Bluegill pattern hard and soft bait colors? Bluegill pattern hard and soft bait colors?
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    Bluegill pattern hard and soft bait colors?
from jason #10410  
2/19/2011 3:13:06 PM


 If bluegill or bream is the main forage what color cranks and plastics you use to resemble the forage? Some companies produce a true bluegill pattern but many don't so I'm kinda interested in what your main color or combo is for matching the bluegill.

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   Green pumpkin from dimarziofish  2/19/2011 6:05:47 PM
 Green pumpkin with gold and purple metalflake for soft plastic.

   Bluegill color baits from Mike1957 #11182  2/20/2011 10:49:22 AM
  In plastics I will use a Junebug color, as for hardbaits they make a lot of the baits that mimic the color of bluegill.

   Your baits need a splash of chartreuse from RobShaw  2/20/2011 11:02:32 AM
  to aid in the appearance of a bluegill.

Edited 2/20/2011 11:02:56 AM

   Is there a more realistic bluegill pattern.... from 710brownfish  2/20/2011 7:12:06 PM
 than the Koppers Live Target crankbaits??? Look them up...they have a "Bluegill" and "Pumpkinseed". Those are sweet. (But I haven't caught a fish on it yet!!!!)

   Same here with koppers from jason #10410  2/20/2011 9:19:27 PM
 I have a couple and never caught anything on them as well as a buddy of mine.

   Koppers from hawgchaser  2/20/2011 9:29:04 PM
 Get you some Rapala DT-6's in bluegill color and throw the Koppers away.

   Don't be stuck on realistic patterns from Hubert #10913  2/21/2011 1:10:50 AM
 I have caught way more fish using basic colors like chartreuse sides with a blue or brown back and an orange throat over realistic painted baits.

For soft plastics, I like watermelon/red, watermelon/gold or light pumpkin with green flake aka irish whiskey.

   Agree with hawgchaser... from 710brownfish  2/21/2011 7:26:38 AM
 that little DT-6 in the "Bluegill" color will catch fish! However, I'm persuaded to think it's the size, action, or vibration of that lure more than anything. On that note, Hubert's right too....the Bandit 200's in those colors are very good.

   agree with 710 brownfish from dbnaileng  2/21/2011 8:59:05 AM
 The action and vibration make that bait excel. Any Chartreuse sided crankbait with a blue back and yellowish bellow works well to imitate a bluegill but I believe action and style of retrieve are much more important. I like to throw football jigs, finess jigs, and swim jigs on the coosa and a okachobee craw color skirt does EXTREMELY well to imitate a bluegill pattern. Throw in a little watermelon red chunck and I think it's not far off from a crawfish pattern as well. Just my thoughts

   Bluegill Colors from Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle  2/24/2011 11:50:57 AM
 One of the favorites we have to consider is called "bluegill", but more resembles a shellcracker (red ear) or sunfish. It's different but has worked great. We have it in both the Lindy Darter and the Lindy Shadling.

"Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle"
Legendary quality and new innovation for all freshwater species.
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   flicker shad purple tiger from 1SG  2/28/2011 4:15:34 PM
 Can't go wrong with this color or quality for the price (hooks as sharp as Lucky Crafts).

Berkley Flicker Shad in purple tiger color

   pic from 1SG  3/1/2011 10:51:15 AM




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