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    lead in ponds
from basscrusher #10870  
11/9/2009 8:16:58 AM


 I know a guy who several years ago sank small brushpiles in a small farm pond using 8-oz lead weights (the kind you weigh down duck decoys with). I know about all of the health dangers to humans from lead-infested waters, but will this much lead actually harm the fish? I don't think anyone is considering eating these fish, just wondering if this would cause lesions, birth defects, or any other ill side effects on the pond fish.

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   how many did he use? from Randy B  11/9/2009 9:12:01 AM
 I sank a 9' evergreen tree this summer and it took 90# of cinderblocks.

My guess is that a small amount of lead (5# or less) wouldn't have much effect. My thinking is that it will get silted over or covered with algae and the lead would pretty much stay where it is at.

Of course, the lead might affect some of the baby fish and they might not do well in school.

   The problem with lead in ponds from ukey28 #10297  11/10/2009 9:12:06 AM
 stems from waterfowl ingesting it as grit to help in their digestion, not from the presence of large lead objects in the water. Once injested it lodges in certain organs and kills the waterfowl. It became an issue on marshes and shallow bodies of water where duck hunters for years had used lead shot and basically established little lead gravel hot spots. That in turn resulted in some waterfowl die offs from lead poisoning. You would need a huge amounts of lead in a body of water to affect the fish. That being said it would be prudent to use something that non toxic in any body of water. Hope that sets your mind at ease.

   Not A Problem from Marc #12028  11/10/2009 1:56:41 PM
 Unfortunately lead seems to be the target of many and consequently there is a lot of misinformation spouted to further hidden agendas.

Lead is a natural element. It can become toxic and dangerous to certain population groups under specific circumstances. Ingestion of lead by waterfowl is a problem where it occurs (often extrapolated out of proportion) as the gizzard and acidic enzymes allow the lead to enter the bloodstream causing lead toxicosis which can cause death.

If lead is in plumbing (lead soldered joints for example)and the water is outside of normal pH (i.e. the water is acidic) then lead can enter solution and become a problem for humans and animals in their developmental years.

However, in nonacidic water lead normally forms a patena that insulates the lead from dissolving. Lead has actually been used to make drinking water pipes and pose no health problem unless outside influences like acid or electrolysis cause the lead to enter solution.

Lead fumes (as encountered in indoor firing ranges) can also be toxic when inhaled, so this should also be considered and precautions (exhaust fans) should be employed.

Over 50+ years of nearly daily lead exposure I was concerned about my health risks and had my blood tested 3 months ago. Lead was nondetectable in my blood.

The use of lead anchors for brushpiles is very unlikely to present hazards in my opinion, but it does seem to be a waste of good lead.


   TN river from Randy B  11/11/2009 4:50:30 PM
 Here's an interesting observation. Since lead is less likely to go into solution unless the water is acidic, then places like the TN river would actually be in good shape. Many of the bluff walls are limestone (a chemical base) and would reduce acid levels.

There's so much lime in the water that TN is part of the "stone belt" where people tend to get more kidney stones.



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