BR's new cat. <img align="bottom" src=""> BR's new cat. ">
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    BR's new cat.
from Wackoman  
6/5/2012 8:31:45 AM




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   Which one from 5keepers  6/5/2012 9:12:41 AM
 200 or 400?

   Well it's like this BR 400 pays for it but I surmise from Hoot  6/5/2012 9:17:12 AM
 BR 200 will give it plenty of use and claim unofficial ownership of it in the near future and even agree to take BR 400 along on occasion

   Yep Hoot is correct from BR400  6/5/2012 9:40:45 AM
 The silver and white Cougar now lives in Alabama. The Red Devil moved from Bristol to Lake Hartwell last week. 200 has been at the beach and hasn't seen it yet.

He said he shed a tear when I sent him the picture of the new owner of our old boat hooked up and heading to Alabama. Tons of memories in that boat.

   Yep, even Santa Claus fished in the 2008 Cougar from BR400  6/5/2012 9:48:03 AM

I didn't know Santa wore 100 MPH Gore Tex.

Edited 6/5/2012 9:54:40 AM

   Wackoman never misses an opportunity to celebrate from Hoot  6/5/2012 11:34:59 AM
 a Holiday fishing...Still remember those Christmas Pictures from the time they took Santa fishing...It was nice they gave Santa the 100 MPH Gore Tex outfit for his long cold sleigh ride..

There have also been sightings of the Easter Bunny fishing with Wacko..

Wonder when will see a Valentine picture of Cupid on his boat?

   Drooling from Skipper  6/5/2012 11:35:41 AM
 Good looking new rig. Like that 4 stroke Yamaha.

   Nice Boat from DaveT  6/5/2012 2:22:24 PM
  Congrats on the new boat BR 200, er I mean BR 400.

   Hear Kitty Kitty from Bender, MS Gulf Coast  6/5/2012 5:36:36 PM
 Great looking rig!

   Puuuuuurty from JohnM  6/5/2012 5:36:50 PM
 Cats all around for the BR's, gotta love that blessing.

   Looks good in the water too from Cuejockey  6/5/2012 5:52:08 PM

Just have to watch out for those logs. LOL I thought he was going to leave it for me while he went to the beach, but NO.... Nice ride Bob

   Congrats,,great looking boat... from ButchT  6/5/2012 6:10:58 PM
 I'm sure Brad will love it,,,,when he returns from the "Beach"....LOL...welcome.. :)

   4 Stroke from Cougarcat  6/5/2012 11:04:01 PM
 I'd like to know how you like the four stroke in about a year.

   Butch from BR400  6/6/2012 7:33:16 AM
 Oh Yeah. BR200 pulled in the house yesterday and headed straight to the boat ramp. SMILING!

Cougarcat, I am already liking not buying Mercury Premium Plus.

   Nice from tlkl1 #17667  6/7/2012 11:09:26 AM
 Great looking boat!

   Mercury Premium Plus from Cougarcat  6/7/2012 11:56:27 AM
 I think I could like not buying Mercury Premium Plus or in my case Yamaha something 2M.

   Awesome boat from georgia_gent #15046 #15046  6/7/2012 12:37:43 PM
 Very very sharp!



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