Bassarama in Richmond, is it going to suck? Bassarama in Richmond, is it going to suck?
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    Bassarama in Richmond, is it going to suck?
from Jake (  
12/30/2007 9:33:00 PM


 Is the Bassarama in Richmond going to suck this year since it's combined with the power boat and sail? I saw the 2008 list for boat dealers and they only bass boat brand I saw was Skeeter. They have yet to post who will be there for seminars. In the past I heard this was a great show. Just didn't want to ride all the way to Richmond for nothing.

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   I quit attending 2 years ago from Mike Yeatts (  12/30/2007 10:47:00 PM

I got to the point that I wouldn't pay a dollar to get in to that show. I remember 10 years ago when it was worth going to, but now I would be hard pressed to go if it were free. I've heard rumblings of how it was going to improve this year, guess time will tell, but I won't be spending any money to get in the door unless someone tells me it has drastically improved. I see your in North Carolina, I live right here in Richmond. With gas at $3 a gallon you might consider spending that money with board sponsors, etc. I'm sure others will be along with additional input. Hang on!! Happy New Year!!

   Go to Green Top from Art (  12/31/2007 7:44:00 AM
 Jake if you just have to go to Richmond, VA go to Green Top it is on the north side of Richmand 1st exit (Ashland Elmont I think. Help me Mike) just above the junction where 95 and 295 meet. You will feel better and you do not have to pay to spend your money then go down to Hampton and hit the BPS. I agree with Mike. I went to the Bassorama once while stationed in VA 2001 or 2002 spent 6 years there and never went back again.

How you doing Mike haven't heard from you in some time Hope all is well and best wishes in the New Year. Art

   Bassarama from Wayne P.  12/31/2007 7:49:00 AM
 Being combined with a boat show should give you an idea of what to expect. In past years, all three buildings had mostly bass fishing exhibits including bass boats. If there is enough space for all type of boats, there will be less bass stuff. I'm not going.

   waste of time from SnakeHead (  12/31/2007 7:58:00 AM
 green top is the only trip worth taking. but you need to be in the mood to buy tackle, otherwise stay home.

   Two Shows in Richmond now/Questions from MD Doug  12/31/2007 8:27:00 AM
 From what I've heard Bassarama isn't being run by the same guy now and is part of the boat show, as the guys above said. Itís not at the Fair Grounds but at the convention center in the city. Itís also the same weekend as the Show in Timonium (North of Baltimore). Neither show has been fantastic the last few years but I've gone mostly to look around at new boats and tackle and talk with friends. It used to be that a lot of the same vendors were at both shows (Baltimore and then Richmond two weeks later). Now that they're the same weekend I have to imagine that some of those vendors are going to have to decide which show to attend, which will lead to less vendors somewhere.

Later in the month there is another show thatís at the Fair Grounds, The Richmond Fishing Expo. I'm wondering if this basically the "old Bassarama". By that I just mean, are the same people running it under a different name? Its two weeks later than the show in Baltimore and at the fair grounds, just like the Bassarama was before. Does anyone know if this is just the same show with a new name?

This also makes me wonder which weekend Green Top will have its big sale that normal is the same weekend as Bassarama. I went last year and it was ok. I know I'm in the minority on this but I liked the show better. Green Top is a great tackle store and a lot of times I stop when I'm in that area. But itís not really a good substitute for an entire show. You don't have the variety of specialty vendors or boat dealers (although I admit that variety has gone down in recent years and the show has not been as good as it once was). Donít get me wrong, I think its still worth going to the sale if you travel to Richmond for the show and will probably stop by regardless of whether they have theyíre sale when Iím there or not. Iím just wondering when their sale will be as well.

   Give the new promoter a chance from Natureboy (  12/31/2007 8:33:00 AM
 Are you guys being fair to the new Bassarama promoter? Are you being fair to the vendors who are choosing to set up at the Bassarama? I've heard the show had really fallen off, it has also been taken over by a group that has had success with other similar shows. With combining it with another show, you guys should give it a chance to get back to old standards before you label it from past promoters failure. All shows in general are off, not just Bassarama. It won't happen over nite, but give it a chance. I know a couple tackle vendors here in NC are setting up, like Skeets Custom Rods. If you want more tackle vendors, then stop bad mouthing the show, support it and give the new promoter some imput to make it better. from Bryant  12/31/2007 9:13:00 AM
  Jan 25-27th. They are advertising over 100 vendors already and the pros scheduled are shown also. Give it a chance! Bryant

   Most of the Bass Shows from Rangerman  12/31/2007 10:34:00 AM
 have gone to H in a hand basket due to the floor space price and the tackle dealers can not break out. Most go to see and get deals on tackle and buy can't find stuff. Will go to shows with a free pass, thats the only way, most are a waste of $$$$ for what they have, unless looking for a boat.

   Bassarama- New name from RCS  12/31/2007 1:50:00 PM
  The former owner of Bassarama sold the rights to the name. Good thing. He pissed off too many of the vendors so they left and the show went down hill. Check the dates, they are now two different shows. old name of Bassarama. (if you type in What used to be the Bassarama show is now called the Richmond Fishing Expo and on the traditional dates of the old Bassarama.

Iieve the new owners will make it better. They actually sent out surveys to the vendors of the previous shows to get ideas of how to make the show better.

   should be.. from bcb (  12/31/2007 2:26:00 PM
 It should be a better show under the new regime. Nothing against RB, though new blood brings in new momentum.

We look for an improved show from those years past. And a better show next year.


   Art and RCS... from Mike Yeatts (  12/31/2007 2:40:00 PM

Good to hear from you also; I see you lurking around here regularily!! LOL!! Things are fine and I'm looking forward to 2008!! Happy New Year to you also!!

RCS, that is promising news you present, BUT it will take alot to get me to pay admission to these shows again. I will wait for others to report on the "new" BassaRama. I certainly hope you are right cause I miss that Janurary tradition.

   Shows from Toxic (  1/1/2008 12:07:00 PM
 I have worked all of these shows at one time or another for my sponsors. Even Greentop and the "old" Chantilly show, which is also back this year. I just can't figure out why the promoters can't figure out to drop the dang admission price alltogether or to give a coupon at the door worth the admission price off any tackle purchase. That is the one single thing they could do to improve attitude and attendance. Greentop doesn't charge and they do well and even have had some pro's there in the past as well as the Shimano tour. Greentop just doesn't have the space for much, you are elbow to elbow as it is. Plus there is the new Gander right next door that will also benifit from their sale. Besides, what else do you have to do in the off season?? If you want tackle deals, there are a few shows designed just for that....The firehouse swap meet in Dale City and Chris McCotters show in Fredericksburg are a couple.




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