My Tribute to the Tournament Bass Fisherman My Tribute to the Tournament Bass Fisherman
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    My Tribute to the Tournament Bass Fisherman
from Hutch #10968 #10968  
6/28/2012 10:41:24 PM


  It was the Tourmanament fisherman who spread the knowledge and increased the habitat of the bass..... Thru their efforts and dollars...... and NOT some government bureaucrat. It was the Tournament fisherman who invented the idea of "catch and release" which has now become such an embedded part of bass fishing that it is almost a religious ritual and will gather the wrath of other fisherman and well as the general public...... and just why is that.......?? IT IS BECAUSE the fisherman has lost control of the sport he created and it is now ran by agenda driven wildlife management departments who think THEY are more important than the Tournament fisherman and an overall "anti tournament" attitude fostered by the same agenda driven wildlife managers and a biased media fueled also by many of those within the wildlife management community Sweeping comments about rude and callous tournament fisherman is unwarranted and they are an asset and much less a problem than many other water based activities. Tournament fishermen still put much more back into the sport of bass fishing than they take out........ and are , as a rule, the best stewards of our fisheries... OUR FISHERIES..... not the various Wildlife management agencies fisheries........BUT OURS.... Those same fisheries that were created by Tournament fisherman in the first place...... I have only met a handful of fishermen who did not always attempt to be an asset to their sport..... and for an agenda driven group like the WI DNR to get away with their water use restriction dictate for the soul purpose of their personal agenda..... is an affront to all Bass Tournament Fisherman ......THEY... WHO CREATED AND SPREAD THE SPORT OF BASS FISHING AROUND THE WORLD... and by damned we should be shaking their hand and not chastising them...... because without them...... our sport would never have gotten where it is today.... and occasionally people need to be reminded that the bulk of tournament fishermen are great guys and who would you rather have "your back" another tournament fisherman or the director of the WI DNR??? Gripes me big time to see the very fiber of our sport being chastised and "bad mouthed" when they/we are the very backbone of our sport. Hutch

An article attached for your reading pleasure..

Edited 6/28/2012 10:44:22 PM

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   Hutch..a good read but, from TheAmBASSador  6/28/2012 10:55:42 PM
you're preaching to the choir here.

   Wow Hutch you've really been in to the from Hoot  6/28/2012 11:04:16 PM
good mind altering substances tonight...Kind of pitiful but certainly entertaining to see you stumbling around bouncing off the walls, falling down in your own drool while muttering some random drivel...

I think Old Hutch has developed a serious Man Crush on a pro Fisherman...

   I know who I am preaching to Bass.... it is just that there are a few around from Hutch #10968 #10968  6/28/2012 11:09:55 PM
Who sing off key.... lol And besides that I want everyone to take the time to reflect on the critical importance the tournament angler played and is still playing in the development of a WORLD WIDE interest in Bass Fishing and to realize that most of the things we use in conjunction with our sport were developed by those "good old boys" who are (in most cases) Tournament fishermen also. We owe most of the world of bass fishing as we know it today. DIRECTLY to the Tournament fisherman past and present. And I am not just talking about the "big boys" I am talking about the 10 member Bass Club in central Alabama.


   LOL Hutch... Have you been sniffin the glue of your mounts from Tim #10364 #10364  6/29/2012 12:21:55 AM
Now now Hutch. Let me clue you in a something.

I was bass fishing before there was BASS or FLW.
Your statement ..." all Bass Tournament Fisherman ......THEY... WHO CREATED AND SPREAD THE SPORT OF BASS FISHING AROUND THE WORLD... " is a joke.

Tournament bass fisherman didn't invent bass fishing. There will continue to be bass fisherman; who NEVER tournament fish and who could care less about tournament after BASS has long gone.

Your statement is an example of what I meant when tournament fisherman have an over inflated view of their importance.

Man, you keep talkin' like that I might not give you any more picture posting tips... cause next you'll be claiming Tx bass fishermen invented the internet. ;)

   Sport? from Fisherboy #10852 #10852  6/29/2012 5:30:21 AM

Bass tourneys are more like shoddy business schemes. 100 small business owners trying to win their own money back from a larger corporation.

And the nerve of a government trying to regulate business practices. They should butt out of all business. Let mines have unrestricted access to natrual resources. Who cares if they mine under your house and property. Don't mess with their freedom.

