Best Deep Cranking Rod? Best Deep Cranking Rod?
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    Best Deep Cranking Rod?
from Ranger520  
2/21/2008 4:07:18 PM


 In your opinion what is the best deep cranking rod on the market? Looking for something to throw DD22's, Poe's 400p's, Hot Lips Express 3/4, etc. I want something at least 7'6" long. Also, if possible would like something that would work for cranks just a little smaller than some of these.

I know I have seen this on here before but when I do a search under the new search engine I don't get anything regardless of what I type.

Thanks in advance.

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   Deep Cranker from BassMan65  2/21/2008 5:58:05 PM
I have a Loomis CBR847 that throws the DD22s perfectly and handles them equally as well. It's a 7' rod, but works great. For smaller cranks it's not the best. A friend of mine uses the CBR906. 7'6" rod that throws and retrieves the DD22s perfectly as well. I have seen him use it for some smaller cranks DD14, DT10, Bandit 300, and a few others that hit that range. He seems to enjoy it and does really well. I also have a CBR845. Again, a 7' rod that throws the smaller size cranks better, but not as good for the DD22. I threw the DD22 on it this weekend in a pinch situation and it worked somewhat, but I wouldnt count on it for all day. CBR906 would be my first look. sorry for such a long response.

   Loomis CBR847 from xctycoach  2/21/2008 8:50:08 PM
The 847 would handle the chores you're looking at very well. Having used this rod for several years I can tell you it's a superb rod - very light and very, very sensitive, yet very flexible. It's a great rod to fight a fish with. Also take a good look at the Skeet Reese fiberglass crankbait rods.

Get a good cranking reel and you're good to go.

   Tried Loomis from Ranger520  2/21/2008 9:48:16 PM
I first tried the CBR847 and didn't like it because I felt like it was a little short to get maximum depth and distance need for deep cranking. I sold it and bought a 906. I love the length but I have my doughts that this is the best deep cranking rod on the market due to it's action. Don't get me wrong I love most of the Loomis products but I still think they have a big opening in the line for a true deep crankbait rod. Something in the 7'6" to 8' range and a combination of sensitivity between the 847 and the 906. I saw Jason Quinn using a 7' 11" model but I am not sure what brand or how it handles, etc. I just thought I would ask some of you for some recommendations. I have thought about having someone custom build me one so all options are on the table.

   Dobyns 804 cb from Darkman/Erick Prado #11037  2/22/2008 12:10:10 AM
My old deep crankin rod was a seeker..very nice..but heavy

the Dobyns 804cb is AWESOME!...its 8 feet and handles my deep cranks...IE: Poes 400, Poes Comp Cedar, Lee Sisson
(I like balsa lol!!) the 805cb is a heavier action, they also make a 7 ft..704cb

I did take me a bit to get use to an 8ft rod...but I do like it...hope this helps

   I believe he uses a BMCB710 from Randall B  2/22/2008 12:34:20 AM
I believe J. Quinn uses a BMCB710>When throwing dd22s I use a Dobyns Champ Crankbait Rod 8' Heavy 805CB, like it. For little n's, deep little n's and poes 300's I use Seeker BS 706 / 7' / S-Glass built by George Roth @

   Craking rod from poissons  2/22/2008 6:57:15 AM
For those deep divers I use the Crucial CRCC72MH. For me it has the right combination of flexibility and sensitivy for DD22.

   Cranking rod. from poissons  2/22/2008 7:00:24 AM
I use the Crucial CRCC72MH. I think it has the right comnination of lenght, flexibility and sensitivity.
Really excellent with DD22.

   another one... from PumaJeff #10844  2/23/2008 10:15:05 AM
 I grabbed a Kistler Helium HE76HC for pitching stuff in heavier cover.
It has a nice tip, and has somewhat of a moderate action when under a load, especially for a heavy power rod.

I think it would make a great deep crankbait rod, if you're looking for a 7'6" rod.




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