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    Shaky Head
from 5keepers #10346  
5/13/2009 3:08:54 PM


 What company has best shaky head? Why?
Is the Mustad Ultra Point, Gammy or other hook best for shaky head?

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   5 keepers from BlakeH  5/13/2009 3:15:18 PM
 check out tight line jigs shaky head. it has a mustad hook in it. i have used it for a few yrs now with good success.

   The Best Overall is from FogArmor24 #11252  5/13/2009 3:35:51 PM
 The Spot Sticker by Spotstickerbaits.

   Yeah, the Spotsticker with the coil wire from hvacstar  5/13/2009 3:43:09 PM
 holder works really well.

   Shakey head from hawgchaser  5/13/2009 5:23:20 PM
 I have used Davis HBT's for a while with good results, the spot sticker pro's also...they hold the bait on better but i get better hook sets with the Davis.

   Shakey heads from L-Headhunter #16276  5/13/2009 6:28:06 PM
 I use the Buckeye Lures Spot Removers.

hvacstar, I didn't know Spotsticker had a pro model or a model with coil keeper springs. Where did you find those?

   Shakeyheads from topwaterbite #10298  5/13/2009 6:35:29 PM
 I have been using them since before they were called shakeyheads. sometime back in the 80's. we just called them jig heads back then. i have made my own for most of that time. i have tried just about every kind made and sold. i cant tell much difference in any of them. i started out with cheap eagle claws. then in the early 1990's i started using gamakatzu's. they work great but are expensive. i have tried many different kinds since then. i finely settled on mustad. they are plenty sharp and a good bit cheaper. i have just bought some matzuo's. i poured some last week but have not used them yet. they seem plenty sharp and are very inexpensive. if you dont use very many you can buy them over the counter or online. i try to keep my dad, brother, my fishing partner and myself a good supply. so i pour my own. if you think you will use a lot i suggest you get a mold and buy the hooks in bulk. most places get from .65 to 1.29 per lead head. i am not in the business of selling them but i have sold some to my buddies for $30.00 a hundred. i do that every now and then to help pay for my hooks. you can save a lot of money pouring them yourself.

   I pour my own from Hellathump #12313  5/13/2009 6:53:18 PM
 I pour my own also..I use gammy's in the size 4, all the time. Get your self a production pourer $50 bucks and the do it mold for a shaky head $34 and be done with it. Thats how all of the mass ones are made etc just on a larger scale. I love the Gammy hooks they are sticky sharp but pricey for 100 (about $30)...1/8 and 3/16 are the best for most apps...Goodluck

   the goods from Jimslaw #16372  5/14/2009 8:40:52 AM
  Use Davis shakeyheads around rock and Tru-Tungsten Ikey
heads around grass and wood.

   davis all the way from Sean Ritchie, Coosa Tackle  5/14/2009 9:18:04 AM
 both the hbt and the smaller one.

use hbt for larger baits and maller hook for fineese.

have tried other but these have beennbest for me by far.

   Sean, will you email me sometime. I need some travel advice about the Open on Erie in September. from Wackoman  5/14/2009 9:34:59 AM
At your convenience.


   Kicker Stickers from TRChad  5/14/2009 9:46:48 AM
 Kicker Sticker Jig-Heads by Git-Bit Baits. The best there is and they come in 3 different hook sizes from 3/0 for the finesse stuff to 5/0 for anything from Old Monsters to Sweet Beavers. They have a double barb keeper so you do not have to use super glue and the are made with Mustad Ultra-Point hooks. check them out at gitbit dot net
Good Luck!

   email sent from Sean Ritchie, Coosa Tackle  5/14/2009 10:38:17 AM
 let me know what ya need Senor Wacko.

   keep it simple from LedgeBuster #15786  5/14/2009 12:04:27 PM
 Picasso "Shakedown" for the money is the best on the market if you ask me.

My other favorite is the Reaction innovations Screwed Up Jig Head, but they dont make em anymore. If anyone knows where I can get any 1/8 of 3/16oz shoot me an email. I'll buy all you got.

   Davis from 710brownfish  5/15/2009 4:46:36 PM
 The Davis HBT head is the best to me because of the Mustand hook. I can clearly tell it holds a sharper point longer than a Gamakatsu hook. Plus the HBT heads have the lead poured all the way to the eye. I can't understand how that makes such a difference in not getting hung up, but it does.



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