Shimano Sahara vs. Symetre??? Shimano Sahara vs. Symetre???
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    Shimano Sahara vs. Symetre???
from russ (  
12/7/1999 1:02:00 AM


 I was at Sports Authority this evening and looked at both and after doing some research and feel comparison. The only difference I have been able to find and see are.The line roller, a .4oz weight difference, and styling differences. Just thought some of you might have some first hand experience with Sahara. If the only differences are the one's I found?? I think it is smart to say save the $25.00- $30.00. Not to mention the Sahara comes with a spare aluminum spool where the Symetre's spare is graphite.

The overall feel seems the same right out of the box.

Comments wanted!!!!

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   Reel difference? from Jeff (  12/7/1999 7:25:00 AM
 When your comparing those two reels, there is not much difference in design. and no difference in actual feel. I know because I'm trying to make the same decision. I've been looking at the Sahara's and Symetre's and can't justify the $20.00 difference in price. I could buy 2 1999 model Symetre's new at a sporting goods store for $59.99 a piece, but if you seen the 2000 models yet they are alot different in body design because they had problems about the rotor body bail arm cracking and thats why the 1999 model was discounted, and also why there is a new design. If you look at the Sahara 1999 model the rotor arm design is identicle to the Symetre, so I don't know if they changed the Sahara in 2000 or not, I have not seen a new model yet. I'd still say go wiyh the Sahara, and save the wasted $$$ spent on something you can't see or feel the difference in. Just my opinion. Jeff
   Sahara vs Symmetre from Karl L (  12/7/1999 11:01:00 AM
 I believe the Sahara's anti-reverse switch is on the bottom of the reel. Not a big deal to some, but I much prefer the placement on the Symmetre, probably just because that's what I'm used to. -Karl-
   Extra Spool from Jeff (  12/7/1999 1:16:00 PM
 First, I will say I think a second spool is very important for a spinning reel, if you don't won't or need a spare you may not agree with my ideas.

That said, I think the Symetre sits kind of in no mans land. The Sahara comes with a spare aluminum spool and costs less than Symetre. The Symetre does not come with a spare spool and is $20-$25 less than a Stradic that does come with spare. An extra spool for a Symetre cost about $25. So if you want an extra spool it makes no sense to buy a Symetre, you might as well go for a Stradic. If you don't want spend that much I think the Sahara is the right way to go.

The Sahara, Symetre and Stradic are all redesigned for 2000 and are of similar style. The new Sahara is no longer based on the Sedona frame. This should lead to some deals on the 99 models. If you do see these reels on sale, just make sure you understand what you are getting.

   Symetre! from Mike (  12/7/1999 9:50:00 PM
 I own both and my symetre has been way better and I have had it for two years. My sahara is now regulated to my reel graveyard because a lot of times when casting the bail closes by itself. It happens quite a bit. I also think the antireverse is better on the symetre.
   it's the drive shaft from Silverado (  12/10/1999 11:11:00 PM
 The difference between the two is the drive shaft. The Symetre is more expensive because it has worm gear oscillation, what that does is lays the line on in even wraps around the spool.

The Sahara by all means is a good reel, I happen to have one. It's just that the Sahara doesn't have that feature. I cant remember off the top of my head what style drive shaft it is called.

The main thing the worm gear does for you is slightly longer casts. Just because the line can fly off the spool smoother and faster.



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