How do you keep your hands warm while winter fishing? Also, head gear? How do you keep your hands warm while winter fishing? Also, head gear?
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    How do you keep your hands warm while winter fishing? Also, head gear?
from jyarb #11210  
1/10/2010 8:28:58 AM


 There are hundreds of different makes and kinds of gloves available. What kind do you use while fishing in cold weather? Do you wear the same gloves while driving as when fishing? Do you use hand warmers and how?

I hold my line between my thumb and index finger while retreiving. Wear gloves with the fingers cut out. Gloves tend to get wet and fingers really cold. Anybody got a solution other than not holding line?

Also, how do you keep your head warm? Got a really big head, around size 8, and a lot of head wear doesn't fit. Thanks in advance.

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   Have you ever tried a military watch cap? from mckernanman #16064  1/10/2010 9:49:47 AM
Like Ike uses? You can google that and find 'em. I bought a wool one with a short bill and it is the warmest thing I have ever used for my head. As far as hands, I've had the same problem and have kept hand warmers in my pockets and alternate putting my hands in there. My wife got me a pair of split finger polartec glacier gloves that I will soon try. Hope this helps some. Good fishing.

   Head and hands--winter from Mike Whitten  1/10/2010 10:01:12 AM
I fish a fair amount in cold weather, and have sauger fished when it was really brutal.

My system--

Head--Windstopper Balaclava--Windstopper is KEY--you want to create an insulation zone around your head. Will layer this on top of a UnderArmour skull cap. Keeping your head warm will help you keep hands and feet warm.

Hands--I use Simms fingerless Windstopper gloves--For FISHING. I keep a couple of HotHands packs--activated--in my jacket pocket, and will stick my hands in there and warm up, as needed. You can also slide smaller heat packs in the top side of the gloves, and this will warm your hands. I carry several pair of gloves, so I can keep dry ones on. I'm sold on half finger, fleece windstoppers. I have never found full fingers that worked for me. And the rubber surgical gloves don't keep me warm. Might work for you.

For driving the boat--I use a Save Phace maske on my face over the balaclava, and I keep a pair of Cabelas snowmobile mittens--/Goretex/Windstopper that will fit over my hands with the fingerless gloves on. Mittens are by far warmer than gloves for cold weather driving.

Shoot me an email if you have questions.

Mike Whitten

   Layering from plantalgaeous  1/10/2010 11:02:15 AM

It must be Winter - these keeping warm threads come up every year.

Just like deer hunting, I use a cheap pair of brown garden gloves over a pair of silk gloves (take 3 pair with you for changes). You can buy these at any garden center worth its stuff. The silk gloves can be found on the net. Google search for “”Silk Glove Liners” and about 150K hits will show up. Then a pair of water repellent fold back mitten tops mittens. If you want to cut the index finger off the gloves go for it, but a single slit for line to pass through will work just fine for sensitivity. I've fished rivers in Wisconsin just after ice out regularly with this set up.

Whitten has the answer for the head gear, but always remember an under layer of silk next to the skin acts as the worlds lightest, least bulky, greatest primary insulator. I top my head gear off with an oversized wool Elmer Fudd Hunting Hat - with ear flaps.

Being warm is no time for thinking fashion first.

If you are young and stupid take a pint of blackberry brandy with you. If you are a bit wiser, leave it home. A thermos filled with hot coffee is a necessity - for drinking and pouring on frost bitten body parts in an emergency. If you do that frost bit part with hot liquids, get the hellll off the lake and to warm attention immediately.

   ditto from MikeF  1/10/2010 11:03:03 AM
You have to have different gloves for driving and have to wear either a Savephace or full face helmet. What is fish-able will not keep you warm when running.

   Seal-Skinz Gloves from DaveT  1/10/2010 12:51:56 PM
Seal-Skinz gloves with hot hands hand warmers as needed. Tobogan on Head. And insulated car-hartts cover-alls.

   Keeping Warm from Wayne P.  1/10/2010 2:49:24 PM
Something mentioned is completely wrong. You do not want any beverage or food (coffee, tea, chocolate) that has caffine in it when exposed to cold temps. Any hot beverage that does not have caffine or alcohol is OK. Don't even have caffine in the morning before you go fishing. You can do a search to see what affect caffine has on your body.

As far as your hands when fishing, you need to keep moisture away whether it's sweat from using a non-breatheable cover, or moisture from using the fishing equipment/handling fish.
The best solution I have found is the thin, water proof, wind proof, breatheable, gloves by Serius. The glove model is called Hyperlite. That company also has a heavy insulated glove with a zippered pocket on the back for inserting chemical hand warmers for on-plane use. Dry the light weight gloves with a towel before putting the heavy gloves over them.

