Braid with or without a leader? Braid with or without a leader?
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    Braid with or without a leader?
from BEFUDDLED #11161  
2/15/2008 8:04:10 PM


 I watched Shaw Grigsby today fishing with jigs on Lake Falcon with Debra Engst (sp?). They were fishing braided line and it clearly showed he was not using any leader. He again spoke highly of the Suffix braid he was using. I couldn't exactly tell how deep they were fishing but a lot of it was on points. They were fishing in submerged trees and brush. I admittedly don't fish braid much at all and wonder if a leader is needed - I always thought a leader was needed so fish wouldn't notice the line. I mainly fish Lake Fork.

Grigsby knows more about this than me!

Opinions please?

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   leader from tideline_two #10498  2/15/2008 8:33:48 PM
 i use braid with a leader 100% of the time.if i didn't use a leader i'd use mono. i think it's a mntal thing but if i aint gittin bit the mind starts to wonder.

   Braid from BIGMIKEINFL #10278  2/15/2008 9:13:59 PM
 I use exclusively braid, and only use a leader on a few applications, and I don't see a difference in bites with straight braid vs leader.

   Braid with/without leader from Mike1957 #11182  2/15/2008 10:03:01 PM
I think it has to do with the clarity of the water that you are fishing. If the water is murky or isn't super clear, you can probably get away without using a flouro or momo leader. In clear water, the leader gives the line some invisibility. Also, should you get hung up, it is much easier to break off the leader than it is trying to break braided line.

   No Leader from Jeff Hahn  2/15/2008 11:33:09 PM
I use braid mainly for flipping. In that application, I never use a leader. In my experience, in the dirty water and/or heavy cover the fish are not spooked by braid without a leader. I do use a leader on my braid on a spinning rod when fishing clear water, especially those few times that I fish braid on Lake Erie. I also use a leader on the braid on my spinning rod when fishing around lots of rocks...braid and rocks don't go together well...add in zebra mussels and you are guaranteed to get your feelings hurt!

Jeff Hahn

   Braid & Leaders - My Formulas... from Jon_Mac #10584  2/16/2008 3:45:28 AM

Have been a confirmed braid user for about 6 years...both Power Pro and Suffix Performance. Best line switch I ever made. Only applications I use straight mono for are fishing diving crankbaits and lipless cranks...10 lb. izorline Platinum for those guys.

After MUCH trial and error, here's what works for me:

- Topwater/Jigs/T-rig Worms/Jerkbaits...20-30 lb. braid with a 4-8' 12-14 lb. fluorocarbon leader

- Dropshot/Finesse Spinning...6-10 lb. braid with a 4-8' 5-10 lb. fluorocarbon leader

- Spinnerbaits/Buzzbaits...30 lb. braid with a 4-8' 15 lb. Izorline Platinum mono leader. Mono is better for me here as 90% of my spinnerbaiting is either waking or slowrolling 3/4-1 1/2 oz. baits on 5 Power rods. The mono leader gives me just enough stretch to counteract the lack of give in the heavy rod. Same line combo for buzzbaits but on a 4 Power rod.

- Carolina rig...30 lb. braid with a 12' 14 lb. fluorocarbon leader. Originally rigged with the braid main line tied to the traditional swivel and a shorter leader but found that the terminal 4-6" of braid main line just in front of the sinker was getting chewed badly by continuous bottom contact. Now have eliminated the swivel, lengthened the leader, and use a Carolina Keeper so that the line immediately in front of the sinker is fluoro rather than braid. Mucho improvemento!

- Flipping...easy, as I'm not a Flipper (despite my better half's assertion that i chatter like a dolphin about fishin'!). I so some...but not a whole lot of...pitchin' jigs/tubes. Usually 30 lb. braid with a 4-8' 14 lb. fluorocarbon leader here...Finesse Spinning Formula above also, when applicable (finesse baits under docks).

- Slop/Froggin'/heavy vegetation presentations...50 lb. braid. The ONLY time I never use any leader with the braid as i want braid all the way to the bait to cut through vegetation when into a good fish way back in the junk.

All my braid and Izorline mono leaders are green. All my braid/leader junctions are via back-to-back Uni Knots. Hasn't failed me once.

Tight Lines!! John

   clarity from MikeF  2/16/2008 7:23:24 AM
It really depends on how clear the water is. In most cases if the fish can see the line they are less likely to bite.

Rig two rods the same way; one with and one without a leader. Fish both a couple of days and see what happens. Then decide if adding the leader is worth it or not. I think it is in most applications.

   Braid with or without leader from Charlie  2/16/2008 9:48:05 PM

Remember the characteristics of braid.....No stretch, Easily visible, Small diameter, Floats.

No Stretch - Not best for spinnerbaits or crankbaits as there is no safety cushion against a surge. Mono or Flouro is better for these baits.

Easily visible - Need leader in clear water. Not necessary in turbid or stained water, nor when fish for reaction bite, such as flippin'.

Small diameter - Excellent in heavy grass or pads with no leader required as it cuts through the grass.

Floats - Generally better with leader for bottom-fished baits. Excellent without leader for topwater baits.


   Thanks for Your Help! from BEFUDDLED #11161  2/17/2008 9:50:03 AM
Thank you to all for your input. I appreciate the detailed answers! Great fishing information as usual from this board




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