Where do you shop?? Where do you shop??
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    Where do you shop??
from Tubejig  
7/2/2012 10:23:59 PM


 I'm curious to where folks her buy boat and fishing supplies.

Any good on-line stores that you prefer?

Do any of you prefer on-line over local? Why?

I'm asking because I'm attending I-Cast and this topic will be discussed in a sales meeting.

Thanks in advance for responding

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   Several places from Ralph Manns  7/2/2012 11:56:06 PM
Wal-Mart - when I know they have the specific item-the price is usually best. There selection sucks.

Academy - if they have the needed item as they have the next best prices.

BPS local when I"m in a hurry or can't get the necessary items at the cheaper stores.

Mail order from BPS or Cabela's for items I can't get locally -- the highest prices due to shipping.

On occation I get gear from Barrlow's in Dallas, but it's an inconvenient distance away.

I use on-line sources for rare items not available anywhere else, or if I want a bulk purchase that actually results in a cost reduction..

   Mom and pop stores whenever possable from fatboy #9897  7/3/2012 5:37:32 AM
I'd rather spend a few more bucks and support the local mom and pop stores. I hate to do on line and hardly ever do if there is anyway around it.

   local when possible from MikeF  7/3/2012 9:05:44 AM
I try and keep as much local as possible if they have what I want. If not then it's Cabela's on-line and several others. BPS is my last choice.

   BPS and Academy from ZX-Bama #14918 #14918  7/3/2012 9:24:52 AM
I have both of these stores just a short distance from my house. BPS has a better selection of some things. Academy has better prices. They have pretty much put the mom and pops out of business.

   I find myself needing less and less from Randy B  7/3/2012 10:10:59 AM
I went to the ultimate fishing show in late winter to see KVD and loaded up from the vendor stands. I have a lot of stuff (including an umbrella rig) that I didn't even take out of the package yet.

Then, I went to the BPS Spring fishing show and bought two new rods and a bought of stuff.

I shop Dick's Sporting goods and Gander Mountain (michigan stores) when I need to do a local pickup.

My wife will tell you that I have 17000 lures, so I find myself buying less and less over time. Also, I go thru cycles (i.e., get into ruts) and this year it seems like the tube is insanely effective for me so I just pick up a few jighooks from time to time.

I have bought from tacklewarehouse.com before when I wanted to do the bulk purchase thing (like senkos in many colors).

   Purchasing..... from FontanaFinesseMan  7/3/2012 12:33:38 PM
Live in a small town with not a big selection, but we have a small bait shop in town that will order what I want that he can get. I buy some stuff from them.
Mostly though I use tacklewarehouse. Can't complain about them. Never a bad experience.

   Shopping from woo602 #19012  7/3/2012 1:09:22 PM
I am fortunate enough to have a BPS and Cabelas retail store less than an hour away from my home, so I do shop at both locations in order to use the points I accumulate on each of their respective credit cards. When I run out of credit card points and have to actually spend cash, I shop at Susquehanna Fishing Tackle (a board sponsor, I believe) which is also less than an hour's drive from my home.

   Shopping Local When I Can from elunde #18605  7/3/2012 5:07:42 PM
I'm also fortunate to have several options very close by. I work smack in the middle of a local store, a BPS and a GanderMtn, all of which are about 1-mile from the office. I've spent many a lunch hour shopping prices and selections. Convenience is nice, but dang, it can sure be expensive too.

The local store has been around for as long as I can remember, and they have excelled here in the area despite having a BPS and Gander so close. In fact, the Gander is actually shutting down this month and the local store, Greentop, is moving into their space this fall. Service and product knowledge is absolutely key in keeping customers coming back. For the local Greentop store, this has been their saving grace with the big-box stores within a stone's throw. I'm sure many of you VA folks will agree.

I avoid the BPS if at all possible. I think their selection is marginal compared to the variety of the local store which carries a lot of the off the main stream products. They may not have all 632 colors of the KVD square bill, but they have the ones that are most effective for our area, and then they have a bunch of other crankbait and squarebill options outside of what BPS has on it's shelves. Also, their prices are usually a bit less than the BPS too.

For me, I like to see and hold things before buying them. Particularly rods and reels, so online purchases for those items are minimal. For online, I'll go with Tackle Warehouse or whatever catches my eye. You really can't go wrong when ordering from TW though. They are doing it right for online sales.

All in all, I'd prefer to support the mom/pop stores and manufacturers (not necesarilly local) when possible - and the same goes for online purchases from the small time bait makers.

   Tackle Warehouse from stp357 #17928  7/4/2012 1:07:46 PM
These guys are on the ball! After a weekend of fishing, and needing to replace something for the coming weekend, I can place my order on Sunday, it will be at my door the following Friday. And that's with shipping from the west coast, all the way to Atlanta. Their ability to get the order on it's way, "AND", ship it UPS is a big plus for me. I hate BPS and their using the USPS for shipping. With the post office, their tracking is useless, and you never know exactly when you will get the order. I tried to clue them in to their losing business for this reason, may as well have been talking to a brick wall.

   Shopping/buying fishing equipment/tackle etc. from 521vxnascar  7/10/2012 3:41:06 PM
I buy most off ebay and have not have one problem what so ever. I purchase some from a local tackle shop operated by a Vietnam Vet to support his income. Purchase some from Wally World also and BPS when i am headed out to visit my grandbaby/daughter in western part of state. Do pick-up an occassional item or two from the flea market. By far though, i have made the best and most purchases off ebay. Example= purchased 40 pair of the Reel Grips for $2 a [air including shipping and 36 Spro Frogs (brand new) for $3.75 each including shipping. That is just 2 but have been many more like these. Recently purchased a brand new BPS 100 MPH suit for $205. That is less than the jacket sells for by itself at BPS.



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