St.Croix Avid vs. Premier vs. St.Croix Pro-Glass St.Croix Avid vs. Premier vs. St.Croix Pro-Glass
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    St.Croix Avid vs. Premier vs. St.Croix Pro-Glass
from 0119 (  
3/21/2000 9:42:00 PM


 Looking at the Avid and Premier 5'6' pistol grip casting rods, I see only a .5 of an oz. difference in weight. Both series feature the same lure and line ranges. I know there different "quality" blanks and the guides are of different series, but do you think the average guy can tell a difference between the two to make the $60's more for the Avid worth while? Also....any comments on St.Croix Pro Glass series rods? Ive had Loomis crank bait series, Im not interested in comments about Loomis, only St.Croix. Thanx

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   I own all three from JB  3/21/2000 10:15:00 PM
 I own all three types and i like them all. in my opinion the 60 doallr difference between the avis and premier isnt worth it. the guides are better and the blank is better on the avid but the premier is more than good enough. the blank on the premier is very god for the cost of the rod. in my opinion the difference in sensitivity dosent justyify the extra cost. dont get me wrong the avid is nice and i would buy another but the premier gets the job done more than well enough and costs less. as far as the pro glass goes i got mine mainly for spinnerbaits and it does a wonderful job with them. the st croix graphite rods have a fast and somewhat stiff tip i like that for everything but spinnerbaits and crankbaits. the proglass has a lot more flex and a slower action tip. i havent lost any fish with the proglass. it has a lot of flex but still has some good backbone. i have used other brand rods for this perpose but i dont think they do as good a job as the pro glass. I really like st croix rods. they offer a good rod at a fair price and service to back them up. i wont own anything else.
   Crankin stik from Bobby (  3/21/2000 11:55:00 PM
 Try a 7 foot medium light Premier It give's you the feel of Graffite with the flex of a glass rod. The tighter perebolix design give's you better control of the fish. The glass rod's don't let you have the power to control them when they try to go airborn I have use'd both glass and the 7 foot medium light and have incressed my hook to land ratio by 30%. I also use only Croix and Falcon rod's.
   Graphite v. Glass St.Croix from TomD (  3/22/2000 4:48:00 PM
 I have several Premiers and one Pro-Glass, and like the posts above say, the glass does the job with SBs. But, I got tired making the adjustment in casting motion when switching types, and now (like the above post) use a ML Premier for SBs (and for topwaters and lipless CBs). I use a 6.5'. I'm losing a lot less fish now with the ML, don't rip the hook out, and can maintain line tension a lot better.
   no more Premier ML from Marc (  3/23/2000 12:56:00 PM
 Bobby and TomD,

I think St. Croix stopped making the Premier in the ML action, I can only find the M action and it appears to be pretty stiff. I would like to have the 6'6" or 7' in ML action. I think St. Croix Premier and Avid are best value in rods.

   Marc's right.......just happened to be thumbing through the new catalog. from Bob S.  3/23/2000 8:27:00 PM
 no message
   ML St. Croix from Bill E.  3/24/2000 11:52:00 AM
 I have not looked at a paper catalogue, but the web catalogue still lists a Premier 6'6" one piece. It is found at I have a 6'ML that I purchased about two months ago from Ron's T&C Tackle one of our sponsors. It is an absolute jewel and has a good backbone...Hope this helps...GB&GF...Bill E.
   6'6" ML - New for 2000 from Big Al  3/24/2000 6:57:00 PM
 The St Croix web page shows the PC66MLF as a new model for 2000. AL



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