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    Gambler Guntersville Tournament
from The perchjerker  
6/17/2008 8:54:46 AM


 A big thanks to Gambler for dropping their tx limit to three fish.With water temps being so high its extremely
hard on the survival rate of released fish,Its good to see someone that at least recognizes the problem.While Gambler showed respect for the resource a local (GUNTERSVILLE)organization held a team tournament that had a 10 fish per boat tournament.Locals that show no concern for their resource.Its just plain shameful.While many tournament fishermen are working all day to keep their fish healthy,this organization seems blind to whats happening around them.Please do not support tx's such as this !
Guntersville is awesome and needs to be protected for all.

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   Didn't help much from DG #13029  6/17/2008 9:35:31 AM
 There's still a lot room for improvement. Even with the 3 fish limit there was a great number of dead fish carted off after the weigh-in. With the number of boats that were in that tournament they should have been broken up into flights. All of the boats coming in at the same time meant the weigh-in line was too long putting extra stress on the fish and resulted in a higher number of dead fish.

   DG, Dead fish--just 66% less-- from Smokin Joe  6/17/2008 11:24:11 AM
 with the 3 fish limit. Think what it would have been with 10!!!!


   Summer tournaments from RyanC/LanierSpots  6/17/2008 3:22:07 PM
 If you fish come from deep water, you cant keep them alive. You cant keep 10,5 or 3. Alot of our events are going to a 3 fish limit in the summer but that just means they kill three instead of 5.

Once the water reaches 85, there should be no tournaments. We have had local events lately where 100 fish died... Bad. Very bad

It you YOUR decision to fish a tournament. If you cant keep your fish lively enough to release them where they will survive, you should stay home. Nobody is twisting your arm to fish it..

I have learned this lesson the hard way myself. No amount of Ice, chemical or pumps will keep deep caught fish alive for 8 hours so they will survive after release.
Once thier eyes are glazed or they are yellow, you might as well put them in the freezer. They will die.

Phone: 770-356-4136

   Summer from TroyJ/Angling Alabama   6/17/2008 10:49:23 PM
 I agree that most fish caught deep go BU after the weigh-in. 90+% of Guntersville bass are caught in less than 10 feet of water in the summer, and they live very well IF PEOPLE WOULD JUST COOL THE WATER A LITTLE!! There, I said it again. (lol). When the water is kept cool and fresh, mine swim away like bullets at the end of the day. I just don't get why people don't try.

It's still taking 25 to 30 (best 5s) to win on the G, and normally with many bags over 20-lbs at the scales. We're catching 80 to 100 a day now, many of them small, but a strong indication that the tournament mortality so far has not made an impact in the catch ratio. G'ville keeps getting better and better each year. I don't know what this means, but we don't need to panic here. Still, dead fish don't bite, I wish anglers and tournament staff would get it together.

Angling Alabama - Troy Jens / Professional Fishing Guide / Experience the best of the outdoors on Lake Guntersville, the Tennessee River and North Alabama.

Call 256-683-7934

   perception from MikeF  6/18/2008 8:54:41 AM
 Whether or not you're hurting the fishery you're hurting the perception of our "sport" by calling it C&R and then killing the fish.

Here's a suggestion that no one will like. Require these T's to have holding tanks for before and after weigh-in. Put the fish in a tank and watch them swim for 5 minutes before weigh-in. If they don't swim then they don't get weighed, if two or more are dead none of your fish get weighed. Then put them in a holding tank and watch them swim for 30 minutes after weigh-in before release.

I'm pretty sure that fishermen will "care" a lot more about fish mortality if they can't weigh the fish.

Or just change the format to Catch and Eat and admit that you're killing the fish. Floating fish does not constitute a successful release.



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