Cheating in bass tournaments. How common is it?? Cheating in bass tournaments. How common is it??
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    Cheating in bass tournaments. How common is it??
from bobabooey #11773  
5/1/2008 12:13:36 AM


 I have been told by 2 guys that they cheated in smaller bass tournaments by prefishing and keeping the bass in a trap to pick up on tournament day.

I was talking to another guy who told me that his friend caught an 8 lb bass in a net, illegally. He was fishing for crappie, and asked a boat if they wanted the bass, and they said hell yeah they do, they are in a tournament.

I am very hesitant about fishing in smaller tournaments that are on the honor system. What is to keep people from cheating? It is so easy to do, especially if you live on the lake and fish all of the time. If some guy with no morals prefishes for a week, he can win a few thousand bucks with no way to be caught.

Do you guys think it is common, or am I just being paranoid?

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   sure it happens from BASSMAN IA.  5/1/2008 1:17:45 AM
guys have been caught doing it. More and more guys have been caught in the last few years. Is it worth it? Well with the internet these days, a cheater will be found out coast to coast, his name plastered on every fishing page.

And ya think those guys you stole money from in a T. are going to forget about it? Some will------------ the others won't.

I wouldn't let it stop me from fishing Ts

   no more than from MikeF  5/1/2008 7:44:46 AM
Cheating is T's is no more prevalent than cheating anywhere else.

What I don't get is how someone could enjoy winning if they know they had to cheat to do it but then I don't get stealing either. The sad fact is a lot of people suck and some more than others.

I get really tired of spending my time and money compensating for dishonest people. I hope there really is a Hell and I hope they figure out why they're there.

   livewell check/polygraphs from Beartrap  5/1/2008 8:11:07 AM
most of tournys in this area give polygraphs which keeps most of the cheaters from entering...which gives rise to a question i have....every tourny i fish in this part of the country has got somebody crawling up in your boat to check your livewells while you are in line to launch....and most of these tournys give polygraph tests(to the winner and randon test to top finishers) so why go through this worthless exercise of checking livewells when that polygraph has already stopped anybody from hiding fish in a livewell...been fishing tournys
37 years and never heard of anybody ever hiding fish in a livewell but somebody,somewhere must have tried it.......

   Cheating from Gman24 #13049  5/1/2008 8:24:42 AM
Troys Jens gave a report a week or 2 back and said that one of his buddies had found a string with a 5 fish limit on it at Guntersville. He said the game warden was called and all fish were released. As I see it a perfect opportunity was missed to catch the person in the act. A few have been caught red handed in my area and I must tell you it wasn't pretty. All of those guys have been black balled from all tournaments.

   Don't ever play from Woody  5/1/2008 9:12:42 AM
in a "best ball" golf tourney if you don't like cheating.

   Draw tournamennts from WINNONE  5/1/2008 9:29:22 AM
As long as you have partner tournaments cheating is going to happen, Thats why Ray Scott started with draw tournamnts, to preserve the integrity of BASS tournaments and both of the major trails still draw partners. The truth is that some of these weekend or charity tournaments have some good payouts and sometimes this brings out the worse side of people. Not to pick on Troy's Guntersville, but I was prefishing a club tournament there a couple years ago when I found an 8lb bass staked to a tree and released it. There was a big charity tournament going out of Goose Pond that weekend and there was no doubt in my mind that this fish would have been brought to the scales. I hope I spoiled someones day.

   "The love of money... from Luvie  5/1/2008 10:19:31 AM
fiogf49gjkf0d the root of all kinds of evil." God knows what He's talking about.

I know someone who watch some guys pass fish while pretending to have a boat trouble. I don't want to catch anyone red-handed myself because I would do something I really shouldn't do.

But, there are many, many, many worse things in THIS world.

   Cheating. from Steve P #13351  5/1/2008 11:20:17 AM
Cheating takes place all over down here in Fl.

   cheating seems to be a way of life now days- from Lake Fork Tackle Repair  5/1/2008 11:48:14 AM
wether in sports or whatever. Even so bad that copper wire being stolen out of wires on football fields. People today have an attitude or i guess they figure its a challenge to try and get away with whatever they can. In today's world, people will not get involved, they turn their head.
Cheating in sports is bad and the consequences are "oh, well" and they continue on. Should the guys who stake out fish be punished, yep, to the fullest degree and banned from any tournaments plus make them have a sign they carry 24-7 that says"I'm a cheater." LOL . would people change opinion about them? probably not, but i bet anglers would ignore them.:)

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   Check out this mess from machetemiller #12899  5/1/2008 1:37:37 PM
If you win enough money while cheating, it's felony fraud.

