“Bass Fishing Tournaments Negatively Impact the Fish and the Fishery” 2012 “Bass Fishing Tournaments Negatively Impact the Fish and the Fishery” 2012
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    “Bass Fishing Tournaments Negatively Impact the Fish and the Fishery” 2012
from Te #14139 #14139  
7/13/2012 8:37:22 AM


“What’s wrong with Bass Tournaments” Jason Covington, June 30, 2012. http://jasoncovington.blogspot.com/2012_06_01_archive.html
Jason's opinions, “No one is asking this question, but instead I have heard a lot of bragging about how much these tournament organizations “improve the fishing” and how they positively “impact the local economies.” I don’t disagree that some organizations work at improving fisheries and also probably have a positive impact on the economy, but I want to point out some serious issues that no one raises."

Jason Covington is the author of American BeheMouth, he’s from San Fransisco, CA jason_cov@msn.com

Do any of you think that tournament bass kills negatively affects a State’s Bass Fishery?

IMHO - provided you have a bought a valid State fishing license, it is absolutely legal to kill a limit of bass every day whether you’re meat hunting or tournament fishing…that there is no negative impact to the fishery even if all bass tournaments were “catch and kill” tournaments.

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   I think I'll invent a system that places compressed O2 next to a gasoline engine from MikeF  7/13/2012 9:00:50 AM
And then I'll post "articles" on fishing web-sites that "prove" this isn't as stupid as it is.

I wonder if anyone else had this idea first?

   Does BEAR Hunting, hurt the bear population. Does from Bill Hunter  7/13/2012 9:13:50 AM
Deer hunting hurt the deer population, does dove hunting hurt the dove population. Does catching fish hurt the fishing population. WHAT ARE YOUR TRYING TO PROVE? Do Democrats "hurt"....the answer to this one is YES..so go back to bed. MM

   Good Article makes some valid points from Hoot  7/13/2012 9:16:20 AM
I assume the IMHO comment is yours not Jason's as I didn't see it in Jason's article..

"The Just as Bad as a Meat Hunter Argument" is a pretty weak argument in trying to justify an apathetic attitude towards tournament mortality.Tournament Bass fishing has gone a long way in improving fish handling and post tournament fish care. Now with the recent situation at the Elite event at Green Bay there seems to be a real indifference on these pages concerning fish care.

Do you see a whole lot of "Meat Hunters" with twin $3000.00 electronic units on their boats to find schools of fish then catching them in 40-60 ft of water with jigging spoons?

Do you see a lot of Meat Hunters running $40-65K Boats with 250-300 HP outboards that can cover more water in a day than they can in their Jon Boat in 10 years.

Take the time to ask Crappie or Walleye Fishermen when you are on the lake someday and ask them how many Bass they caught that day and how many they kept and what they think of eating a five pound Bass?

Tournament Fishing and it's participants can always be looking for ways to improve the preservation of fishing resources and improving the public's concept of tournament fishing.

Edited 7/13/2012 9:19:39 AM

   Troll...... from GITTHENET  7/13/2012 10:41:45 AM

   No No No Troll...here's the deal: STOP all tournaments from Bill Hunter  7/13/2012 12:23:38 PM
Now! ......

   When will we realize from Hutch #10968 #10968  7/13/2012 1:21:40 PM
That the issue really has NOTHING to do with fishing.... and that people like the ominous TE are riding the wave for all it is worth.... and what we face as a country AT ALL LEVELS is not some distant foggy notion....... it is HERE AND NOW....... Hutch

   Uh, Without the Economic impact from Bender, MS Gulf Coast  7/17/2012 6:36:50 AM
There would not be in place today the conservation efforts such as infastructure and restocking and breeding. Do you realize the millions (Billions) that are spent in this country on Bass Fishing?

   Mustard it probably "Bearly" puts a dent in the population from Hoot  7/17/2012 9:03:37 AM
no better than the overall hunter success ratio is on Bears...

