Jerry & Boys Are Not Playing At BASS Jerry & Boys Are Not Playing At BASS
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    Jerry & Boys Are Not Playing At BASS
from Javelin #11499 #11499  
7/17/2012 9:13:21 PM


 From BassFan, Elite Series rookie Kyle Fox has been banned from the circuit for an on-the-water altercation with Chris Zaldain.

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   This had been known since the tournament.... from ButchT  7/17/2012 9:27:05 PM
But no one seems to know the details and more importantly the facts. Kyle Fox is a very nice young man. I don't know Chris Zaldain. Obviously something happened that alerted their Marshall's that it was out of hand.

Again simple SPECULATION is not good for B.A.S.S.

Personally I hate it for all concerned, certainly not a win win deal.

   BassFan has a article on this. Tempers.... from Bill Hunter  7/18/2012 8:12:34 AM
The article says the Marshalls reported the situation.

   There are some blogs really kicking this one around from Hoot  7/18/2012 8:17:19 AM
I read a second hand account of the incident reported by the Marshall.There's a ton of individuals defending Kyle Fox claiming if it had been an established star instead of a rookie nothing would have happened.

I don't think Mr McKinnis or BASS of any era would ever tolerate this regardless of the number years you've been a Professional.

Look back at the big names BASS as an organization has DQ'd in the past, Pyschonelli,G-Man,KVD surely there have been many more along the way...

   Most detailed account that I could find from Pounce  7/18/2012 8:24:45 AM
   Too Harsh from Mark Lamb #11561 #11561  7/18/2012 10:03:12 AM
Again, I am a BASS supporter but if the details on the Fishstrong website is accurate, this was a way too harsh of punishment for a "verbal only" confrontation... I can see banned from the next event, but for the next season.... Just too harsh.

   I agree, too harsh from 1sg  7/18/2012 10:12:55 AM
But...BASS may have more insight into past comments that we do not know about.

I have camped with the Lane brothers, Kyle, Tony and a few others and Kyle appeared to be just one of the guys. I have heard that term.

   Bad Call from Mcat  7/18/2012 10:31:27 AM
I found this interestin on this subject:

It’s important to realize that Kyle Fox did not actually call Chris Zaldain by the racial slur… I’ve had a couple people needlessly inform me that Zaldain is not black. The word was spoken in a different way as in “I’m not a n***** fisherman”. Just wanted to make that clear. The word was spoken, but not directed to Zaldain.

Is this BASS's way of making up for the Wellman decision? Also, Zaldain said he was not going to turn Fox in, his Marshall made the call. Is this part of the Marshall's responsibility? If this happen between 2 anglers on the water, and neither was going to follow up, that is where it should have ended.

   Marshalls from GITTHENET  7/18/2012 12:56:45 PM
seem to potentlially have a lot of authority and obviously can have a negative / severe impact. Don't know that I agree with the level of authority they seem to be granted. But what's the / better solution?

The suspension seems harsh, and I suspect it's solely related to the use of the derogatory / unacceptable term. That's one word that I have removed from my vocabulary.

   Communication from Javelin #11499 #11499  7/18/2012 3:28:19 PM
If the dust has settled on this incident, I think an official word from JM (or whoever) about the actions/consequences should be forthcoming. We don't need every detail, but BASS fans (and members especially) should be told.

Other legitimate, professional sports bodies (NFL, NBA, MLB) do not hide the "dirty laundry."

I am curious to see how BASS handles this one.

   Update on Fox from Mcat  7/18/2012 6:04:48 PM
A B.A.S.S. communication official confirmed to BassFan today that Bassmaster Elite Series angler Kyle Fox will not be eligible to compete at the season-ending Oneida Lake event next month.

While the official would not elaborate on the reason for Fox’s ban, it is believed to be related to an on-the-water altercation he had with fellow competitor Chris Zaldain during day 2 of the Lake Michigan Elite Series last month.

According to sources, the two had a verbal exchange and the incident was brought to the attention of B.A.S.S. tournament officials by the marshals who witnessed the conversation. B.A.S.S. will not be issuing a statement regarding the incident or to clarify Fox’s ban from competition.

Zaldain declined to speak publicly about the incident when contacted by BassFan and multiple messages seeking comment from Fox have not been returned.

   Update from Javelin #11499 #11499  7/18/2012 8:53:28 PM
Well, if "B.A.S.S. will not be issuing a statement regarding the incident or to clarify Fox's ban from competition," I will keep looking at the Elites as just another tournament trail. I see nothing "elite" about not informing the dues-paying members of an organization about what is going on.

   Isn't it ironic from Mark Lamb #11561 #11561  7/19/2012 11:53:57 AM
Isn't Ironic how BASS and FLW have changed positions. I remember once before how the boards blew up bashing FLW for not providing communication or details when one of their angler were DQ'd BASS told everything.... Seems now by recent events that has changed 180 degrees.Interesting to say the least....

   BASS doesn't owe anybody a detailed explanation from Hoot  7/20/2012 8:16:57 AM
Just because you pay dues and subscribe to their magazine doesn't give you the privilege of being consulted on management decisions as you are not part of ownership or upper management.

In incidents like this the individuals involved also have the right not to have the detailed reasons for their suspension released by BASS.If BASS went and posted every detail behind their decision it could result in legal liability for them over and beyond just the suspension of MR Fox.

