What has been your best A-rig bait? And has anyone been rigging plastic swimbaits weedless on the a-rig? nm What has been your best A-rig bait? And has anyone been rigging plastic swimbaits weedless on the a-rig? nm
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    What has been your best A-rig bait? And has anyone been rigging plastic swimbaits weedless on the a-rig? nm
from Wackoman  
2/7/2012 7:46:11 AM



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    from MrBullet  2/7/2012 7:57:29 AM

Edited 2/12/2012 8:24:23 PM

   On jig heads with an open hook? nm from Wackoman  2/7/2012 8:05:23 AM

    from MrBullet  2/7/2012 8:08:42 AM

Edited 2/12/2012 8:24:50 PM

   A friend from Jeff Hahn  2/7/2012 8:10:36 AM
 A friend is experimenting with using lightly weighted weedless swim bait hooks with an unweighted A-Rig in order to fish this rig around grass. He's just starting to try this, so I don't have any results.

Jeff Hahn

   BC - some info from SFT from billsp from NJ #10879  2/7/2012 8:14:34 AM
 Took a cabin fever trip to Lancaster with the wife yesterday and while she shopped at the outlets, I went to SFT. Geo was there and had an Al rig hanging close to the counter and said he and his brother just finished a video on using it for smallies. It was a light wire rig, had five Skinny Dippers on it with shakey head hooks. He said they got much better action with the hook attached directly to the rig wire than with the snap swivels. In Pa, two hooks and three on the cork screw type keepers, and they killed 'em. Try it out.

   Titanium and bucktails from 1SG  2/7/2012 11:28:47 AM

I may not get into the BFL this weekend. I am on the waiting list. I will see you at registration and give you my A-rig I made with titanium wire and bucktails that flare out like a fleeing baitfish.

   Good deal from Wackoman  2/7/2012 2:20:35 PM

   rig pics from 1SG  2/7/2012 2:49:44 PM
 I sent you a PM of the rigs

   Money Minnow and Lake Fork Shad have been the thing here. from travkeg  2/7/2012 3:30:19 PM
 Some guys are using the orginal Jig head that comes with the Lake Fork Shad. Money Minnow has been a big seller as well and they are using Cabela's Salt Striker Premium Shad Jig heads as they have a three layer collar that seems to hold baits better.

I've yet to get out on the water this year and its killing me!

Good Luck Wacko and look forward to a report.

   1/4 ounce Assassinator Spinner Baits from Mid South Bass Guide  2/7/2012 10:12:18 PM
 We've been using them with Skinny Dippers and Fat Alerts. Glue them on as you place the body on and they last a lot longer and it gives extra flash. Works great in stained to muddy water

Mid South Bass Guide
Capt Jake Davis, (MSgt, USAF Retired)
Cell 615-613-2382 or HPH 256-783-6953
Email address msbassguide@comcast.net
Website: www.midsouthbassguide.com

   1/8-1/4 WildEyes from TheAmBASSador  2/7/2012 11:35:23 PM
 on 5 wire A-Rig.

   Wide Eye Curly Tail Minnow from Wayne P.  2/8/2012 7:12:02 AM
  in 1/8 oz and 3/16 oz size.

For weedless, the Money Minnow with the Horny Toad hook.

Edited 2/8/2012 1:52:09 PM

   test from MikeF  2/16/2012 9:09:47 PM



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