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    Those Ol' Fishin' Songs - Fishing Freak
from Kelly (  
2/10/2001 1:54:00 PM


 I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a tape, cd, or mp3 file of some of the fishing songs heard on past and present introductions to fishing shows. Such as: Chunkin' & Windin' from Jimmy Houston Outdoors sung by Eddie Reasoner, or the old theme song from The Fishin' Hole, with Jerry McKinnis, or the old theme song to Roland's show that goes a little sumpin' like dis: "Toledo Bend and Rayburn, he'll fish anywhere, anywhere there's water, Lord knows he'll be there. He's just like a gypsy, mighty hard to hold, great American Fisherman, got fishin' in his soul!" Those songs just make me want to be on the water, and there would be nothing like listening to them on the way to the lake. I know, some of you will think I'm an idiot, but I've got the fever, and there is no cure!!


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   Theme Songs from Buzzb8 (  2/10/2001 3:28:00 PM
 My .o2cents...nothin better than Shaw's jammin' intro. It looks like it can be downloaded off of his webpage. And I still get goosebumps when I think of the old American Sportsman intro., with Curt Gowdy's voice . Nope your not an idiot Kelly, but I'm glad they buried Roland's old tune, though. Whats real scary is that I got done watching his show this afternoon, and just noticed the change. Any other "votes"?

   tunes from gumbo (  2/10/2001 6:56:00 PM
 Virgil Ward had the best. From the lakes of Northern Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, wherever fish are bitin' that's where he's gonna go. There's alot of exciting country just waiting to be explored, so join us here at the great outdoor, world of VIRGIL WARD!!!!! Also, Billy Dance had a good show when I was a kid, and a theme song to match. Went something like this...When the sun came up this morning, I took the time to watch it rise..... Gumbo

   Check NAPSTER from Won Hunglo  2/10/2001 8:10:00 PM
 Do it before Monday. A panel of judges is scheduled to rule on the legality of free Napster music down loads. If they rule against Napster they could pull the plug Monday! No more "free" music for us! check and search for the tittles you are looking for.

   Didn't you just love it when Roland.... from Sparky (  2/10/2001 9:22:00 PM
 ...would break into that Great American Fisherman theme song during the show. Man, I lived for those moments.

I'm like the guy in Orlando's song too--no fishin' for me until the Orlan-do Wilson Fishin' Show is over "I'm sorry buddy I cain't go, I'm watchin' the Orlando Wilson Fishin' Show"

   Napster! from mword (  2/11/2001 12:44:00 AM
 Go to napster, the great american fisherman is the name of the song by Bobby Bare, Im downloading it as I type, sure the rest are there also.

   Song from Richard (  2/11/2001 7:11:00 AM
  Does anyone know who did that old song for Bill Dances show or what the name was ???

   The Old Song From Bill Dance's was.................... from Kelly  2/11/2001 9:22:00 AM
 The old theme song from his show was "Today Is Mine", by Jerry Reed. Got it off of Napster. Not having any luck finding the others though...........


   Kelly ? from mword (  2/11/2001 9:44:00 AM
 Are you "kelly283" from napster, why didnt you finish your download! im zanesville1 you tried to get the song from me just now! try it again....



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