Brad you might have to dig into your pockets a little deeper Brad you might have to dig into your pockets a little deeper
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    Brad you might have to dig into your pockets a little deeper
from DaveT  
7/7/2012 11:41:32 AM


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   another califruit tooty from RJR  7/7/2012 2:55:49 PM
 spending billions they don't have.

    Al little Spain from Bender, MS Gulf Coast  7/8/2012 6:50:05 AM
 When will all the other States have to bail them out? What will be the feeling then? They cannot print money so what happens when it runs completely out? I know, The US Treasury will bail them out.

Irresponsible Teenagers with a Credit card and a Ferrari.

   So glad Florida turned it down from LTJ-1  7/8/2012 8:39:48 AM
 It was useless down here unless your name was Disney

   Thank you FL, OH, and WI--! from Brad  7/8/2012 11:31:31 AM
 We now have the money that your smart ass governors turned down-


we will create some jobs, buit the mantra should be


   as always Brad from RJR  7/8/2012 11:42:48 AM
 you are a moron. Please just move to cuba where you can live your dream.

   The biggest from Dan A #10984  7/8/2012 12:25:37 PM
 boon doggle in the history of the country... Smart move Gov. Kasich... Dan

   Thank you FL, OH, and WI from TnkrDrvr #10411 #10411  7/9/2012 6:35:55 AM
 For showing fiscal restraint.

Built Ford Tough...Without Taxpayer Money!!

   Brad use spell check from Hoot  7/9/2012 8:10:58 AM
 No Millionaires Brad? Why?....There are a lot of working people who have taken advantage of 401K's, saved and invested wisely, spent their money carefully not accumulating a lot of debt.

When interest rates fell they didn't go out and buy an over priced house they didn't need because of all creative financing available made it possible for them to make interest only payments until the already overvalued house increased in value.We all know how good that worked out. They have their original home paid for and it has increased in value in spite of Barney Franks Fannie Mae mess..

They didn't buy overpriced cars from GM or drive luxury SUV's and drove the good used ones they bought for 200 thousand miles or longer because they took care of them.

They didn't run out and charge on their credit cards every new electronic device to listen to play video games on or listen to hip hop music on or have the need to wear 200 dollar basketball shoes endorsed by an NBA Star as they didn't play basketball.

So now some of these people have close to a million dollars in assets because of a lifetime of hard work and financial responsibility.This will hopefully be enough for them to take care of themselves in their golden years and enjoy life possibly leaving something for their kids someday.

So according to our resident socialist Brad they should NOW give it to the lazy and irresponsible because he doesn't want any millionaires.

This is the next class of the wealthy the Socialist Agenda Liberals will be after and they'll eventually get around to the rest below that.The pace the Liberals want to spend at will soon have anyone with $100-250K in assets declared as wealthy.

They might even put a luxury tax on ocean going skiffs

   Hoot, about good spelling... from Brad  7/9/2012 8:23:11 PM
 It's a feminin trate that i somehow just can't get the hang of.. good for you that you have spel check--makes you look smart-)(- even though you may not be...

let me go through one of your myriad misunderstandings;

By millionaires i mean that no vendor is going to become a millionair on the tax-payers dollar! EVERY contractor has to agree to a wage schedule that pays the lowest employee a mutually agreed upon minimum wage and that the principles of each contracting company make a set amount of an agreed upon multiple of the lowest paid employee.

As a gruntled tax payer, i DON'T want my hard earned tax dollars to make one damn more millionair when working families are so much in need! (besides, the highest paid nancys NEVER do any of the actual work--No...?)

If you are a potential contractor and you don't like the terms, do the CONSERVATIVE thing and haul ass over to texas or florida or ohio and do your magic over there-GOOD RIDDINS!

as for the rest of your conservative meme, it speaks for itself..

   Now Brad spell check is fine even for those of us who don't need it from Hoot  7/10/2012 11:22:03 PM
  However your irrational babbling on this thread is a sign you are beyond any help spell check might give you...Might ought to check into a facility that deals with certain disorders like the total loss of reality... as you are definitely afflicted..

Edited 7/10/2012 11:23:12 PM



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