   Warm hands from topwaterbite #10298  1/10/2010 5:18:17 PM
It doesnt get near as cold here in alabama as a lot of other places but it has been bitter cold here lately. i tend to make long runs a lot so i have developed a system. i have a full face motor cycle helmet. i wear a polar fleece skull cap and a barclava windstopper from cabela's(best $20 i have ever spent). i put on the polar fleece boggin and then the barclava , then the helmet. i can run for an hour in sub freezing temps and never get cold. i use layers on my body. i have expedition weight polypropalene fleece underwear with a zip up turtle neck collar. i put a heavy weight pullover hooded sweat shirt on top o fit when i get to the lake. then a insulated parka over that. seems like it would be bulky but its not. park is wind and waterproof with neoprene closures on the sleeves to keep wind and water out. i have matching polar fleece bottoms and fleece lined jeans over them then a matching pair of bibs to the parka. i wear a pair of polypropalene socks with a pair of cotton socks over them, then a pair of blizzard boots with felt liners. my feet havent gotten cold yet. for ny hands i have a cheap pair of wind proof water proof insulated gloves i got from fred's dollar store for $5. the work great running on long runs. i have a pair of insulated polar fleece gloves /mittens. the fingers are cut out but a mitten fold over your fingers to keep them warm if need be. then i carry 3 or 4 pair of fingerless polar fleece gloves for fishing. the polar fleece keeps your hands warm. i have used them when it is cod and raining. they keep my hands warm even when wet. that is the system i have used for years. it seems to work well for me. my be someone can get some thing that will work for them from this.

   I use wool gloves from BPS.. from Hellathump #12313  1/10/2010 5:35:52 PM
There wool(white color) and cheap and i cut the thumb and fore finger out of them...I believe there about $8......Werk Great !!

   gloves from jeremyf  1/10/2010 7:15:18 PM
Go get some mechanix gloves at wal-mart in automotive section ,they keep your hands warm and you can even tie a knot with your gloves on they are great!

   Wayne P, , Thanks. from plantalgaeous  1/10/2010 8:13:37 PM

I didn't know that about coffee. Interesting, and thank you. I will look that up.

   Caffeine - I looked it up. from plantalgaeous  1/10/2010 8:18:44 PM

Lots of good stuff in the link below

n its page it says caffeine causes dehydration.

Way to go Wayne P.

   Depends on what you call cold weather. from RichZ #11105  1/10/2010 8:33:44 PM
Last couple weekends,fishing in the wind with air temps in the teens, I found I could still handle casting gear, feel bites and set the hook with some pretty darned bulky gloves on.

   Head and hands from gatechfan  1/10/2010 9:36:47 PM
I agree with Mike on the bacalava for the head. I also suggest Under Armours skull cap when not running down the lake.

My only suggestion is that I haven't found any gloves other than surgical gloves that I can fish in. So, my solution is to insert hot hands(hand warmers) into the cuffs of my jacket on my wrists. This keep the blood warm flowing to my hands and then I am not constantly sticking my hands into my pockets to keep warm. Works for me....

   Stay Home from old2/75thRanger #14608  1/10/2010 10:00:34 PM
no msg

   warm from davedd #14806  1/11/2010 2:11:29 PM
Yea booze bad.......
Wear your floater suit.Fished few days ago it was 5 below.If my legs get a little cold add long johns.Don't feel cold at all.Coldest place on your body are your feet.i bought heated socks & brother it can be 50 below & you are snug as a bug.Now all i need is a heated tuque & i am all set lol.

   Floater suit from dontr20x #17419  1/11/2010 10:40:44 PM
Are you talking about the Mustang floatation suit? Where online can they be purchased? Are they light and flexable?

   army pile cap from 1SG  1/12/2010 11:32:25 AM
   Cold Weather Gear from Rob_in_MN #11851  1/12/2010 11:44:02 PM
Being from Minnesota I get quite a bit of practice fishing in cold weather, spring and fall (not to mention ice fishing).

For headwear, the best option is a fleece hat with a GoreText Windstopper fabric layer. Keeps your head warm and stops the wind, but still breathes so you don't get sweaty. You can get them in styles that will fit over a ball cap, which is nice. I got mine at REI. Ran me about 30 bucks, but it's great.

For hands, as long as you keep your hands dry it's pretty easy to keep them warm.

I've tried about everything under the sun for hands. Sealskinz are good - waterproof but you can still fish with them on. Neoprene is worthless unless you like clammy wet hands. Ice Armor gloves ( are great too. I've ice fished with them at 15 below and had the outside freeze solid when they got wet, but my hands were warm inside them.

For gloves though the best thing seems to be wear something light you can fish in and keep changing them so you always have a dry pair on. Depending on how windy it is I can get by down to about 20 degrees with army surplus fingerless wool gloves for actual fishing as long as my hands stay dry. I keep a bag with dry gloves and dry towels under my dash, and dry my hands and change gloves when they get wet. Have another bag for wet stuff and toss 'em in the dryer when you're done for the day. Cheap cotton gardening gloves work when it's a little colder. You can still fish with them on, and they're cheap enough that you can buy a pile of them and keep changing them when they get wet. You can do the surgical glove thing too but I rarely bother. Just keep dry ones on and you'll be fine.

For running, I have a pair of Ice Armor mitts, or a pair of leather choppers with a wool liner.

For outer gear, hard to beat an Ice Armor suit. The only thing that does beat it is a Mustang suit, which I wear muskie fishing in late October and November.

Stay warm... It's up to 16 degrees here right now. Freaking balmy... My kid was outside on the back yard rink playing hockey in a t-shirt tonight. Crazy kids...



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