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    Lay Lake boat ramps
from Rick in NC #12039  
2/10/2010 1:44:40 PM


 My wife and I are attending the Classic next week and I am pulling the boat down from NC. I was planning to do little riding/fishing on thursday and spectating on Friday. I just read a report that Beeswax ramp will be closed to the public next week. Does anyone know what other ramps are close by?? Thanks.


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   iPhone ap from MikeF  2/10/2010 2:11:03 PM
 There's an ap for iphones that shows boat ramps. It's on the App Store for $1.

Please note: I am not sponsored by Apple or any affliated companies.

   Lay Lake Boat Ramps from Mark #10562  2/10/2010 4:10:52 PM

Here is a link to the public boat launches and this will also get you directions to them as well.

another private ramp that cost three dollars called paradise point that is about two miles from beeswax ramp on hwy 145.

   you're gonna drag a boat from N.C. from Beartrap  2/10/2010 4:31:47 PM
to Lay lake to fish in Febuary?? Lay Lake is a not a big lake and I'm sure the pros will welcome the challenge of competing with fishermen for the fish...... dodging spectactor boats too...

   boat ramp from Chevyman  2/10/2010 4:42:15 PM
Paradise Point marina is about 2 miles from beeswax..

   Paradise Point from flipnswim  2/10/2010 4:45:29 PM
 Paradise Point is close to Beeswax. They may have a website. You have as much right to fish that lake as anybody in Classic, don't let Bear scare you away! Lay is great in February, under "normal" conditions that is...

   Lay Lake from fuzzywuzzyjim36  2/10/2010 5:06:06 PM
is not normal now. Water temp 44 to 46 degrees.

   ain't backing up on this from Beartrap  2/10/2010 5:48:06 PM
yes you have the legal right to fish the lake or to be a spectator...keep in mind the classic is a big,big deal to the people who are fishing represents years of work or a once in a lifetime opportunity for many contestants just to get to the classic....winning or placing high may be the only way they will get to continue their fishing career or pay off accumulated debt........
by being on the lake,as a fisherman or a spectator,there is a chance you could deny one of them that opportunity....
you may want to take that risk...I don't.....

   Have to agree with Beartrap from jyarb  2/10/2010 6:18:50 PM
  Anybody has the right to be on the water, but out of consideration of what is at stake, I would rather watch it on tv later on. I'm not much of a spectator and really don't think I would enjoy watching while on the lake. If I'm on the water, it is to fish,not watch others fish. So if I were bringing my boat to fish, I would go to one of the other Coosa lakes. Logan Martin is just as close from B'ham.

Lay is pretty narrow in many areas and a lot of boats following the leaders could make a major difference. Spectators were part of the strategy of some of the anglers last year on the Red. Some of the pros on Jordan in the AOY tournament said spectators took away the offshore bite and they had to fish the bank.

Thinking about others sports and spectators and their impact. They are close in golf and I guess a cough or noise could make a difference there, same in tennis. With golf the spectators are roped off or in bleachers and you have marshalls. The etiquette there has been developed over many years. Not so with fishing.

One big problem is for anglers with a milk run. You plan on coming back to a spot, but spectators have checked it out after you left to see what you were fishing. Run all over the fish. Some even fish the spot.

Had already thought maybe the bad weather would limit the number of spectator boats. Again, anybody has the right to be out there, but hopefully those that are will use good common sense.

Edited 2/10/2010 6:22:47 PM

   skinny and swindle from 1SG  2/10/2010 6:26:26 PM
 that skinny water is what got swindle DQ'd in 2007 for running by a spectator/camera boat. To this day I still think gerald was OK doing that.

I would rather have him run by me on plane and not spook the fish than to idle by.

Kinda like a deer on the side of the road, you drive by they just go about their business, you slow down they spook.

