Any users of Daiwa PS2-5B or PS2L-5B? Any users of Daiwa PS2-5B or PS2L-5B?
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    Any users of Daiwa PS2-5B or PS2L-5B?
from Tim (  
2/13/2000 2:12:00 PM


 I'm looking for a left handed reel with a flipping switch. I found a store that still has several Daiwa PS2L-5B's for sale. I believe these reels were discontinued several years ago. They are "clearance priced" at $70. Does anyone remember what they sold for normally? As best I can remember, this is pretty close to the normal price when they were current reels.

For those of you who have owned these reels, have they stood up pretty well over time? Would you recommend the reel at $70? All comments are appreciated.

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   Diawa PS2-5B from Wayne P. (  2/13/2000 2:33:00 PM
 I have two of them. I think I paid about $58 a few years ago. The only fault I have found with them is the low number of teeth on the anti-reverse gear.
   Daiwa PS2L-5B from Captain Ron (  2/13/2000 2:51:00 PM
 I bought one of these reels last year for around fifty dollars.After useing it twice I really didnt like it much.I agree with Wayne on the anti reverse gear.It has way to much play in it for my likeing.If you check Ebay they are on there all the time.
   Daiwa PS2-5B from Avery (  2/14/2000 12:30:00 AM
 Tim, I've used the right-handed model PS2-5B for the last ten years or so. I think they're a fine reel and they're just about bullet proof. The only thing you may not be happy with is that it doesn't have the instant anti-reverse that so many of us have gotten used to.

If I remember correctly, the first one I bought cost around $60 back in the mid-'80's and the last one I bought before they were discontinued was around $85. FWIW, I managed to purchase three more at a "clearance price" of $45 each shortly after they were discontinued last year - I only wish I could purchase several more at that price!

   PS2L-5B, Daiwa Samuri from Darren Cole (  2/14/2000 10:01:00 AM
 Tim, the reel you're talking about was called the Samuri. I have a lefty version and use it for throwing spinnerbaits and heavy jigs. The reel is certainly worth 70$. The only drawback is the lack of instant anti-reverse, but then again there are very few baitcasters made now that let you turn off the anti-reverse and back-reel. That one little trick makes it a great reel for smallmouth. The reel is built well, very solid. If you buy it, I'd recommend you clean all three of the spool shaft bearings. I did it to mine and it runs very free and smooth. If you need the parts diagram just drop me a line and I'll have a copy off to you ASAP. Tight Lines......Big D.
   It's a good reel from Rich (  2/16/2000 2:06:00 PM
 However, for $70 there are better choices out there for Flippin/Pitchin', but on clearance for $50, it may just be the best drop shot reel because of the one little trick that Darren mentioned.



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