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    Michigan Lake St Clair Info
from bassinman (  
7/3/2003 12:48:00 PM


 Looking to make a trip up to Lake St Clair and was wondering if anyone could recommend an area with good accomedations. I would be flying in and would need to rent a boat also, so fishing areas need to be close. Any help would be appreciated.

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   Lake st Clair from FishinFool (  7/6/2003 9:15:00 PM
 Hi Bass, I am in NH now but I grew up and fished Lake st. Clair, St clair river and Detroit river for 22 years. I dont know what accomodations you are looking for but there are plenty of hotels in area close to water.(advice) stay North of St Clair shores...anything below starts getting into (The hood)As far as renting a boat well, there are 3 or 4 spots on the lake that do it. Most of witch are 14 ft aluminums with 2-6hp engines. Just enough to get ya out there. I can help you more if I knew exactly when you were going to be there

   St clair from bassinman (  7/7/2003 10:35:00 AM
 Thanks for the info Fool. Due to existing travel plans We are looking at the middle of August. Having fish Erie in the past is a 14' boat safe for that area? Anyone renting bass boats? Any additional info would be great. I would imagine the same tackle I used around middle bass and Pelee islands will work?

   Fall Smallies on st clair! from FishinFool (  7/7/2003 3:47:00 PM
 August? Your glutton for punishment but the rewards are nice! lol. First, keep in mind Lake st clair is the most boated freshwater lake in the world per square mile (fact). May-Sept is amatuer season on the lake. Be ready for jetskiiers and boats up to 40' blowin all around. It does make it difficult to fish in small aluminums. All is not lost tho, I did it in my 16' and there are plenty of ppl who do it as well. You want to go out during the weekdays as soon as you can get out there till....11-12. Noone rents bass boats that I know of (3 yrs ago). If you have a 10hp motor to bring, that will help ya get to the fish quicker.

Boat rental place 1. Tommys boat livery (fishermans wharf) Its at the foot of Alter rd. Get a map out and follow Alter rd or Outer Drive to the water and there youll be. At the mouth of Detroit river and Lake st clair. EXCELLENT SPOT! Your gonna drive through (the hood) but ya shouldent have no probs in mornings. Riff raff is usually asleep till 2pm. If ya stay north of stclair shores like I told ya come down Jefferson ave through Grosse pointe park to alter rd. Good neighborhood and safe drive. Its a culture shock...1 alley seperates everything! If ya fish down here go left out of canal for tommys....you will see a pier (windmill pointe park) go to the corner and cast into current with pearl and blue tube baits. Silver fl char shad raps work good as well. If you look across river Thats Canada. Yes, you need a canadian fishing licence They sell them at Tommys. If ya get one, go to the head of Peche Island. This is the "walleye spawning grounds"...Hellova spot in spring! If you look in the direction of the frighters are traveling if your on the right side of them, your in American waters. over there start throwing the shad rap or a chrome blue Bomber long A. Use Fireline for "The Muskie Hole" is in area. Another good spot within motoring distance for ya is "the delphine channel" off 9 mile rd. There youll be in 12 ft of water with lots of weed beds on bottom. Rebel crayfish, all of above baits mentioned, Orange rattlin raps worked well for me there. If ya get bored tho throw on a crawler harness and drift...Im sure youll get a couple of walleyes. Any questions on spots on lake ask Tommys, thell point them out for ya. Spots reffered are what the locals call em.

Boat rental spot 2: Some small bait shop next to Metro Beach. 94 to 16 mile rd or metro pky. go in the direction of water and before ya get to metro beach turn right on Jefferson...its in here somewhere. Anywhere between 12 and 16 mile rd is good 2-300 yrds off shore. The "400 tower" is in here. Bluegill gitzits, pearl blue fleck twisters, spotail shiner bombers should do ya justice! WATCH OUT FOR BOATS!

Boat spot 3: Anchor bay boat rental. 94 to hall rd (rosso hwy, m-59, selfrige afb) again, go tward water, it gets tricky over here, when ya get to end it will look as if rd goes to the left...STAY STRAIGHT! Thats 1 way off jefferson.Anyhow, turn left and youll see Selfrige sport and tackle...tell Brian I said hi :-). He fishes alot of bass tourneys on st clair, he's a little cocky but informative. He will tell ya where to rent the boats, Its just up the rd. Anchor Bay sucks in fall for bass...well, i mean, theres better fishing. Springtime tho...easy 30-60 smallies in 2 hrs....they are out deeper tho in Aug.

Boat rental place 4: Harsens Island...ask Brian to tell ya. ya take a ferry over there and its one of those bait shops over there Good fishing in the channels and the flats of island. dropoffs from 4 ft of water to 25. If I had my map Id tell ya the bouy # to go to....Ill unpack it and get back with ya. I hope this was informative.

   St Clair info from bassinman (  7/7/2003 4:17:00 PM
 Thanks much excellent info. Boat still scares me a little, wouldn't mind as much if I was in my Champion but it wont fit in the luggage. Might consider a guide, any you would recommend?

   More St Clair from FishinFool (  7/7/2003 10:05:00 PM
 I cant say I really blame ya. Its not as bad as ya might think tho. The problem is ya truly need a 25 hp min to get out to some fish altho, the spots I mentioned, are dandys! and only a 10 min hump with 6 hp. As far as guides go, I couldent recommend anyone. In heart I was a riverrat lol! Spot 1 was my home! The guides would keep an eye on us to judge peak spawn for walleyes. Than the Bass. Tommys used to have a recorded fishing report daily. Ill see if I can round up the # and post it for ya.

   St. Clair from Daveb (  7/14/2003 4:24:00 PM

Fishin Fool has given you some good info. If you're use to a Champion, the rental boats are going to be a huge disappointment.

Let me offer the following alternative:

Go to www.lakestclair.net

Find your way to the fishing forum, plead your case, and I'll bet you can find someone who will be more than willing to hook up with you for a fishing trip. A lot of local tournament guys frequent that site and I sure somebody will be more than happy to have some company on a practice day.

Good luck.

   St clair info from bassinman (  7/15/2003 12:32:00 PM

Thanks for the info I will keep that in mind for the future. We got a hold of Jon Bondy who guides up there and setup a trip. He actually runs a Champion so I'll feel at home. Thanks again for the reply.

Bass Wishes Bassinman

   Guide... from Jose (  7/15/2003 3:31:00 PM
 If you want a GREAT guide, fish with Art Ferguson. You can check out his website at www.artoffishing.com. I've fished with him before and hes great. He knows the lake extremely well and WILL put you on fish. He fishes out of a Triton TR-21 with a 225 Opti, so you dont have to worry about being in a small boat.


Great guy/fisherman

God bless, Jose



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