I know both Gerald and Randy and I am sure they did'nt think twice about running by being a problem.

   actually agree with Bear from MikeF  2/10/2010 6:38:06 PM
 I could see being on the lake if you had plans to fish but following people around to watch them fish has got to have a negative effect on the outcome.

   Rick, I know you didn't post to ask for opinions, but... from Mike Whitten  2/10/2010 8:02:31 PM
...I've in agreement with Mike F, JYarb, and Btrap. Lay is not a lake that needs a lot of boat traffic, and having spectator boats around does nothing to help the guys trying to do something that could potentially change their lives forever. And I SURE would respectfully reguest that you reconsider fishing ANYTHING on Lay on Thursday. Would you really want to take the chance of sore-mouthing a fish that could make one of these guys a millionaire?

Not trying to be disrespectful, or tell you what to do, but I am suggesting that perhaps there is a higher road to be taken here. There will be plenty of coverage of on water activities.

Mike Whitten/Germantown, TN

   Running wide open through a bunch of boats with trolling motors from Hoot  2/10/2010 8:06:05 PM
down in narrow body of water is OK because it didn't spook a fish?...what a crock

Now you are also saying that if you drive by a Deer on the side of the road say at 80 mph that it won't run in front of your vehicle but if you slow down to 40 mph it's a sure thing he will?...a bigger crock than the first one

Based on that kind of reasoning it's not surprising you'd be OK with it to this day..

The incident Swindle got DQ'ed for wasn't just about Swindle and another Pro as there were other boaters in the area whose safety needed to be considered. Plus didn't the Pro fishing say "I don't think he should have done that"?

Safe boating isn't about spooking fish.... It's apparent that Swindle didn't think twice heck he didn't think period when he pulled that stunt.There is no excuse in taking the lives of spectator and camera boaters in your hands because you think the other Pro is OK with it...A professional fisherman and boat handler should know better and so should you Sarge.

Edited 2/10/2010 8:07:21 PM

   Hoot, I talked one on one, with both ..... from Mike Whitten  2/10/2010 8:14:31 PM
...Randy Howell and Gerald about this very thing at the Nashville Bass U, and Randy even talked about it during his seminar, and your assessment of what happened and what Randy meant by what he said is MILES off the mark.

I mean ABSOLUTELY no disrespect to you in any way, but Randy said point blank he had NO problem with Gerald's boat driving and what occurred--his comment was directed toward a camera man that was hit by spray from the boat's wake. Neither angler has any issues with the situation, and did not think a DQ was appropriate. And from what I was told, spectator boats were not at risk. Camera angles and video editing can change a bunch of things.

Mike Whitten/Germantown, TN

   LOL.. well ok Rick.. from CrazyGuy  2/10/2010 9:10:27 PM

I'll give you a 2 on originality.. but Dammitman! that there is a 10 for presentation son.. you've got'em trying to take it out of each other's mouths..

   Lay from fuzzywuzzyjim36  2/10/2010 9:17:31 PM
I would love to follow them on practice just to watch and see how they find what they find. I don't wan't to fish while they fish but after the tournment I would like to take a close look at what they found to make them fish there. I know they are a whole lot better and smarter than I am but a little hint here and there can help one.

   Mike thanks for the direct report from Hoot  2/10/2010 11:26:35 PM
I live on a lake that's had more than it's share of fatalities and severe injuries the last three years from high performance boats operating at unsafe speeds in close proximity to other boats.One incident nearly took the life of a good friend as his old Ranger was hit by a guy trying to cut around a point.

So maybe I'm a little too cautious about potential boating accidents however Swindle's actions and the justifications in his interview later really bothered me.

I've always asserted to critics that Bass fisherman are the safest boaters and having that incident broadcasted over and over on television didn't help.

Maybe Randy or Gerald didn't have a problem with it but evidently someone had a concern and based on the phototgraphic evidence presented Tripp felt a DQ was warranted.

I would have never made a high speed pass like that through a flotilla of boats way too many unforseen problems can occur at that speed.

