Best spinning reel in the $50. to $100. price range. Best spinning reel in the $50. to $100. price range.
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    Best spinning reel in the $50. to $100. price range.
from Fish-on #10766  
7/11/2008 8:26:52 PM


 What's your choice and size and why .................. Fresh water fishing for bass. I'm just a weekend angler and want to get the most bang for my buck.

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   Best bang... from Funky  7/11/2008 9:02:42 PM
 in my book would be the Shimano Sahara 2500, plus most places have them on sale now for 49.99. I'd like to have a Shimano Saros, but danged if I can see where it's $80 better.

Of course you can always get a Stella for a mere $700! I think it even has ball bearings on the cardboard box lid.

   used shimano stradic 2500 from Randy B  7/11/2008 9:08:26 PM
 You should be able to snipe a used one on ebay for $80 or so. The last three went for $74, $84, and $86.

New ones go for $125+ but have a few refinements over the used ones (generally FH models).

My basis is that I am highly satisfied with the 6 or 7 that I have owned for 5+ years. None have ever broken on me (knock, knock). They are smooth operators.

One of my friends swears by Daiwa (laguna?). Others will tell you some other brands, but in any case, you can't go wrong trying to pickup a $125+ reel (any brand) for $80 or so used.

   Daiwa Exceller from California Kid  7/12/2008 8:25:57 AM
 Think that's it:)~! LOL Reel NEW is $60 and IMO; will tear those Shimanos apart! LOL I use 2000 size spinning reels, but for a more well rounded reel; go with the 2500. If you'd like to read about the reel and take a look at it; would be a good place to start. Great service and that reel would get shipped to you for free:)!

Hope this helps and take care

   Daiwa Exceller (x2) from Fisherboy #10852  7/12/2008 8:34:05 AM

The Excellers are (waaaaay) smoother and lighter than the Shimanos and in my opinion equal to, if not better than the Stradic.

   shimano spheros from MikeF  7/12/2008 10:24:57 AM
 In that price range I would go with a Spheros. The smallest it comes in is a 3000, which isn't much bigger than most 2000's. It's pretty much a bullet proof reel; it doesn't need much maintenance and it won't bind up or come apart if you catch a real fish.

   daiwa regal 2500 from hitdawg #10731  7/12/2008 1:49:56 PM
 Awesome reel. Good drag, light, twistbuster. No need to spend more than 49.99.

   Exceler price! from California Kid  7/12/2008 9:32:50 PM
 Sorry guys, guess the reel's $69.99 retail and NOT $60 like I said in my other reply.

Anyway, I agree with Fisherboy about it being as good or better than a Stradic. Not saying a Stradic isn't a good reel; but I personally would pick a few others over it. Daiwa Exceler and Tierra being two of them. I have a Tierra ($114) and a SOL ($200); both in 2000 size. While the SOL is better; I don't feel it's $85 better. I personally don't need more than two spinning combos, but if I would buy another spinning reel; it would be the Tierra.

For the price; I feel you can't beat the Exceler. Very smooth reel and when most magazines do their reel reviews; it's right up there with the best of them. BASS Master rated it the best value in spinning reels and I'm not 100% sure; but think Field & Stream did too. Not sure about that though.

Hope this helps and take care

   onother votr for the Exceler! from Darkman/Erick Prado #11037  7/14/2008 11:40:32 AM
 You cant beat the price! and for any amount of money it flat out kicks butt.

if you look a can find them on sale


   I hereby rescind my vote from Fisherboy #10852  7/14/2008 1:55:33 PM
I cannot in good conscience be in agreement with one, let alone ... TWO Califlookians. Put me down for Cabela's version of the Exceller instead.

   I checked the rule book,,,,,,,,,,, from Fish-on #10766  7/14/2008 8:50:50 PM
 No recinding in the same thread. Your vote stands. Sorry, da rules are da rules.

   Most bang for the buck, agree with Randy B from BigGreenFish  7/15/2008 12:35:23 PM
 Get you a used Stradic Fi, or wait for the new Symetre or Sahara to come out.

Daiwas usually have the lower gear ratio and take up less line. Also the drags are weak on Daiwas.

   Real Spin Reels from WarWill #10840  7/18/2008 8:28:00 AM
 I use both the Exceler and the Spheros. The Spheros is, as others have said, a bulletproof spin reel. I used them exclusively for three years and never had a breakdown. I've sold several to other hardcore bassers with zero complaints.

Since I have no self control and love to experiment, last season I got two Daiwa Freams Kix 3000, Japanese market, at give away prices. The same reel is marketed in the USA as the Team Daiwa Advantage-A but the price is in the $130 range (about the same as prices for the Freams Kix on the world market). This is an excellent reel: large spool,-3000 size- very tight and smooth. The Exceler 3000, that I added this year, is a very good reel also but not quite up to the standard of the Freams. As Fisherboy pointed out, Cabela's version of the Exceler is a good buy with the better up grades of Air Bail and extra bearings plus if you don't like the reel or it breaks down, Cabela's has a good guarantee.

   I love my Pfleugers from CJ #12276  7/18/2008 11:33:59 PM
 I have a few Pfleuger Presidents and they are great reels.. 10 ball bearings and smooth as can be.. Got mine on sale at Academy for $45, normally run around $60.. I haven't had any problems with them and have used them for quite a few years.. I use a couple different sizes for different applications.. But not to disagree with the posts above, Diawa makes a very good reel too..

   Exceler from skimmerman #14200  7/20/2008 10:49:11 PM
 I vote for the Exceler. I bought two in the 2000 size-originally to use for speckled trout- and have used them in saltwater with braid to catch reds up to 10 lbs with no problems whatsoever. The Spheros reels are bulletproof but probably too heavy to throw lures all day.

   Paging Fisherboy,,,,,,,,,,, from Fish-on #10766  7/21/2008 6:35:05 AM
 Which Cabela's reel would be the match for the Daiwa Exceller ? Both the Prodigy (on sale) and the Tournament XZ spinning reels look good. When I buy a reel I'm looking to try the 2000 size. I also looked at the Shimano Saros just for fun and it seems that there 2500 size reel looked to be about the same size as the 2000 size in other brands.



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