Will insurance cover a blown motor? Will insurance cover a blown motor?
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    Will insurance cover a blown motor?
from curious (  
3/23/2005 4:20:00 PM


 If you hit something or a bag gets wrapped in your lower unit and blocks your water intakes is it covered?

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   If you can prove it was due to hitting something.YES from The perchjerker  3/23/2005 4:30:00 PM
 Like your outboard mech sayes iot was due to hitting something.

   possible from GotMyAlly (  3/23/2005 5:48:00 PM
 A friend of mine got his insurance to cover his after hitting a log. Wood chips stuck in the water inlets on a hi-perf gearcase and the motor overheated. Pretty easy to prove the cause when the wood is still suck in the l/u.

   Insurance from Wayne P.  3/23/2005 6:23:00 PM
 If there is evidence of a struck object(damage to the lower unit) or pieces of the intake blocking substance, then yes it is covered if a marine engine mechanic (expert) testifies to such. I know personally of a case with a plastic ice bag being the cause of a damaged engine and insurance covered it.

   Ice bag it!!! from BLACKRANGER  3/23/2005 6:42:00 PM
 this is commonly done

   Happened to me last year from Geo (  3/23/2005 6:57:00 PM
 My motor blew and I was told to tell the ins co that I sucked up some plastic.I did just that ( it wasn't really a lie or fraud) and my ins co sent a surveyor 300 miles to inspect my motor. They offered $1000 over what I thought it was worth running so I took the cash, bought the motor back for $500, had it rebuilt and I was all set.

   If you say you sucked a bag from Fishn4 5 (  3/24/2005 10:19:00 PM
 you better make sure that impeler tells the same story they are geting wise to that old trick.my ins man said they pull the pump down to see if the impeler has started to melt just be carefull.

   ???Integrity??? from Craig (  3/24/2005 11:58:00 PM
 Blackranger - Guys like you are the reason why insurance is so high. Don't you have any integrity?

Curious - just tell the truth! If you really did hit something, it's covered and they will pay you. Don't let anyone talk you into lying about what happened - ice bags, manipulating the mechanic, etc. Do the right thing and you will have nothing to worry about. Start lying and you just might have a problem with insurance fraud. That my friend, is not a good thing.

Be honorable. That is ALWAYS your best bet.



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