Edited 2/10/2010 11:27:17 PM

   Boat traffic and spectators from stp357  2/11/2010 2:18:24 AM
Boat traffic and spectators hasn't seemed to hurt KVD. I'm sure he get's the lion's share of that sort of thing. Personally, I wouldn't get on the water to watch guys fish, but I sure as heck wouldn't be trying to advise someone else not to do it. After all, the tournaments are held on public water.

   It's about the fans, er, the consumer... from flipnswim  2/11/2010 9:29:51 AM
As much as everyone would like to be idealistic and believe the Classic is about the competitors and the arena, it's not. It is about the fans, and more specifically the consumer. This whole deal is about selling products, not crowning a champion fisherman. The tournament is just the wrapping paper. Birmingham pays BASS to host and is grateful for folks like Rick in NC. The hotel he stays at will love him, the places he buys gas, the restaurants, the vendors at the Outdoors Show he buys from, and anywhere he goes will think he is awesome. If Rick wants to bring his boat and follow his favorite guy around, then that is just part of the "fishing conditions" for ay given competitor.

   not to rehash that incident from MikeF  2/11/2010 9:34:37 AM
Not trying to rehash that particular incident but there's a reason there are laws about how close to another boat you can operate on plane. I was not there but from the pictures and the report he was inside that limit and that violated that law and by T rules he should have been disqualified.

I do not believe the law exempts people "who know how to drive fast" or has an exemption for "not spooking fish". From my personal view I would not want any idiot coming that close to me at speed even if he was in a tournament.

   b.s. flipnswim from Beartrap  2/11/2010 10:27:08 AM
it's about crowning a true champion from 50 plus competitors,almost all of whom have earned the right to be there...your line of thinking can drastically affect the outcome if enough people get out there and affect the fishing...just look at what happened to jason quinn a few years ago on lake Wylie in the classic...that mob of boats following him around ruined any chance he had of winning..
if the classic ever becomes just another outdoor exhibition of products,the demand for those hotel rooms,gas and food will drop drastically...there is no other sport that lets the fans roam around on the playing field and affect the outcome of the event....

   you're kidding right.. from CrazyGuy  2/11/2010 11:26:43 AM

ruined his chances.. bwaaaaaa

   Hoot from 1SG  2/11/2010 11:36:49 AM
I think Mike Witten just verified what I said, but I think from looking at footage Randy said something like " I wonder what that was all about" and because of editing he could have said that after the cameraman got wet.

And yes, I would probably have done just what they did, wave him on and keep fishing.

Edited 2/11/2010 1:58:19 PM

   Do what you want from Basswipe #11177  2/11/2010 3:07:27 PM
I took my boat down there for the 2002 Classic and there were plenty of places to fish out of the way of competitors and if you are careful you will not be in anybody's way that is fishing the Classic. Fish if you wish. I launched at a couple different places. I cannot remember what they were but one of them was a small ramp up the river and one was on the main lake.

And,,,I would have waved Gerald by myself.

Edited 2/11/2010 3:09:45 PM

   Bring Your Boat. from john247 #10474  2/11/2010 5:06:49 PM
BASS wants the festival atmoshere that the Classic is and wants spectators on the water. If it was just another tournament you wouldn't have the sponsors and vendors making it the Classic..The city wouldn't shell $500,000+ to being it there if the spectators and fans weren't coming to spend money.....A pro will figure out how to catch them with the follow boats..Others will let it affect them and the tournament will be over for them... Bring your boat, be safe and courteous to the anglers.. Have a great time.....

    Sarge from Hoot  2/11/2010 6:54:36 PM
I have to respectfully disagree regardless of what Randy did or did not say or who with what authority claimed no one was in any danger. I'm not surprised that Gerald still thinks he was totally without fault as it cost him a shot a winning a Classic. I applaud BASS for holding anglers accountable.