Let business owners open stripjoints next to the daycare center or a bar beside your house. It's a frer country right?

Who needs zoning laws. It infringes on our freedoms.

   How have tournament fishermen increased the habitat of bass?....... from Jmac #10965 #10965  6/29/2012 8:41:02 AM
I know that fishermen sink brush and I am sure there are a few cases where clubs have donated a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, but as Skipper said the other day (I am paraphrasing) bassfishermen pale in comparison to the likes of DU, etc. who have bought hundreds of thousands of wetland acres to enable their cause. I do agree about spreading the knowledge and making people more aware of the resource, but I cannot name one place in Arkansas where tournament fishermen have increased the habitat other than sinking a few brushpiles.

   I love how every subject on this board gets turned into politics! from Oneeyedjack #13663 #13663  6/29/2012 11:22:30 AM
Just a couple of thoughts as seen through my good eye.
1. Jmac, DU can purchase wetland acres, but bass anglers can't buy lakes. Putting out brushpiles and protecting the natural (grass, for instance) cover is the best thing we can do. TVA frowns on building structure like they do in the gulf.

2. Tim, I'm going back to the 1950's to say that the bass fishermen of that day are pretty much the same breed that became some of the organizations. No, they didn't invent the sport, but to act like their contributions that help develop the methods and tools that benefited even the casual angler is disingenious at best.

3. Hutch, it is their water and they can pretty much do as they wish with it. Bass fishing has a long way to go in catching up in some parts of the world. It is what it is.

4. In all honestly, I have been saying it for a long time that it is at least time for some discussion about regulating bass tournaments. I'm only concerned for the sheer number of tournaments and its impact on not only the fishery, but the quality of every fisherman's experience. Guntersville Lake is a pretty large body of water, but I have seen it literally covered up with tournament boats on any given weekend day. From a guy who has been fishing the lake for over 50 years, I can tell you it ain't as much fun as it used to be!

5. Finally, Fisherboy, I don't know what in thunder you are talking about. Do you?

   I don't care what you guys say, from PPEN  6/29/2012 4:23:47 PM
I learned more about punctuation from Hutch's short post than from too many years of formal education.

   Watch out for the revenuers Hutch, get your shotgun ready! from Richards3 #10384 #10384  6/29/2012 5:54:22 PM
It is true tournament fishing and tournament anglers have accounted for many benefits to the sport of fishing. As mentioned, catch and release was a major benefit for the sport of bass fishing and it was popularized through tournaments. But public opinion is why catch and release in tournaments came to be. Watch clips of early tournaments and you will see conservation was the last thing any of the anglers or organizers were concerned with. Ray Scott was inundated with complaints of his tournaments decimating fisheries and Scott realized his organization would be short lived if he didn't start catch and release. Fortunately local circuits caught on and followed suit and if that wouldn't have happened our lakes would be in bad shape now. Do you credit Ray Scott or the peopled that complained about tournaments for C & R? To blindly support any agenda passed down from tournament organizations is ridiculous. Tournament organizations have become more and more interested in lining their pockets and less and less on what is good for the fishermen. Even back in the day, Ray Scott said on many occasions; I (he) am interested in taking a dollar out of the fisherman's pocket and putting it in my pocket. Is that attitude good for the sport?!?! And if you believe Irwin Jacobs has your best interest at heart, I have some swamp land to sell you. And the fact of the matter is many tournament bass fishermen have no respect for the environment or their fellow anglers. I love to fish tournaments but it shocks me when I see the arrogant attitudes many tournament anglers have. It really isn't hard to see why people don't like tournament anglers on their lakes. These aren't whacky animal rights activists, they are people that pay a premium to live on a lake and have to deal with tournament anglers cluttering up their lakes, lures hooked through their boat tarps and left on docks for their children to step on, not to mention looking out and seeing some degenerate urinating in their lake for all to see. That's not to say all, or even a majority of bass fishermen behave this way, but their are enough a-holes out there to have "earned" us a bad name. The people that call for less regulations and feel they should be entitled to do whatever they want are usually the very a-holes that give us a bad name.

Blindly supporting fishing organizations just because you love to fish is short sighted. Guys like Rush Limbaugh and Al Franken blindly support their parties and suggest their party is not made up of corrupt opportunists that put their own interests ahead of their constituency, but the other party is. They insult everyone's intelligence with crazy one sided accusations, and Hutch, you are doing the same thing here.

