Cincinnati, Ohio - Bass fishing lakes/rivers Cincinnati, Ohio - Bass fishing lakes/rivers
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    Cincinnati, Ohio - Bass fishing lakes/rivers
from Sky Walker (  
6/14/2002 1:26:00 AM


 Well, I am moving from Branson, Missouri to Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a bass fishing dude! Where is the best bass fishing near Cincinnati? From the reports posts it looks like East Fork is not so hot.

Thanks in advance.

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   TOUGH Ohio Fishing from Jeff Hahn  6/14/2002 11:48:00 AM
 Sky Walker: If you are moving to Ohio, you will need to get used to TOUGH fishing...except for Lake Erie. There are tons of tournaments on the Ohio River. Close to Cinncincati, the Tanner's Creek area (just inside Indiana at Lawrenceburg) host tournaments each and every weekend and there are at least two weeknight tournaments on this pool.

Jeff Hahn

   Tough in Ohio from Sky Walker (  6/14/2002 11:49:00 PM
 Thanks Jeff,

I am a little relieved in knowing that at least the bass are there.

Never have fished a great lake. Are the great lakes freshwater? Is there a lot of shipping industry up there? Please don't laugh to loud at me everyone, I just have never been this far north before.

Scott Walker

   Erie - a Great Lake from RichieC (  6/15/2002 7:24:00 AM
 Yes Scott the Great Lakes are fresh water. I can't address opportunities near Cinci but I can tell you about Erie. I fish it in Pa. and it is definately a GREAT lake. One of the only place that I know of where you have a shot at a true 100 fish day. The smallmouth are huge and great fighters. Just as the fisheing can be great so can the dangers. Erie has sunk more bassboats than all the other lakes in Pa combined. Pay attention to the weather and do your homework before you try it. Learn what safe weather is and the required equipment to have with you. It is different than inland waters. Have fun and be careful. RichieC

   Erie lake from Sky Walker (  6/15/2002 3:20:00 PM
 Thanks RichieC. You don't know how greatful I am in all of the help. I am a licensed Master with the USCG. I will treat Erie as the ocean. If anyone else out there would like more information on how to become USCG certified, and learn all about boating safety, navigation, fire fighting, towing, weather, etc..... I would highly recommend becoming a USCG captain or master. And if anyone out there is taking people for hire in a boat in any waters, (i.e. fishing guides) you must be at least a USCG captain.

Looking forward to the northern fishing. Scott Walker

   Cincinnati fishing... from Dan (  6/15/2002 9:46:00 PM
 Only problem with Lake Erie is that it is 5hrs away... The lake in Ohio are small (mostly less than 5000 acres) so they are over crowded and over fished. Best time to hit them are early and late in the year (spring, fall) and weekdays. In my opinion Ohio does a POOR job managing it's lakes as the reports from Ceaser and East Fork show. Indiana does a better job... Brookville, Patoka and Monroe are good lakes to try. I just return from the Ohio River and had a pretty decent day 5 keepers (12 inches) and numerous dinks. Like Jeff suggested try the Tanners Creek and creeks below for the best river fishing. I fish the river 98% of the time and love the challenge of it. You'll have to adjust your attitude, fishing will definitely be tougher, But I think it will also make you a better bass fisherman. If you need any help or suggestion feel free the contact me... Dan



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