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    Eyeless rods
from Kel-lure (  
6/18/1998 9:55:00 AM


 Has anyone tried the eyeless rods like daiwa makes? if so how do they cast, fight fish, stay internally clean against debris? i am thinking about trying one, but wanted some 1st hand experience. good fishing!!

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   Linear Interline Rods..... from Team Daiwa ProStaff (  6/18/1998 11:13:00 AM
 Kel-lure... The interline rods are great in several aspects...no line wrapping around guides, equal pressure on the entire blank, no dead spots due to guides being attached to rod, and unbelievable sensitivity. Cleaning debris is not an issue because the butt cap is removable from the rod allowing you to blow or rinse debris from the rod. To best explain the sensitivity point, imagine this...a rod with 10 guides is considered to be MORE sensitive than a rod with 7 guides(standard on a 6'6" rod)...the interline rods average 100 contact points per foot. The inner spiral design also keeps water off the line inside the rod giving you distance as well as an incredible "feel" for accuracy. In the next few weeks look for 2 new lines of interline rods. The TD-S interline will sell for around 120.00-130.00 and the Procaster-Z interline will be selling for around 80.00-100.00 depending on the model you are looking for. Also Daiwa came up with a much easier method of "loading" the line through the rods. Try one, I think you'll be impressed.

Good Fishin'

   Team diawa pro staff from Kel-lure (  6/18/1998 2:19:00 PM
 Wow, thanks so much for that input! being a person that always likes to build a better mousetrap or find one...your answer makes me go "ahhhhhhh, yeah, why didin't i think of that? having never been a daiwa person, i think im going to give them a try, if for just the novelty of it.... but from the way it sounds, i'm sure i will love it. if you have any other info on how or where i can get a new one fast please post it. i can guarantee if i use one them, my tourney partners, brother, and friends will be craving them. i tend to have friends that rig there stuff identical to mine, i guess thats a good quality for someone seeking sponsors. thanks a lot and i hope you catch a hawg your next time out!!! good fishing!
   Team Daiwa Interline Rods..... from Team Daiwa ProStaff (  6/18/1998 6:42:00 PM
 Kel-Lure... E-mail me direct @ Fishnpimp@aol.com. When my buddy get's your mail he'll let me know. I'll give you the name of the rep group for NC that you can call and find out what retailers have the TD-X linear interline rods. The TD-S, and Procaster-Z interlines aren't out yet but are available. Good Fishin'...
    TD ProStaff from Treven (  6/19/1998 3:32:00 AM
 I sure am glad that someone who has contact to the manufacturers is finally paying attention to this page. Makes us feel loved. :) Take care... I'm goign to try and glue a handle on the left side of one of those righty TDX's... I'll let you know how it works out.

Tight lines, Treven

   Hey Treven... from Team Daowa ProStaff (  6/19/1998 9:34:00 AM
 Let me know if that'll work. I have a few HUNDRED people I could sell it too. Heck, I might even start using the lefty myself if it works out.

C Ya'

   what I have heard from Howard (  6/19/1998 2:06:00 PM
 I have heard, from a military person in Japan, that the daiwa interline rods are the lowest quality and that shimano has some out over there that are great. Big price tag to but heck its only money. I have decided that I am going to hold off till I have a couple of brand names to choose from before I buy one. How else can I make sure I spend the most money.

My $.02 Howard

   guidless rods from frank (  6/19/1998 3:02:00 PM
 a friend of mine just bought one and says he likes it. he showed me a sample piece that came with the rod showing the inside. with my thumbnail i could score the ridges or rifling as it's called. i've had mono score alum. carbide and stainless guides, won't it score the relatively soft graphite?
   Japan and interline rods... from Treven (  6/19/1998 8:36:00 PM
 I've seen the Shimano catalog for Japan... and WOW! Some amazing stuff. A spinning reel called the "Super Ship" with 12 bb/ 1 Rb... Can't read any more than that though.. don't know japanese. They have a baitcaster called a Metanium (smaller version of Scorpion I think). ALL of their high-end rods are interline.

By the way, I think Frank has one hell of a point. Not only mono... try fireline or spiderwire in there. Ouch.

Tight lines, Treven



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