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    Fishing Funk
from Drew #11822 #11822  
7/31/2012 12:24:45 PM


 Wasn't sure where to post this but I think it fits best under "Tactics".
I am in a real fishing funk. I am no KVD but last year I ended up at least in the money 75% of the time in tournaments.
This year I can not do squat.
I second guess myself, I 3rd, 4th, 5th guess myself for that matter.
I miss fish. etc, etc.
My head is just not in the game this year.

Anyone have anything they do when this happens?

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   just go fishing from RJR  7/31/2012 7:24:45 PM
 you have caught them before. That's why it is fishing and not catching. A wise old man once said, "quit thinking so much".

   Been there, Done that from jhopper51 #20523  8/1/2012 12:50:37 AM
 Man, I feel for you. What you need is a good day of fishing where you get your confidence back. Its very hard to taste success and then get snakebit where nothing you do works. It will mess with your head and shatter your confidence. Successful fishing is a state of mind. I suggest taking a small break from tournaments (if its possible) and fun fish or take a little time away and come back with a clean head ready to fish. You KNOW you can catch them. Give yourself a chance to have fun and get your head right.

   Agree from g2072  8/1/2012 1:34:11 AM
 I agree with hopper. Go to a lake that has a lot of fish and commence to wearing them out. Fishing is all about confidence and you really have to have thick skin not to get down if things aren't going well. I haven't had the best year in tournaments this year but have caught more fish than I ever have. You just need to get your mojo back.

   Ditto... from JohnMac  8/1/2012 6:04:11 AM
 "Good Times, Bad Times, You Know I've Had My Share"...

Hopper has it right. What always worked well for me back in my tourney fishin' days was to back off a bit and take a few really bare-bones fishin' days. Leave the boat, electronics, and arsenal of tackle at home. Wet-wade (or throw on waders) a small lake/pond and get reconnected with the water. Don't work to catch fish...just fish. You'll be surprised at how gearing down can work to help you gear back up with a better perspective.

Give it a shot.

Tight Lines! <><

   Good Suggestions from Drew #11822 #11822  8/1/2012 11:33:12 AM
 All your suggestions sound good.
I absolutely need to simplify things. Start back with the basics.
I'll leave the big boat home a few times and take my little boat to my little local lake and plunk around. No pressure.
Maybe even wet wade the Delaware. I used to crush 'em in August's past while standing up to my chest there. Fun stuff.
Thanks guys.

   In case it doesn't work, try this from fishden2 #17923  9/5/2012 1:05:04 PM
 remove the root cause of whatever you are feeling guilty about and get back out there and fish



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