How much payload can a F-150 haul? How much payload can a F-150 haul?
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    How much payload can a F-150 haul?
from Scott  
6/24/2002 10:40:00 PM


 I have a 96 f-150 and want to pick up sand from a supply store. I have a 6 cylinder. Can I handle 2 tons? I was looking at my owners manual and got confused. THANKS

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   Capacity of a 1/2 ton pickup? from Greg Heinz  6/25/2002 12:14:00 AM
 I think you could haul 2 tons, but I'd suggest making 4 trips. Greg.

   Pickup load capacity...true story! from GK  6/25/2002 1:10:00 AM

...I don't recall all the details...but two enterprising crooks made headlines several years ago, when they decided to steal a roll of high $ Electrical wire from a supplier. They proceeded to back their 1/2 ton PU up to the loading dock, rolled the wire (which weighed several tons) into the bed of the truck...crushing the springs, blowing out all 4 tires, and permanently penning the truck to the asphalt.

Needless to say, Police had no trouble the next morning, tracing the truck and identifying the would-be burglars...

The good thing is, they made the top of the list...for the "Dumbest Crooks of the year". GK

   now if you had a chevy................... from DogFishHunter  6/25/2002 7:01:00 AM

   F-150 from McCoy (  6/25/2002 7:11:00 AM
 I had a 1995 F-150 and hauled some sand in it. 1 ton was about all it could handle.

   Check rating tags from Bassman IA  6/25/2002 7:40:00 AM
 Inside of door jam, drivers side. Wt. is different depending on --wheelbase, springs, ect. There are different ratings for each model.

Dogfishhunter-- I don't think he asked which hauled more. And being an ex-Chevy owner i don't think my 1/2 ton Chevy would haul any more then my 1/2 ton Ford.

Some guys never get it!

   Come on Bassman/IA from Woody  6/25/2002 8:14:00 AM
 It's the religion of fishing.

Chevy vs. Ford vs. Mopar

Motorguide vs. Minnkoda

Triton vs whatever

etc. etc. etc.

Damn, everyone knows Fords put more fish in the boat. LOL

   Half Ton Trucks from davisb3 (  6/25/2002 10:47:00 AM
 Don't care who makes it,you won't haul over 800-1000 lbs very many times. These trucks don't have the transmission wheels,tires,springs and bearings to carry any more. Remember they have a tire with a 2ply sidewall 32lbs or so pressure, my 1 ton has 4 rear tires 10ply and 60 lbs each to deal with a 5th wheel trailer rated at about 1 ton tongue weight. Saw a guy load pallet of tile on a half ton, front tires barely touched the ground,didn't on a bump

   Bassman.........Easy there big fella...... from DogFishHunter  6/25/2002 1:36:00 PM
 I was only makin fun here. No need to get boxers bunched up.

Davisb3 is right its more than just the suspension.

The buck stops at the tires(ford,Chevy,or dodge)Some radial tires will keep you from being able to haul anything compfortably over 500lbs.

   1/2 ton in a 1/4 ton truck from Bob Willliams (  6/25/2002 9:08:00 PM
 Once in Saudi I saw a 1/4 ton Toyota pickup with a cab high load of concrete blocks in the back. The front end left the ground whenever it went over a bump. It finally hit a large pothold and reared up on its hind legs. It was still there the next day.

   Sure it can handle it...just like this one... from Greg Heinz  6/26/2002 12:10:00 AM

   Hey Greg, there's no bed or tailgate on that there truck! LOL. No msg. from Mitch Welch (  6/26/2002 1:11:00 AM
 No msg.

   Dog from Bassman IA  6/26/2002 1:26:00 AM
 Boxers??? if ya wear boxers why wear anything. Oh i'm not upset. I keep remembering those things i was taught as a kid---- Theres one born every minute. -- A fool and his money soon part.And more but to tired to care.

Woody you are on the wrong board, back up two spots and take a left, Listen for the tang in their voices, that high pitch squealing like Ned Beatty did in that redneck show, and guys that kiss their sisters, ( lol ) Then you'll be back home. hahahahahaa

   Yes, but.... from Greg Heinz  6/26/2002 7:40:00 AM more piece of plywood and that baby would have been a flatbed. Greg.

   Hey Greg from Bassman IA  6/26/2002 8:08:00 AM
 Where did you get that pic? Where was that taken? That has to be a classic, city folks----LOL

   Stupid is, as stupid does. from Greg Heinz  6/26/2002 12:28:00 PM
 It seems this guy wanted to load up this lumber in Georgia (not a crack against Gorgonians), and take it to Delaware (not a crack against Delawareans). The hardware store would not load it on his car without a written statement from Mr. Stupid saying that they were not liable. He signed, they loaded, and off he went.

Somewhere along the way, after a brief stop, he went to take off and the load (which was formerly centered on the roof), shifted. I don't remember all of the details, but I believe the back seat and trunk are full of building materials also.

NOTICE that the car is running, and Mrs. Stupid is asleep in the passenger seat. Greg.

   Don't they have trees or lumber yards in Delaware? LOL - No msg. from Mitch Welch (  6/26/2002 9:45:00 PM
 No msg.



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