   I guess..... from stp357 #17928  6/29/2012 7:14:35 PM
Old Hutch thought he was going to get a standing ovation! Lol

   It won't make much difference one way or the other from Hutch #10968 #10968  6/29/2012 7:21:50 PM
When people lose the right to fish, Tournament fishing and tournament fishermen have done more to spread the boundries of bass fishing beyond the guy sitting on the bank with a cork and a minnow to encompass about every state in the union and many places throughout the world and expanded the bass habitat because of the interest and helping hand they gave to everyone who desired to have bass in their fishery. . I have fished a lot of Tournaments and I do not mean BASS or FLW and I just have not seen the exaggeratged negative attitude of tournament fisherman that some express here. Richard 3 if you think that property owners on any large reservoir can support the maintenance of a lake and the surrounding merchants thru their property tax dollars...and purchases alone you are totally mistaken. The lifeblood for many lakes has been and hopefully will continue to be BASS TOURNAMENTS.... If you cannot see fisherman rights being gradually taken away you are blind....... and if you do not realize that the Tournament fisherman is the very heart of the bass fishing world.........then we are doomed. Hutch

   And that is not even mentioning the lakes where from Hutch #10968 #10968  6/29/2012 9:49:48 PM
No private land ownership is allowed..... And the only way we are going to be able to fight organizations like the WI with a strong centralized voice........ and the only way to do that is thru a united and focused National Bass Fishing organization that will, out of necessity HAVE to be centralized thru TOURNAMENT ANGLERS.... Cause that is where our strength is. Yes,,,,, our STRENGTH.... Later, Hutch

   Drivel from fishingthecountry #21485  6/29/2012 11:17:51 PM
Someone told me some of post on the BFHP has turned into useless drivel---guess he was right.

   Come on Hutch you are staggering pretty bad from from Hoot  6/30/2012 12:00:16 AM
that barrage of right hooks that Richards 3 just delivered on your sorry old carcass....

I'd have your corner man throw on the towel before it get's worse as as much as I dislike you it even pains me a little to see you take such a brutal beating...

Now of course you've floundered around here like an old punch drunk fighter for quite a while maybe you won't get any worse but I wouldn't bet on it..

Hey now you know you can't catch fish and never could so don't tell us how many tournaments you've fished...Just do what you do best show us more pictures of that lure collection with some of the unique information we all find interesting then accept your adulation graciously and stay out of these kind of fights as you are way over matched....

   Comparing Al Franken and Rush Limbaugh as if they were equally from Hutch #10968 #10968  7/3/2012 1:19:06 AM
bad is when I realized that it makes no sense to argue with pure ignorance. Another example... The polls today show that about 50 percent of the people polled were happy about the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare and of course the others polled were against the ruling. The key element in the poll was astounding when they determined that of the 50 percent of the polled group that was for the ruling........ 69 percent of those people had no idea what Obamacare was...... The same thing is going on here..... (you can decide who) I repeat......... The tournament bass fisherman has done more beneficial things to promote the sport of bass fishing than all other entities combined......and yet we still have the pure ignorance of some who do not realize that the WI DNR is intentionally trying to " do harm and hinder and stop" bass tournaments and have stated so in numerous writings from their department or from individuals within their department. And yet the ignorant followers continue to rant and use every talking point like the good little air heads they are. We truly need to stand shoulder to shoulder as a unified group to preserve our personal rights and not cave to the "socialist framers" that dwell not only within most government agencies now.... but are well organized within every segment of our society. And our best and fastest way to form an organization to protect our fishing rights.... is thru organized fishing clubs throughout the country. Tournament fisherman........ from the small 10 member club in "any city USA" to the thousands of members of national organized clubs...... It is no longer a matter of wanting to......... it is a matter of "We have to" if we expect to survive our sport... Ask Gerry about access to surf fishing areas being cut off ......ask about lakes where judges have allowed conservation groups to buy shoreline property to cut off access to the water.... etc etc etc......... We are on the very edge not only as private citizens,,,,,,but as a country...... and yet Hoot and his mouthy coherts continue to blabber like the uninformed slugs they are...... Hutch

Edited 7/3/2012 1:22:34 AM



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