Cleaning and Lubricating Baitcasters Cleaning and Lubricating Baitcasters
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    Cleaning and Lubricating Baitcasters
from Paul Switzer (  
1/2/1999 1:30:00 PM


 Fellow fishermen: I need to oil and lubricate my Calcutta. Can someone explain specifically what parts I need to oil and how much and what kind of oil or grease I need to use. Also, if anyone knows of a book or manual that covers these topics I would interested in that information as well. Thanks!!

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   Lubrication from Buck Creek Rod and Reel Repair  1/2/1999 2:57:00 PM

One thing to be careful is to not over do the lubrication. In some places too much grease is as bad as not enough. There have been several posts on here in the past about how to lubricate reels. You should use a light coating of grease on gears and on the side plate where metal parts slide or rub. You should use oil on bearings. Also put a light coating of grease on the level wind worm gear. Just be careful not to use too much. I use Blue Rotanium grease and Aqua Lube synthetic oil. I would be happy to take a look at your reel and service it for you. Hope this helps, drop me a line if I can do anything else for you.


   Good oil for bearings from Mike P (  1/2/1999 11:18:00 PM
 If you can find it, 3 in 1 20 weight electric motor oil works well in bearings. It is designed to lubricate high rpm electric motors and stays in the bearings much longer than most stock oil that comes with reels, works on the level wind worm gear, too. It comes in a blue can, not black like household 3 in 1. Tournament casters used it for years until some new synthetic stuff became available.
   I Kept Cindy's maintenence recommendations from Keith (  1/3/1999 2:23:00 AM
 Cindy Munford once posted her recommendations on oiling and greasing several reels. I found them to be extremely helpful since they were very detailed answers. Maybe this post will help others. I asked Gerry to make it a post in the articles section. He must have forgotten to do it.

Keith the Desert Rat >>>>>>>>>>>>>

On a Curado, there are 3 bearings and an anti-reverse clutch. Follow these steps and you should be fine.... 1. Open the side of the reel where you set your brakes. Inside that plate is a bearing. 2. Under your cast control cap is another bearing. 3. On your spool is another bearing. ( NOTE: When oiling the bearing on a spool, especially Shimano, Make sure that there is no excess oil on the face of the spool. This will cause the reel not to cast further than your feet. If you do happen to get a little oil on the face of the spool, use a paper towel and make sure that you wipe it off completely. Also make sure that the frame where the spool fits is also dry.) 4. To oil the anti-reverse clutch, you should remove the handle. This is a fairly simple thing to do even if you do not feel that you are very mechanically inclined. Here is a step by step process for several different models.... Shimano - Calcutta (any model)--- On the top of the handle is a cap with a screw. Remove this cap. (Make sure to lay your parts in order say from left to right so that when putting it back you will be sure to put all the parts in the correct order.), under the cap is a nut..(remember that on the left handed reels that the nut screws the opposite direction. You will notice some notches on the side of the nut. That indicates a left handed screw.) next remove the handle and the washer underneeth it. Then unscrew the star drag. STOP here! That is as far as you need to go. Use your reel oiler to get a little oil in between the sleeve and the clutch. You can turn the shaft a little to work the oil down into the clutch. Shimano - Curado, Citica---Follow the same procedure except making sure to hold the Handle down with one hand as you unscrew the nut on the handle. There is a spring under the star drag that will cause the nut to fly off if you are not holding on to the handle. Follow the rest of the steps. When putting them back together, make sure to make sure that the star drag fits down around the drag nut. Shimano - Chronarch---- Everything is the same as the Calcutta, except the pieces that make up the drag clicker. It is a round plastic rachet and a spring. When putting it back together make sure that the wide end of the spring is facing up. Follow all the other instructions the same. Abu Garcia - 4500, 4600, 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500-- Without the instant anti-reverse--- The bearings can be in one of 2 places depending on the model year....they are either in the side plates or in the middle of the spool. Unscrew the 3 thumb screws that are on the handle side of the reel and remove the spool. You should be able to tell very easily which model you have. With the instant anti-reverse it is a simple procedure. Follow the same steps as the Calcutta reels. Quantum Ex series and Energy-- Same procedure as the Calcuttas. Daiwa TD series and TDX-- Fairly similar. Difference being that on the TD series there is a bearing on the top of the A/R clutch. There is also a drag clicker mechanism with 2 washers inside. Once again make sure to lay out all the parts in the order that you have removed them. The TDX has a weird looking cap on top of the nut that has no screw. If you look under the handle you should see 2 tabs. If you split those tabs carefully the cap should just pop off. Follow the same instructions then as you would on the calcuttas. Once again I have given a lot more info than asked for. If you need any more help feel free to ask. I am always happy to help. Oh Yea I almost forgot. The oil should be any REEL oil...although I find that Daiwa and Zebco have the best oils and Daiwa by far has the best grease. These are what I use in my customers reels and my own.



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