 PM
 i use smart wool socks. they arent itchy and are warm as heck. got them at galyans before they were bought by dicks.


i use the mountaineering extra heavy mid calf.

   wool from jocko (  11/26/2007 4:01:00 PM
 I agree on having some space between your sock and shoe. If your feet are jammed in - they will get cold quick. I have a job that keeps me outside in all kinds of weather. Wool Socks in loose fitting Bates leather Tactical Boots, keep my feet warm. On my own time, I have a pair of high tek boots with some socks I got at a ski shop for snowboarding, that keep my feet toasty. I can be out all day and my feet do quite well.

   Warm feet from Rob (  11/26/2007 4:07:00 PM

Up where I'm from, keeping your feet warm is a concern more than half the year... So we get pretty good at it.

Mike's right on about cotton. Cotton = cold, wet feet. Cotton soaks up moisture, including vapor, and once it gets wet, it stays wet. When it's wet, it has basically no insulating properties at all.

Best thing to wear next to your skin is a pair of thin polypropelyne socks, which will wick away sweat (your feet will sweat a lot more than you think even in cold weather). Over them, a pair of wool/polypro blend socks (I like Black Mountain socks, but lots of cos. make the same thing). Wool/poly blend will pass moisture through plus provide enough loft to insulate well.

For boots, they have to be fit to be worn over a couple pairs of socks. Good socks won't help if your boots are too tight. I wear Danner 800g Thinsulate GoreTex hunting boots as long as I can into the fall(and even on warm days ice fishing if I'll be moving around a lot). Boots have to breathe even in cold weather, so boots with lots of rubber are no good. Once it gets too cold for them, I wear LaCrosse IceMans. A little harder running the TM with big clod hoppers on, but you get used to it. (Part of why I like MotorGuide TMs is they have the foot control that's easiest to use with big boots on) If you simply can't stand the soles on hunting boots, look at felt-soled wading shoes. Know a couple guys that wear them for just that reason.

A couple other tips for keeping your feet warm:

- As someone else said, wear a hat.

- Get some of the "Grabbers" brand chemical foot warmers. They have adhesive on them so you can stick them on the inside of your boots above the toes. Makes a big difference.

- Bring an extra change of socks in a ziploc bag out in the boat with you. Change your socks half way through the day. Amazing how much of a difference this makes.

- Keep your hands warm too. Hands get cold, your body goes into survival mode, and restricts the blood flow to your extremeities - including your feet.


   non-cotton from MikeF  11/26/2007 4:13:00 PM
 I meant to write non-cotton socks, cotton will leave you clammy. Mine are Coolmax, which is some kind of poly blend, from REI. I can't wear wool next to my skin because I'm a baby. LOL I would rather be cold than itchy. And I need to start paying attention to what I type.

   Cotton from Pard (  11/28/2007 4:02:00 PM

If your feet sweat don't wear cotton. If you walk a lot your feet will sweat. Don't wear cotton. If you rub hand cream or vasilene product into your feet, they won't sweat.

I'm sorry for my first remark above. I thought you wanted to get away inexpensively. If you want to spend the bucks, get the silk liners with wool socks, and buy a better than average pair of new tech insulated boots. There's even a new boot that breaths through holes the sole taht have one way valves to let air out but not in. There's probably no less than 50 or so name brand boots you can read up on to form your own OPINION.



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