Besides when you consider the racial epithets reportedly used in the verbal altercation it probably wouldn't be in BASS's or Mr Fox's best business interests to elaborate and gain any more adverse publicity from this unfortunate incident. Let's hope Mr Fox regroups and moves on from this experience.

   Funny from Mark Lamb #11561 #11561  7/20/2012 9:09:21 AM
That is funny, I do not remember that response when FLW refused to provide details on their DQ's or bans. I could care less either way. Just think it is funny how things change when it is an organization/person that someone supports.. Kind of reminds me of Politics.... LOL

   Now Mr Lamb my responses to the DQ situations and the Fox incident have been from Hoot  7/20/2012 9:34:01 AM
consistent with normal business practices concerning the termination or other disciplinary actions concerning individuals directly or indirectly employed by a business or a for profit organization which BASS and the FLW qualifies as in both counts.

Call any company's or Government Agency's Human Resource Dept and inquire as to why they terminated or took disciplinary action upon a certain employee you think got a bad deal and see what kind of answer you get.You'll find it pretty consistent with BASS's and the FLW's responses in these type of situations.If you think any company is going to put themselves in a position of financial liability just to satisfy the curiosity of bloggers like yourself guess again.

I don't belong to BASS or the FLW or blindly support any organization so forget your political theories and try using a little common sense now and then.

   Another foot in mouth hiccup ? from Buzz  7/20/2012 9:53:43 AM
Seems like BASS may need to consider hiring a public relations person. After Jerry's Green Bay rant and now this public flogging it might be time to consider ways to get the job done without using a hammer. I don't agree or disagree with the ban (as harsh as it is) but wonder if they could have used it; as more of an opportunity to show what they expect from their anglers.

   You guys must have read something I did not... from Richards3 #10384 #10384  7/20/2012 5:34:27 PM
or you don't have any problems pulling in on some one that is catching fish? The account I read said Fox was driving by Zaldian, Zaldian caught a fish and Fox pulled in on him and started playing bumper boats. An argument ensued, unpleasantries were exchanged, and Fox is now suspended from fishing Oneida. IMO tournament organizations need to start clamping down on spudding. I don't understand why you guys assume the use of the "N" word was the reason Fox was suspended? I find it hard to believe this is the first time a hillbilly used the "N" word in a bass tournament. I would guess these two guys had some history prior to this incident.

   Solution to bent pole pattern from Wayne P.  7/20/2012 8:04:46 PM

Take care of intruders like this

   Hoot from Javelin #11499 #11499  7/21/2012 2:32:40 PM
Hoot, I posted earlier that we do not need "detailed reasons" for Fox's ban. These anglers are not employees of BASS - they pay to play in these tournaments.

My point is if Alex Rodriquez, Chad Johnson, or Ron Artest gets penalized, MLB, NFL, and NBA fans have the right to know the offense and the consequence. This happens all the time in PROFESSIONAL sports.

If I am expected to view the Elite Series as the highest level of professional bass fishing, then I expect the sanctioning body to be professional. We are fans of the sport. Kyle Fox has established a brand, sponsors, and fans as an Elite Series rookie. These people deserve the facts...period.

   Regardless of the employement status Javelin from Hoot  7/21/2012 7:15:30 PM
They may pay to play but they still agree when they join the Elites one must play by BASS's rules...

BASS is still a business organization that has to be aware of legal liability in dealing with issues like this and that will always take precedence over informing curious fans.

Did it ever cross anyone's mind that Mr Fox doesn't want any detailed information being released by BASS and BASS is respecting his wishes? It might be best for him to say very little let the sympathy for him build on the blogs as he regroups.

Mr Fox will probably go on and fish other tournaments and will surely try to retain and get sponsors.Now if BASS would release details without Mr Fox signing a release and those details were detrimental to Mr Fox's efforts to secure sponsor dollars he could hold them liable.

Where exactly in the constitution does it say Professional Sports Fans have the right to know every detail? Professional Sports Leagues release certain info only because they choose to do so.MLB sure released a lot of details in their agreement with Pete Rose didn't they?

You might have answered your own question when you said the anglers aren't employees of BASS...The Professional Athletes you mentioned are employees of the professional leagues with ironclad contracts with player association agreements with their respective teams and the league. You can rest assured the NFL, MBA, MLB have clauses in them that release them from liability when they make certain information public.

BASS might be being way more courteous professional than you think...Thanks for the discussion you make some good points.

Edited 7/23/2012 3:05:01 PM

   Cancell your bass membership from 521vxnascar  7/22/2012 6:43:34 PM
That is what i did when BASS supported the crap that went on a couple of months ago. This country as a whole has gone down hill so far it can and will never recover. Not wanting to let the public know what happened in a given situation because of legal liabilities is a way to hide crap just as politics and people who support this type of stuff are the very reason the USA is fell into the septic tank with every one else. People who defend and support this in any way, shape or fashion should be congratulated for they have suceeded in dragging us to the bottom. Look at the Penn State mess, everybody who knew anything about it and did nothing should be fired and or held accountable and Penn State should recieve the DEATH PENALTY for what ever number of years it takes untill the tank has been cleaned. Don't forget the players, fans, supporters, etc that knew fo this ungodly cancer that was going untreated.

Edited 7/22/2012 6:45:11 PM



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