Elites: Sturgeon Bay out 6/13/2012 ---on Bassfan. I don't get it. Elites: Sturgeon Bay out 6/13/2012 ---on Bassfan. I don't get it.
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    Elites: Sturgeon Bay out 6/13/2012 ---on Bassfan. I don't get it.
from Wackoman  
6/14/2012 8:00:40 AM



Do the Wisconsin wackos think a 100 bass fishermen would wipe out the fishery in that bay over four days?

Did anybody at BASS explain to the Wisconsin DNR that they release the fish. Right back where they are caught if that is what they want them to do.


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   Interesting Tournament from BR400  6/14/2012 8:26:48 AM
 I wonder how they will catch them.

Why not let them fish all of Green Bay?????

Yeah, like 100 Elite anglers will wipe out all those big smallies they have.

I bet there will be a lot of guys with tape on their fingers after catching all those smallies.

   I bet from RJR  6/14/2012 8:26:58 AM
 if the right people could talk to the double elected governor and explain the stupidity of these boundaries that it would be overruled in a flash. Just more liberal idiots doing stupid things.

   I wasn't easy getting the No Cull Rule from Hoot  6/14/2012 8:28:21 AM
 lifted in Wisconsin and took a lot of lobbying and effort on behalf of some legislators...

I suppose this is another hurdle that will have to be jumped over someday if they ever have another event there....

Plus that part of WI (Door County) is a tourist mecca and brings in huge dollars with or without an Elite Bass Tournament don't be surprised if there is some apprehension about the unknown of an Elite event and this is just a way of quelling a little of it..

If things go good and a lot of dollars flow in it might become a more Elite friendly venue in the future

   There was a major FLW event held NE of there from Hoot  6/14/2012 8:33:18 AM
 launch out of Michigan a few years ago and a big percentage of the boats ran all the way to Sturgeon Bay...

There is a lot of other species fished for in that area and outnumber the individuals who Bass fish don't be surprised if there wasn't political pressure from these groups...

When they see how good the Elites behave and how well managed the tournament is and the excellent fish care it could be a non issue the next time...

   interesting... from RobShaw  6/14/2012 10:29:10 AM
 As a buddy here at work commented, those are navigable waters and should be open to everyone. I guess they (the state) put pressure on B.A.S.S. to set boundaries or_______?

   it is ludricous when you look at the big picture from Beartrap   6/14/2012 10:58:04 AM
 they are fishing on one of the great lakes with hundreds of thousands of acres of fishable water...there is a short fishing season this far north....other than putting a reasonable limit on smallmouth to keep the charter boat harvest under control,there is nothing the DNR can do that even affects the fishery....
somebody needs to get the message across to the DNR that their job is to promote fishing not hinder it...

   To be the devils advocate here.... from ButchT  6/16/2012 12:43:21 AM
 I see it as a positive,,,I don't think my son does. Bottom line it will certainly even up the playing field by negating two to four individuals experience on the water they can fish. Personally I see that as a positive.

I well understand where everyone is coming from and it's hard to disagree from a rational standpoint. But from a personal standpoint, I think it evens the field more.

You can rest assured some good bags will be caught simply because these 98 or 99 guys are the best and a select few will figure them out. And one will win....bottom line.

Politcal or not, it's still a bass tournament and the guys will adjust accordingly. If you'll notice those that have the home lake advantage are whining the most...duh..LOL

In the end it will be a good event.

   BASS a fish out of water? from Buzz  6/18/2012 9:19:26 AM
 While most seem to target the WI DNR as the bad guys in this situation, maybe it has more to due with the southern mentality about no holds barred Bass fishing vs actually understanding and communicating with State DNR's. I recall how indigent national organizations got when they found rules and regs that were different from those in the South. Rather then taking the time to understand the rules or making sure they have done their homework never seems to be mentioned. Instead it is chest pounding about how much PR these events bring and why don't those knuckleheads up north never really "get it".

Maybe it's time for BASS to hire someone to get their permits that will do so with some diligence?



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