Need Trolling Motor help ASAP. Need Trolling Motor help ASAP.
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    Need Trolling Motor help ASAP.
from ssecrest #16732  
4/1/2009 11:53:14 AM


 I have a Motor Guide Tour edition 82 pounder and its giving me fits.
It wont stop running no matter if I have it on Momentary or High bypass.
I have changed out the switch that turns it on and off on the foot pedal when you step on it. ( cant remember the name, sorry).
I have also changed the switch that changes it from Momentary, Continuous and High bypass.
I have it in the shop and he cant figure it out.
I have a tourney Sat. Please help fast. Has this happened to someone else.

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   What shop can't figure it out? from Wackoman  4/1/2009 11:57:10 AM

Call Marine Specialty at 770-996-9014. Ask for Denny He knows them things well.

   Alabama Trolling Motors from ktolbert1 #10375  4/1/2009 12:43:23 PM
 Alabama Trolling Motors in Tarrant, AL

   im in engineering...... from Grasshopper  4/1/2009 1:14:55 PM
 more than likely you'll need a new board. Sounds like a resistor.

   My recomendation from Brett M  4/1/2009 2:27:58 PM
 With only two major trolling motor brands out there, one doesn't have the option to "buy something else". I double up--- I buy two motors- exactly the same. I never throw away the box,, I use it to ship the broke one for repairs. When one tears up, I remove it, ship it, and quick install the other. When buying the second motor buy it from your tech that works on them. Buy only the motor and Foot controls (let him keep the mount) saves about 100 bucks. Motor stays in the back of my SUV when fishing. It has saved me a couple of times having a spare. They never break on a Wed or Thrusday-- always on Saturday.

I have the Exact same unit as you,, both always end up in the shop during the year. Fishermans Friend in Concord NC always does a good job getting it fixed and solving issues before they come up. Watch the bearings in the top of the head on this unit- they will come apart, the balls fall down the shaft and lock up the steering. I simple check by takeing off the head cover.

   Something to look for from EdF  4/1/2009 2:49:59 PM
 My old trolling motor would sometimes turn itself on and sometimes just stay on. After paying to have it fixed and it doing it again a month later, the repair shop found some of the wires in the foot pedal were worm bare and based on the position of the pedal, they would touch and come on or stay on. The simple fix was to coat the worn wires with liquid electric tape.

This might be a long shot, but a simple fix. Ed

   Motor guide tour edition? from Beartrap  4/1/2009 4:46:35 PM
 don't have any statistics to back this up but there sure seems to be a lot of posts on these boards with people having trouble with it......those things cost $800.00 or more and they have had 40 years to perfect them and dammed if I don't believe they are less reliable than they were 20 or even 30 years ago....I've got a 4 year old MK that went through three boards in first year but has been trouble free since then except for the head cover which fell apart(because they use cheap plastic)...their excuse was that UV light causes the plastic to deteriorate....what the hell you supposed to do-put sunscreen on your trolling motor head? what kind of dumbazz would approve using plastic that is gonna disintegrate from sunlight exposure?...

if Honda or yamaha decide to build a trolling motor-put me on the waiting list-sight unseen......

   Are you saying... from Grampa Gridleak  4/1/2009 7:20:38 PM

that when the tech has the trollin' motor out of the boat and on the work bench he can connect to a battery and it still runs regardless of switch settings?

Or has he tried bench testing it at all and it is still mounted in the boat?

The reason I ask this is that you obviously have a short somewhere. Whether the short is internal to the device, or external is the primary question. Bench testing will determine if the short is in the device... or boat wiring. The first trick is to isolate the device from the boat.


   MotorGuide from Fenderman  4/1/2009 9:47:13 PM
 I was pleasantly surprised to find that the MinnKota mounting holes matched MotorGuides precisely, so when I finally ditched MG for MK it was easy. I had a bunch of board problems like you are having, or high bypass only, or shorting out and catching on fire... a 24 volt short is like a torch for a few seconds.

My 80 pound MK has been a great motor for 4 years now.



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