Accurate Scale for Weighing fish Accurate Scale for Weighing fish
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    Accurate Scale for Weighing fish
from Getthenet  
1/3/2011 12:59:31 PM


 I am asking for opinions (that is scary on this board) on what you believe to be an accurate scale for weighing fish. I am unbelievably blessed to be able to fish a private lake and every time I go I catch at least one fish in excess of 7 lbs (I caught a 9 lber on the 30th and that is a big fish for my area). The lake is well managed and all fish under 16 inches must be harvested and all fish over 16 inches released. I currently use an X-tools scale and I think it does an okay job but it appears to be a little inconsistent. I am not interested in tournament scales as I believe in the balance beam for that purpose, but, I believe that I will catch the fish of a lifetime within the next several years and I want an accurate measurement (the lake is still young). The X-tools scale will fluctuate by as much as a tenth of a pound if you weigh the same fish twice. Do you have any recommendations? I cannot take the fish out of the boat so it must be a portable scale and I want to get the fish back in the water as quick as possible.

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   Scale from MCAT  1/3/2011 1:18:07 PM
If you are not weighing a lot of fish, get a postage scale. They are very accurate!

   what's your budget from MikeF  1/3/2011 2:20:48 PM
 I can sell you a scale that will be accurate to milligrams but it would cost you around $1400.00. One thing you've got to consider is unless the fish is dead it's movement is going to affect the reading. Accuracy is like speed how fast or accurate do you want to pay for.

   Berkley digital from Ralph Manns  1/3/2011 2:36:13 PM
I have used a Berkley hand-held digital scale with under the gill-flap hook for many years. I have two calibrated to hundredths of an ounce lead weights that I've periodically used to check its accuracy. It has always tested well within one ounce of the test weights.

But in the boat (rocking with live fish to be weighed before release) it is tough to get an accurate reading (see MikeF's comment above). Still I'm sure that with great care and some hasty-patience I obtained accurate repeated readings and still released the few real (8+) lunkers I've caught and weighed and released in healthy (yes they likely survived) condition. If I ever get a coveted TEXAS lunker, 13+, to donate, it will be weighed for record on TPWD's official scales.

   What did the PAA use? from Getthenet  1/3/2011 3:03:47 PM
MikeF - $1,400 is a little high - now if it was $1,399 I might consider :). Seriously, I would be happy with a 10th of a pound accuracy and would not want to spend over $50 unless it had a dual purpose like the BOCA product. I understand the the variances caused by a flopping fish but I have weighed enough fish with the X-tools scales to have my doubts that the inaccuracy is the result of movement in the boat, me or the fish.

Mr Manns - I hope you break the 13 pound mark. You deserve it. I had a Berkley and it died - may try it again.

What did the PAA use for thier catch and release tourney?

   your x-tool is better than mine from Cole #15516  1/3/2011 3:29:51 PM
I can weigh an anchor and will get varying weights up to a pound. The berkley scale seems to be the best for the price.

   here's one from MikeF  1/3/2011 3:45:08 PM
 This has an accuracy of 1/2 ounce goes to 20#'s and will cost about $150.00.

Chatillon 0720-T; you would have to attach a hook to hold the fish.

   a cheap idea from Randy B  1/3/2011 5:10:26 PM
since you have balance beam confidence. Use your balance beam on the big fish. You just need some weights you can trust and a way to attach them to your beam (I'm imagining free weights - a couple of 5#, a couple of 2#, a 1#, and some small stuff like a bunch of bullet weights in a bag).

Even cheaper, get yourself a 1.5gal jug with a tight seal, add water until it balances. Keep the outside dry. Seal it up. Take it to the post office or to your good scale on your way home.

Since it's only occasional, you'd better practice some.

   for live animals Ouija boards are very accurate.. from brosblackberry  1/3/2011 8:33:47 PM

but if you want to be completely accurate you'll need a tank of liquid nitrogen and a balance to measure the fish mass instead of the fish weight..

paging markG!

   Xtools from Rex  1/4/2011 9:53:27 AM
 My Xtools have always been within one ounce one way or the other from BASS scales. I have an extra brand new one in the packaging I need to sell if anyone needs one. $60.

   Berkley has done well for me... from TheJigMeister  1/5/2011 8:52:12 AM
 One thing I do if I have a bigun that might be my personal best is to weight it three times and just take the average. To be more scientific will cost you money... such is life.

Now, my bathroom scales puzzles me. Ever time I get on it, it reads higher. I think the mechanisms are all messed up... likely from my fat arse standing on them. LOL!

   I hear ya Jig Man from Getthenet  1/5/2011 9:40:56 AM
My bathroom scale must be off as well. I need the fish to weigh more and me to weigh less. A solution may be for me to weigh myself with the Xtools and the fish on the bathroom scale - hehe

Thanks to all that repsonded.



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