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    Road Trip Tackle Stores
from g2072  
6/18/2012 12:21:26 PM


 Going to be taking a road trip in a few days and was looking for some must see tackle stores. I'll be traveling from Bminham AL to Cincinatti Oh. Any must see places between there. I know about Simmons and Marks in ALabama.

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   I-65 or I-59 to I-75 Out of Birmingham from Skipper  6/18/2012 12:36:00 PM
 Rex and Daves off Exit 29 in Kentucky I-75 is a good un.

   65 from g2072  6/18/2012 1:22:18 PM
 On the way up I'll be on 65 north. May be able to come back the other way.

   Cinncinati from Jeff Hahn  6/18/2012 3:56:21 PM
 While in Cincinnati, you can go to Bass Pro. But, do your self a favor and stop by the tackle shop at Dixie Marine. Their tackle shop caters just to tournament guys and you'll find lures there that you can not find D Baits and Wee Baits.

Jeff Hahn

   get tired of bait shops here's different kind of scenery from Beartrap   6/18/2012 4:14:44 PM
 used to be place called Booby hollow not far above Tenn. state line on I-65....had billboards out on the interstate and i assume it was a strip joint of some was rural area and always wondered how such a place existed in what you would figure to be the Bible belt....

   Dixie Marine from g2072  6/18/2012 4:37:17 PM
 Sounds just like what I'm looking for. I'll sure try to stop in there before I leave the country. I can't believe there's not anything North of Bmingham or in Huntsville that's not a must see.

   Cullman from 5keepers  6/18/2012 4:55:31 PM
  Vann's is pretty nice just off I-65 in Cullman.
   Don't forget from 5keepers  6/18/2012 5:14:52 PM
  Corvette Museum just off Interstate at Bowling Green.
   Mamouth Cave from Skipper  6/18/2012 5:19:45 PM
 Just north of Bowling Green

   Murphreesboro, TN from TennHawk  6/18/2012 6:13:56 PM
 Murphreesboro Outdoors is pretty nice.

   Also you can from Jeff Hahn  6/18/2012 7:21:17 PM
 Also, you can SEE ROCK CITY! LOL

Jeff Hahn

   Rock City from Skipper  6/18/2012 10:31:28 PM
 Not on 65

   West End Chevron from Cougarcat  6/18/2012 10:59:42 PM
 If you need gas at Athens, AL go to West End Chevron just on the west end of Athens. Not for the gas but it is where everyone in Huntsville and Athens goes for bass fishing lures. Pretty nice little tackle shop.

   Cougarcat, it is a nice tackle shop with a good selection. from Oneeyedjack #13663 #13663  6/19/2012 10:15:37 AM
 But you are gonna pay. I used to night fish a lot, and was a regular Friday evening customer. Always dropped $50 or more there.

   True from recce  6/19/2012 10:24:21 AM
 West End Chevron is a nice little tackle shop but it is not inexpensive.

   Sights from TWalters #14553 #14553  6/20/2012 2:58:31 PM's called the Boobie Bungalow. It's at Exit 6 in TN on I-65....and no, I've never been there but I travel that road quite a bit and can't help but notice the billboards.

   Marks.. from bjlc #10606 #10606  6/20/2012 9:37:27 PM
 Marks is something else.. its an old style tackle store that is still in business.. I mean Mark is there.. every day.. and trust me .. Mark's close outs, because of his buying power are second to none.. and if there is a "hot bait" Mark knows about it.. and has it in stock.. I would love going there for Zooom Zoom Zoom days.. and he had pricing , at the time, that no one could beat on All Star.. and hey.. I live in Wisconsin..

of course being named Tackle dealer of the year, for the industry isn't too bad either.. that's Marks.. and no I get no kick back for this.. nothing..

   Marks Outdoors from Josh Herren #20129  6/25/2012 8:15:15 PM
 Marks is a really good store. Mark passed away a little over a month ago ,and I think his daughter is now running the day to day business



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