Did you ever hear your fishing rod squeal? Did you ever hear your fishing rod squeal?
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    Did you ever hear your fishing rod squeal?
from Randy B  
5/26/2012 9:55:48 PM


 The strangest thing happened today on St Clair. I started hearing this high-pitched squeal coming from my rod. I couldn't figure out what was happening until I started getting shocked simply by touching the blank. There was so much static electricity in the air, I became afraid. It was starting to rain even though I didn't see any lightening or thunder. My partner was experiencing the same thing - his hair was standing straight up too, just like those static electricity exhibits at the science museums. SO I said "we need to put all these rods away". As I was storing my rods, every one of them was shocking me again and again - like 15 people slipped across the carpet and shocked me. We got down low in the boat and started moving toward a canal and some house taller than us. The rain started hard and almost immediately the static electricity was gone. I was sure scared for a few minutes though.

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   Yep...SCARY! from Jeff Hahn  5/27/2012 8:26:18 AM
 I never got shocked by my rods, but twice I have seen conditions where I make a cast and my line hung in the air due to static electricity. I had to put my rod tip down and jerk the line down onto the water. This first time this happened was on a small, local reservoir. So, we could get to cover quickly, if need be. The second time was on Lake Erie, so obviously, no cover was nearby. Ee decided to head for the harbor.

Jeff Hahn

   It's a good indicator of from TheAmBASSador  5/27/2012 10:04:35 AM
 a charge building up in your area. You'll never forget it. Leave the area immediately and seek shelter. Happen to me on Pickwick (Waterloo) back in the mid-80's..my partner had long hair and it was standing straight up and out to the sides of his head. Within seconds a huge thunderstorm dropped over the top of one of the area hills/mountains and we headed to the bank about 100 yards away.But the rain, wind, and lightening caught up to us. There were no homes in the immediated area so we banked the boat and ran into the thick woods as we were getting pounded. Boat filled with rain water and waves crashing over so quickly the bilge pumps couldn't keep up. I did have time to hook-up a rope to bow eye and tie to a tree. We hudded against some large trees about 25 feet up into the woods for about 30 minutes. Then it was all over...clear skies and calm. Took about another 30 minutes get enough water out of boat to start fishing the tourney again. Couldn't wait for weigh-in and get in some dry clothes. So, now when I hear my rods "Crackling or Hissing" or feel the "shock" of my spool as I cast...I fire up the big motor and leave to find shelter as far as I can safely. I'm headed to Waterloo again next week and wouldn't you know it..this new storm off the east coast could bring in some bad weather!

   Have had it happen on several occasions and yes it makes ya nervous from Harumph #11038 #11038  5/29/2012 6:59:04 AM
 Generally I find when that happens a lighting strike is coming soon.

Put the rods down and move into cover if you are able.

   yes and it sucks from MikeF  5/29/2012 8:59:23 AM
 I have had lightening strike near me several times and the strange feeling just before it does is spooky. I haven't been shocked by my rod however.

   Done been struck (1991 Redman) by lightening from Spookchucker #10778 #10778  5/29/2012 11:28:10 AM
 And several times since then I have experienced the rod singing. when that happens, I vacate the area by at least several miles. When your rod is singing, you are setting up the charge path for lightening to strike. Another hint is when your line seems to float, or not drop into a natural dropped curve.

Take heed,leave the area, seek proper shelter.

   Heard the tale for years from pointer781  5/31/2012 4:22:04 PM
 I thought these guys were hearing things. That is until I heard it myself immediately following a thunderstorm a couple of years back. I would describe the sound as more of a hum. My partner at the time wouldn't leave the bottom of the boat.



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