How long will minnows live? How long will minnows live?
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    How long will minnows live?
from okeespec #11158  
2/28/2011 8:34:34 PM


 I just wet slipped my boat and wanted to keep some minnows in a floating minnow bucket tied up. How long do you think they'll live in a floating minnow bucket tied up at the slip?

Thank you.


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   A long time from 5keepers  2/28/2011 9:51:50 PM
 if ya feed'em and keep them out of hot sun/water.

   depends.... from Ralph Manns  3/1/2011 12:19:38 AM

How many minnow and how larger (the more the less merry, as they compete for oxygen)

the water temperature (Cool is good, warm is less, as it holds less O2)

Local currents: (buckets do well if there is a flow through of fresh water, but no current means the minnows will use up the O2 and eventually die.

Food: They will eventually starve, but can go up to a week without being fed.

   Minnow food? from okeespec #11158  3/1/2011 12:35:29 AM
 What do you feed minnows? I never thought about it. THe lake temperature stays pretty moderate and the area is fed by two creeks so I think I'll be ok temp wise. I was probably going to keep 3-6 dozen in a floating minnow bucket over the course of a week to ten days.

   Bread from jodywhite4212  3/1/2011 8:43:28 AM
 Just pop some bread in the bucket for them to eat. They ought to live at least a week if they are actually in water.

   keeping bait from MikeF  3/1/2011 9:13:35 AM
 If you're serious about keeping bait alive they have to be in a container in the water that allows the flow of water through the container and the container has to be round. If there is good flow you can keep bait for weeks if there is no flow they're toast.

   bread.... from Ralph Manns  3/1/2011 11:42:04 PM
 ...Is only good food for vegetarian fishes. But a little will stave off starvation long enough for you to use the baits, within a week or so. Overfeeding will pollute the water, possibly killing your fish.

For keeping minnows long periods you need a large oval (rounded-end) tank with a strong aerating recirculating pump. In such tanks for holding many minnow ou need a prepared. fish food from a feed store or a hobby/pet store.

   The last time from Skipper  3/2/2011 1:16:05 PM
 I tried that I came back in a couple days and found a Mr. No Legs coiled up in my minnow bucket. Ceased doing that and just bought minnows as needed after that.

   bait shops don't feed minnows.. from bjlc #10606  3/2/2011 9:26:23 PM
 bait shops don't feed minnows ever.. and they last as long as there is oxygen.. either a stone or water entering the tank.. some thing..

many weeks.. as long as the water is cold.

   buy a faucet cap.. from bjlc #10606  3/2/2011 9:29:28 PM
 go to the hardware store.. buy a faucet cap.. those little yellow deals that go over a faucet.. punch the smallest hole in it you can make.. turn the faucet on the slowest amount it will go.. and trust me you now have water and an aerator.. even if the water just spills over the edge of the minnow bucket onto the ground..

   bjlc from Ralph Manns  3/3/2011 1:14:09 AM
 I hope the tap water isn't too chlorinated. Perhaps you have a well as a source.

   he asked about a floating minnow bucket from MikeF  3/3/2011 9:52:44 AM
 Just FYI.

BTW if you keep minnows in a closed system with aeration you do not want to feed them. The more they eat the more they poop and they'll die from excess nitrogen/ammonia in the water.

   just use a charcoal filter.. from bjlc #10606  3/4/2011 10:58:18 AM
 the cheapest charcoal filter is great for months and months.. 30 plus years of dipping minnows proves me correct.



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