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Fishing Tactics

    Fishing a Fluke
from fatzso #19093  
6/13/2012 3:23:00 PM


 I slide on a small weight and tie a 3/0 EWG hook and thread the fluke on. I throw it out and work it slowly back.

Actually I was tired of looking at the same post for days so I added my own. Hope no one gets upset.

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   Let's talk real about flukes... from 710brownfish #17012  6/13/2012 4:05:36 PM
 There was a day, perhaps 5-10 years ago, when a fluke was an every-trip-staple in my boat. We used to catch bunches of fish, and big fish, on flukes.

Nowadays I can't even remember the last fish I caught on one. Does anybody still do any good on them???

   Down south, in the grass 710, yes... from Harumph #11038 #11038  6/13/2012 4:18:47 PM
 Up in these parts I have better luck with trick worms.

   Lost Fish from Waldo #11975 #11975  6/13/2012 4:41:14 PM
 I only throw those things when I am looking to twist my line into knots and lose some Seriously I lose a lot of fish on them but they do produce some bites.

   Better yet, work it back even MORE slowly. Deadstick it repeatedly. from hvacstar  6/13/2012 4:49:52 PM
 In between twitches, scarf down a BBQ samich from one of the excellent Lexington style places to choose from.

hvac will be, the Good Lord willing, chowing down at Lexington #1 Saturday afternoon. Monk's.

MikeF is the go to guy for Fluke Fishing.

   Actually from fatzso #19093  6/13/2012 6:30:11 PM
 I fish a fluke all the time on Norman. I do quite well with it and just last night I drove down to the point watching the storm in Mooresville while fishing the rocks and was jerking them in. They work for me.

hvacstar do you ever go to Welcome and eat at Kerleys bbq? I used to eat a lot at Speedys years ago.

   I used to catch some nice ones on the Fluke from DaveT  6/13/2012 6:34:49 PM
  Still have one on every now and then. Seems like it is hard to keep the smaller fish away from the Fluke. In the Lake I fish the bass seem to want the Fluke as it falls just out of sight. I never use a weight, so it is a slow fall. I just take up some slack, after the fluke has sank a few feet, and watch the line real close. Sometimes its hard to feel them rascals.

   Hey Fatz. Haven't been to Kerleys but have had Speedys. from hvacstar  6/13/2012 6:58:50 PM
 I got about 25 books from Amazon for Christmas and one of them is "Holy Smoke, the Big Book Of North Carolina Barbecue". I started into it Sunday evening and have been jonesing of pigmeat ever since. It is a fantastic book. I knew some of it and am thrilled to learn the remainder. Gotsa have some Cue at Monk's and will come this weekend.

We went to the BBQ Festival last fall for the first time and it was a blast! Definitely will be there again in September. I will be sitting in front of the Stage where Matt Walsh is performing.

I'll touch base with you and the others here to see if anybody is interested in meeting there.

   Let me know from fatzso #19093  6/13/2012 7:49:03 PM
 I use to drag race in Lexington stop light to stop light and grew up in Welcome so I knew the place well. The guy that owns Kerleys started out I believe down in Lexington so he knows how to work the pit. One of my first jobs was working in Midway at Country Kitchen loading the pit-making slaw and slicing the shoulders. Those were good times.

If you like to read then look this book up. Smokehouse Ham,Spoon Bread,&Scuppernong Wine. The Folklore and Art of Southern Appalachian Cooking. Joseph Dabney. Pioneer days to present. Those mountain people sure knew how to put food together.

   Donkey Rig only from TheAmBASSador  6/13/2012 11:50:00 PM
 now and just when I see schooling fish and mostly in the fall.

   I love Flukes from MikeF  6/14/2012 6:00:21 AM
 When I had the home on Lake Lanier over half of my fishing was with a Fluke. I prefer topwater with a swivel, an 18" leader and a 4/0 EWG but would also use a light jig like a Spotsticker 1/8 oz or a superline hook for a little extra weight. There is nothing like a big spot crashing a fluke except maybe for a bigger striper; LOL. Just vary your cadence until they tell you what they want.

   Sorta like Mike. I live near Lanier from Spookchucker #10778 #10778  6/17/2012 3:03:46 PM
 I work flukes very fast, with a 7' to 8' rod. Jerk the bait the full rod length reei up slack, & jerk again. Also skip them along the surface. These work on any lake with herring.

I use a 6/0 flipping hook on mine, as any smaller hook loses too many fish.

Sometimes I double fluke with the rear one being a Gambler flappin shad, with a 1/8th oz nose weight. When stopped, the flapping shad will swim down, then pull the flike down. this gives the bass 2 looks, both different. Some days all will be caught on the flapping shad, some days the fluke.

   In current from Champion1911  6/18/2012 9:37:19 AM
 When there is water being pulled through the lake I go point to point and cast up current and just dead stick a fluke across the point letting the current take it. Has worked well for me at Hartwell, Russell, High Rock.

   slug-o from MDIfisherman1  6/24/2012 1:04:32 AM
 I use flukes and catch a lot of smallies and largemouth. I prefer to use slug-o's though, because they are more durable. Basically the same action, but you can catch a lot more fish per bait.



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