Hope they don't decide it's too much of a strain on the Bear population and make you hunt with a tranquilizer dart so it's catch and release...Would probably make drug addicts out of the Bears and a few hunters might not survive the photo op if the Bear wakes up too soon...

   hmmmmmm from Hutch #10968 #10968  7/17/2012 5:15:24 PM

   No name post again to start trouble?? from Begafish  7/17/2012 10:18:13 PM
another post to start trouble....no name to this post so don't reply to it...

   Responsibility from SMS #11748 #11748  7/19/2012 9:12:04 AM
Those that want more and more regs on tournaments really have no clue on what it would take to police those rules. They are just stupid to believe more regs equal compliance. National level tournaments go out of their way to take care of the fish, however, I've been fishing local and regional tournaments for over 35 years and those events do themselves no favor in not figuring out a way to recommend (at least) the use of chemical livewell treatments. Just look at the number of weigh-in bags that come to the scales without chemical treatments in them. I think tournament sponsors should hand out livewell treatment at boat check in the morning. More people would use it if you handed it to them. Roll it into the entry fee. It couldn't hurt and I'm sure it would help. Central Pro-Am use to do that back in the day here in the Midwest.

   So does anybody here have any problems with “Catch and Kill Bass Tournaments?” from Te #14139 #14139  7/19/2012 1:53:56 PM
Sharing a few of my thoughts and opinions with you.

Rendering “What’s wrong with Bass Tournaments” by Jason Covington, and everything like this impotent including many of these new tournament rules we despise.

Kill your catch if you have a valid fishing license and you have paid the bass tournament fees, kill your catch quickly and humanly, haul it all day in an ice chest and never be concerned again about expensive “dead fish penalties” or keeping bass alive all day. All these regulation problems go away, bad publicity about dead fish after tournaments no longer exist, acute and delayed mortality issues and all the rest of the C&R problems immediately go away. No more hoping to keeping your catch alive all day.

All you need is a $40,000 with no livewell, a fishing license and ice chest to haul your catch to the weighin… no more hauling weigh-in tanks to lake after lake, no expensive release boats to buy, build. and maintain, no more expensive livewell chemicals to buy, cut $5,000 of the price of a $45,000 bass boat because no need for livewells, all those livewell pumps, switches, spare batteries are no longer needed, PETA promoters no longer can complain about hurting bass in livewells, no more dead fish floating up after tournaments generating bad press for any bass tournaments large or small, no wasted game fish dumped in the dumpster after the tournament, great advertisement to promote tournament attendance (free fish fry for everyone after the tournament) and the list of positive points for kill the tournament catch and cook it goes on and on and on.

Actually I cannot think of 1 negative thing about killing the tournament catch. It’s a win-win situation for everyone if all the catch in every bass tournament was killed and cooked or cleaned and given away.

The point is… Bass tournament kills do not adversely impact or do any harm to the bass fishery so why not kill and cook all the catch at every tournament and have a free post tournament feed by the lake after the weighin?

If you knew you would not be punished for killing the fish before the

   Begafish you are falling down on your job....... from Hutch #10968 #10968  7/19/2012 5:08:10 PM

   Te et al from Ralph Manns  7/19/2012 7:19:22 PM
I'm afraid you haven't even got a clue about what you are discussing. I've posed before about the history of bass fishing as I (and the rest of older bassers) have experienced it.

Catch and keep angling is capable of destroying
bass fisheries, and for all practical purposes did so in the late 1960s and 70s before C&R became popular. The best fisheries in Texas in those years were lucky to produce a 12#+ stringer for the winner, with many tournament anglers unable to catch one or two legal 12" bass.

We've come a long way since then, with fisheries managers obtaining a better understanding that adult-fish-in-the-water = better fishing. The good fishing we have now is directly the result of bass sportsmen who get it. They get the fact that big bass remaining in the water are the reason for the rather excellent fishing (certainly by comparison with past decades) we have now.