   Nice link Machetemiller from Harumph #11038  5/1/2008 2:27:55 PM
The story is not a good one but the posted comments below are priceless:)

   it all stems from Luvie  5/1/2008 2:33:17 PM
from parents not beating the crap outta the kids when they need and deserve it.

SpareTheRodMe Spooley

   LMAO,,,Beartrap... from ButchT  5/1/2008 7:50:05 PM
My sentiments exactly. And what about that stupid ribbon they tie on your trolling motor after they check the livewell. Heck, you could carry different color rolls of the tape around with you, bypass the checkin, tie on the appropriate color and you're good to go. If you wanted to cheat that is.

I've noticed some of the guys seem to wear them as badges or something, like there will be ten or twelve still tied on when they get the next one. Do they do that in other parts of the country or is that just a Southern thing?

Never understood that myself Bt, sort of like the dead fish penalty Wacko talked about.

Time to move on.

   Cheating in small tournaments from Pointer 78  5/1/2008 9:41:39 PM
You can bet that at least one team in your average dogfight is cheating. That's why I fish only draw tournaments. It may still go on but at a much lesser rate.

   believe I'd rather put up with the risk of cheating than draw tournaments from Beartrap  5/1/2008 10:13:00 PM
far as i know,there don't even have them around here anymore unless you are counting boater/no boater like BFL or BASS as draw tournys....

I remember too well those days of finding fish then having to flip a coin to see whose boat to use then you find out mid morning that your guy really wasn't on the fish like he swore he was..or his secret "load the boat" hole is really a comunity hole and there's 6 boats on it when you get there...and you're 40 miles from your fish.....been there,done that and bought the T-shirt with all that crap....don't want no more of it....

   Ha! from RandyB #10478  5/1/2008 10:15:32 PM
>>>I found an 8lb bass staked to a tree and released it.
You should have tied his line to a cinderblock or something heavy and left it in the water.

That would be priceless. He would start lifting it, smug and satisfied with the weight. Then, he would think "hey, it's not moving, now I'll have a dead fish penalty". Then he would see the block and know that somebody discovered his fish. I bet he would start looking behind his back after that!

   Butch from Jeff Hahn  5/1/2008 10:35:52 PM
Butch: It's not a southern thing...same thing in our tournaments. I still can't figure out why some guys leave all those ribbons dangling from their TM.

Jeff Hahn

   Paul Tormanen.. from OsageJoe #13362  5/2/2008 12:51:44 AM
Cheated at the BASS open.. of course he just happened to win near 60-70,000$ in heartland the same year..

   ribbons effect on bass from Beartrap  5/2/2008 6:54:54 AM
I was about convinced that them putting that ribbon on my trolling motor was putting a "voodoo hex" on my tournament efforts....talked Russ with R&R into not putting one on my boat last tourny.....helped a little...caught a limit but they shrunk up to little ones by time i got to weigh-in.....does anybody think it's possible for the fish to sense that somebody is wearing Crocs.....maybe Ralph can help us out....

   the ribbon from MikeF  5/2/2008 8:57:52 AM
The ribbon is there because it gives you the right to cut in front of someone who's fishing for fun or crowd them off a spot with just a dismissive: "I'm fishing a tournament."

I know when people with ribbons do that to me I never say "who gives a crap a'hole" and cut back in front. LOL

   Like th Episcopalian preacher told me.... from Spooled Again  5/3/2008 5:23:18 AM
... in a marriage counseling session a long whilst back, "everyone does it!"


   busted a team from Bcklash #11739  5/3/2008 9:44:54 PM
in Va. two years ago, tourn. fisherman kept hearing some fish breaking water in same spot, checked it out two 5lbers. tied off called the director, he went with camera sure enough about two hours later here the guys to get their fish and it all got on film. Those two had been winning money all over Va. BUSTED AND CHARGED



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