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    Guntersville Non-rally
from Spnb8  
7/2/2012 8:18:05 PM


 OK gang. Preliminary coordination has been started for this year's get-together on the big G. Basically its going to be as in the last couple of years. You coordinate/bring your own partner for a weekend of fishin' and braggin' and a good ol' time among old friends.

The actual "rally" days are September 29 - 30. Rooms have been reserved at the Scottsboro Days Inn. Rates are same as last year at +/- $61.00, tax included. Phone 256-514-1212. For best results ask to speak to Mr. Bob. He has blocked the downstairs row of rooms in the back where you can leave your boat hooked up and your charger plugged in.

If you are planning on coming try to get your reservation in by 15 August because after that the area will be overrun by workers for the Bellefont nuke plant and rooms will be scarce.

The back room at the Western Sizzlin' has been reserved for the Saturday brag fest. The other evenings we'll pick other places as we have in the past: Chinese; Mexican; Steak, etc.

Hope to see a big crowd. Post here if you're coming.

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   Want to go sooo bad... from Won Hunglo  7/2/2012 8:59:09 PM
 Just got to get some stars lined up just right.

   It's a Won sighting from Cuejockey  7/2/2012 9:20:34 PM
 I love you long time.

I plan to be there. Needing a roommate, plan to take a boat this year.

Steve, perhaps you could ask Gerry to put the link back up?


   Amye and I plan on being there from JohnM  7/20/2012 12:08:27 AM
 Alongwith a longtime lurker and his lady friend. We are staying at the ahampton but will be joining festivities as always.

   The Prime Minister of Boluvia from TheJigMeister  7/20/2012 2:02:07 PM
 is scheduled to attend. Not sure if I'll have a partner or not at this point. No matter, I can bagel alone just fine. pffft.

   Looks like from Swimbait1 #15419  8/7/2012 7:37:43 AM
 Swimbait is going to make his return! with a newbee in tow! Hope this is a great turnout. Talked to Airborne yesterday, still planning on coming as well.

   well I think I'll make it from fishingthecountry #21485  8/8/2012 10:39:43 PM
 I'll need a roomie
a comfortable boat with someone that won't beat the shat out of my back.
couple sticks (sticks don't fit in the overhead on planes)

Let me know---

Been a long time since I fished---and it's going to be next summer before I will be able to again. Next back surgery is in of now. -----------------#4



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