The anglers who care about the health and survival of bass in tournaments are concerned with maximizing the sport. The catch-and-kill and catch-and-delayed-release believers are putting their own ease of fishing above the quality of the fisheries in general.

There is ample evidence that even in states like Texas where most anglers release their bass catches, good bass fisheries could be even better with more harvest of small bass and total release of HEALTHY larger fish.

That's why biologists are concerned about fish health and don't support catch-and-kill even if it remains legal due to public pressure.

If you are going to argue about this system, at least understand what you are talking about: Better fisheries vs. poorer fisheries.

   Ralph et al. from Te #14139 #14139  7/24/2012 6:06:54 AM

You have misunderstood, there is no argument, but there are some real facts you're missing and misconceptions. This thread is not “Better fisheries vs. poorer fisheries” so I shall disregard your white elephant. That’s a distraction, a smoke screen to change the subject and bi-pass the point.

Of course, I mean no disrespect toward you and your “Old Bassers” buddies you speak of here, but I believe that if you would simply update to yourself and your old bassers to 2012 by personally contacting any DNR Freshwater Fishery Chief or Department Head and ask 1 simple question you would then realize that your information is old, antiquated and belongs in the Halls of Bass Fishing Myths.

Email and ask this question, get the official opinion of any State’s Head of Freshwater Fisheries, not a lonely staff biologist’s in a remote outpost, a new fishery college graduates' opinion or outdoors’ writer’s opinion.

The Quedtion - If all the bass were killed (catch and kill foremats) in bass tournaments in your state, would your State’s bass fishery be harmed, negatively impacted and would the bass tournament kills pose any threat to the sustainability of your State’s bass fishery?

I believe you will discover that the opinions you receive from the Department Heads of State Freshwater Fisheries will place you in touch with a reality that as bass tournaments large and small operate today, catch and kill angling is not going to destroying any bass fishery in any State nor have tournament bass kills ever posed any serious threat to the sustainability of any State’s Bass Fishery. The State Fishery managers are hired and paid well to insure the sustainability and quality of the State’s fishery, not bass tournament organizers, bass clubs, bass boat manufacturers or bass tournament fishermen contrary to some beliefs.

Let’s talk how it is now in this day and time, not how you and the “old bassers” thought it was decades ago.

This is not limited to just Ralph asking this question to any State Fishery Department Head, anyone may certainly ask this question. All that inquire shall clearly see the difference between fact and myth about catch and kill. That old dog is old just won’t hunt any more Ralph.

I do enjoy reading your old stories though.

   Te from Ralph Manns  7/24/2012 1:39:25 PM
Actually I am still in contact with some the best fisheries biologists. While a lot of thinking about limits, like slots, has changed over the years due to the prevalence of C&R, the fact that healthy large fish in the water makes better fisheries hasn't changed.

Here in Texas where we have both good fisheries and heavy tournament participation, TPWD has reported that some lakes (read up on Sam Rayburn) are now more influenced by tournament catches than by non-competitive anglers. Other TX lakes shared with less progressive states (see Toledo Bend) continue to be harvested down by catch-and-keep anglers. Trophy fishing lakes, like Fork, can easily lose trophy status if larger bass are killed by poor handling and keepers.

Your point that one or two catch-and-keep tournaments wouldn't significantly hurt most fisheries is probably correct and acceptable for only special lakes that are lightly-to-moderately fished. While one or two catch-and- keep events might not hurt G-ville noticably, certainly it would suffer severely if all events there were catch-and-keep and anglers were encouraged to catch-and-keep there.

When proposing fisheries management behaviors/rules, wildlife managers and sportsmen must recommend and support the optimal choice. Simply disregarding the adverse impact of poor handling techniques by some tournament groups is equivalent to encouraging poor livewell and handling by all other anglers.

The example we set is part of the fisheries management equation.



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