The claim that Randy waved him through makes everything OK didn't fly with Tripp either.Besides who gave Randy the authority to make a decision on behalf of the folks in the camera and spectator boats concerning their safety? I think Tripp made the statement to Gerald "Is it OK if someone waves you through a red light?"

It's fortunate that the only bad thing that resulted from that incident was just a DQ in a Bass Tournament.The recollection and the seriousness of most potentially dangerous situations that turned out OK always seem to diminish with time as has this one.

Can you imagine for a second what the aftermath would have been like if there had been a boat accident involving high profile professional angler in an event sponsored by a division of the Disney Corporation caught on tape for all the world to see? How do you spell serious Anti Bass Tournament Sentiment and Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit? I doubt the did not spook a fish and well Randy waved him on through argument would have much influence on the jury.

Stay safe on the water and get lots of good checks this season Sarge we don't need any more good folks on the sideline...Always enjoy discussing safety as our contrasting opinions have drawn attention to that overall objective.

   For the record.. from Rick in NC #12039  2/12/2010 6:40:32 AM
I have decided not to bring my boat down next week but not necessarily because of above comments/suggestions (never have a problem with wheel bearings, now they are acting up). I appreciate all the above for and against comments. I've had to opportunity to work behind the scenes at 3 classics and a e50 (the fish don't swim back to the lake on their own). I haven't been able to watch as a spectator since the Chesapeake Bay in 1991. If I were to be on the water I do possess common sense and would be respectful. Now I have to go and continue practice for tomorrow @ L Norman. Should I really throw a buzzbait in the snow tomorrow???


   Swindle from Richards3 #10384  2/13/2010 12:21:32 PM
You can tell who the fishing groupies are just by their comments about swindle's reckless antics and the classic in general. First off anyone that suggests operating a boat like Swindle did in the last Lay Lake Classic was safe or proper is re-f'in-tarded! Everyone that owns a boat thinks they are an expert driver but that sure isn't the case. This kind of conduct on the water is exactly what leads to boat accidents, Swindle is lucky all that happened was he got DQ'ed. There is no way Swindle could possibly anticipate what those spectators were going to do when they saw him coming dangerously close to them on plane. To suggest camera angles and editing by the camera man illustrated Swindle as being closer than he was is also f'ing stupid.

And Flipnswim is exactly right, the classic is about the fans and relieving them of their money or the location would not be announced like it was originally. This is all about swinging a buck. As far as going to the Classic and fishing goes, IMO if you find your own fish there is nothing wrong with you fishing. If you fish someone else's fish, whether a Classic competitor or anyone else, you are a spud!

   One more comment from Hoot  2/13/2010 5:50:11 PM
The parties named in a potential lawsuit if there'd been a mishap as a result of Swindle's action would have been an unending list

The High Speed Boater himself

Of Course ESPN/BASS, The Disney Corporation, and let's go all the way back to Ray Scott for creating Big Time Tournament Fishing in the first place

Throw in Toyota and all the rest of Swindle's sponsors

Surely the manufacturers of his boat and motor would be included

Since there was another professional angler in the area who's actions supposedly helped lead to the accident make sure he along with all of his sponsors etc are also named

What if he had hit the other angler's boat..would he be defending Swindle?

Be sure and also include the state and the agency that issued a permit for an event that put people in grave danger

With the number of accidents that have occurred in Bass tournaments in the last few years it wouldn't be too hard to convince a jury that it's a possibility that some tournament anglers are operating high speed boats in a reckless and unsafe manner

Plus there was photographic evidence filmed by the tournament organizer

It's kind of disappointing to see so many are still dismissing that potentially dangerous incident as no big deal especially Swindle himself.

Evidently he still believes what he said in the interview immediately afterwards where he was comparing himself to Matt Kenseth driving a race car and the importance of the classic. However the last time I checked Mr Kenseth doesn't drive a race car in his competitions on a public street.

Glad Tripp had the guts to make the right call



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