Quantum Hyper-cast Spinning Reels...Anyone have one or have knowledge of these second hand? Quantum Hyper-cast Spinning Reels...Anyone have one or have knowledge of these second hand?
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    Quantum Hyper-cast Spinning Reels...Anyone have one or have knowledge of these second hand?
from Gary Burgess (  
5/16/1998 7:02:00 PM


 Looking to buy one after testing at local store. Easy to use, (4bb) only $38.99. Does anyone have any personal or second hand knowledge of these reels?

Thanks, Gary

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   quantum reel from steve the guide (  5/16/1998 8:46:00 PM
 Not a bad choice pricewise. Before you plunk down your dinero, be advised that this reel can be finnicky and in usually the worst circumstance. In other words, buy two! I personally do not trust these reels and do not use them. Take a look at the Corsair 300 or Abu garcia 5500 before you make up your mind. However, if a forty dollar reel is your trip, take it.
   Spinning reel from Iron (  5/16/1998 9:05:00 PM
  The hyper- cast is a great spinning reel. Good for fishing around piers and bushes
   spinning reels from scott (  5/16/1998 10:13:00 PM
 hyper-cast reels are crap- I use to work At Dick's sporting Goods here in New York - we had so many returns of that reel! The casting trigger on the reel will break after a short time of use. My best advise is to go with a Shimano spinning reel- Symetre, Sodona or stradic model are the best.
   Hypercast reels from Rodney M. (  5/17/1998 8:26:00 PM
 I have the HC2 and as far as the reel goes it works well. The trigger on the other hand needs a little more work.
   Hypercast reels from Leslie (  5/17/1998 10:00:00 PM
 I bought one when they first came out. Loved it and immediately bought a second one. Bad decision. I ended up sending them in for repair so many times, that the last time I just sent them back and told them to keep them. They ended up replacing them with different reels, which I'm not crazy about, but they're better than the Hypercast. Unless they've made some improvements, I wouldn't buy one. Frankly, I'm amazed that they're still even on the market.
   Quantum hypercast reels from charlie (  5/17/1998 10:11:00 PM
 I have two of the hc 2's. I like them very much. I do not use the trigger so that part does not bother me. What I like is that they have the positive lock system. They are also very smooth. I will sell one of them. Send email if interested.
   Hypercast Headaches! from Richard Caldwell (  5/18/1998 12:07:00 PM
 The Hypercast is a neat reel, until it breaks. It's a bit heavy for my taste, but very smooth.

However, the people at Zebco told me a year ago, or so, that they got back more Hypercasts than any other single model of reel that they had ever made. The things just break too easily. The biggest problem is with the trigger mechanism. The long lever-arm puts too much stress on the parts that open the bail. If you use it enough, it will eventually give up.

So, they are cool, but don't buy one if you're looking for rugged and dependable.

   Hypercast Reels from Jerry (  5/20/1998 11:52:00 PM
 I too was tempted to buy one but a friend of mine advised against it (Said, "there were too many moving parts"). Instead he advised to go with the Quantum E5 or E7. Since I couldn't decide which one to purchase I purchased one of each and I haven't regreted it yet! Good Luck!
   quantum from kel-lure (  5/21/1998 8:15:00 AM
 i purchased one about 2 mos ago and love it, for the money it is fast, easy to use, and has a smooth drag. i love the trigger on it and so far no problems. i would love to know where you can buy one for $40, not in nc anytime. being a baitcaster, i was looking for a spinning reel that was easy to use, bought one, stuck it on a mitchell fulcrum and have been catching fish on it as recently as last night. in sum, i love it and i'm just a baitcaster master. good fishing and give it a try, if you dont like it just send it back.
   hypercast problems from jim robson (  5/21/1998 5:49:00 PM
 I've got one in a baggie, just needs some new gears because the original ones fell apart. available cheap. ;)



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