Fishing this evening/posted to stir up tacticsactivity Fishing this evening/posted to stir up tacticsactivity
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Fishing Tactics

    Fishing this evening/posted to stir up tacticsactivity
from Ralph Manns  
6/27/2012 2:11:19 PM


  It is hot outside (96F) and predicted to go up to 103F. Tthe Dallas area I live in is under an Orange air pollutin alert. It appears to be a good day to stay home.

But experience tells me that in the marina I fish with my mini, the bluegill will be spawning at 5-7 feet even though the surface layer may be 90+ F. In Mid-June through early July this has attracted bass over the past years, particulalry years when shad are scarce in the marina.

I hope to catch a few adult-size bass and perhaps a 5 or two. I'll be using a finesse worm or 4" Senko (green with tail dipped in chartreuse to imitate bluegill) or a Rapala TD-10 in bluegill colors. The crank has been good locally, (I took an 8-05 on it last Wednesday) and it may work again.

I won't even start out until 4 pm, I promised my wife not to kill myself in the heat and bad air, but I expect a decent bite during the twilight hours. I'll take plenty of Gatorade and use ample sunscreen. I wear my auto-inflatable life vest in case I fall-in so they can find the body.

I've emphasied the evening twilight bite for many years, ever since my first check of my catch data showed me that evening twilight is actually more productive than morning twilight. Although my research also showed only a very slight connection between the solunar cycle and reservoir catches, I've also noted that when reservoir bass feed on bluegill due to absense of shad the lunar cycle seems to hae greater effect.

Here in our area the major will be at 8:00 pm and sunset at 8:35. that's a formula for a strong twilight bite.

For those who wonder about the background info for this post, please read:

other active anglers post their pre-outing thinking, it may stir-up more activity on these pages????

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   can't wait to hear the results Ralph from RJR  6/27/2012 3:08:13 PM
 thanks, good pose, you at least have one waiting to hear about your experience.

   Ralph, as always, you are the knowledgeable fisherman from Thad Rains  6/27/2012 3:39:40 PM
 And my readings agreed with yours, that the twilight bite, especially during a major, was a great time to fish. My finding also indicate that the dark of the moon is a great time to catch bigger fish. So, go get them, but be careful, because of the conditions you are fishing in. You should and hopefully will catch a bunch of nice ones. Just take care of yourself. As always, your friend.

Thad Rains

   love twilight from MikeF  6/27/2012 5:50:24 PM
 My favorite way to fish at twilight is with a large slow wakebait like a Gibb's Swimming Danny or a Bomber Long A A-salt. My second is a super fluke as long as there is good background light.

   Beware excessive confidence from Ralph Manns  6/27/2012 11:37:47 PM
 It was hot but the bite was not. The surface temp was 88F. The bluegill were not positioned as I hoped. My expectations were merely proof of the old axiom: "you can;t go home again." This translates to: you never get to go back to the same exact conditions. I managed four very small bass on plastics, two just after sunset. Nothing hit crankbaits.

I'm still thirsty despite all the Gatorade.

   at least you had fun from MikeF  6/28/2012 7:56:38 AM
 It is funny how many times we go out "knowing" exactly what will work isn't it.

   Mike from Ralph Manns  6/28/2012 2:26:21 PM
 Yes, I had fun. For me, fishing has always been both a challenge and an escape from the "other" life. When I'm focused on the bass problem I seldom think or worry about anything else. I think it has made me a rather poor fishing companion, particularly for any angler not so focused. I seldom try to chit-chat with partners unless in the old days we were moving rapidly to a new area, and then the wind and noise limited conversation.



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