Suggestions for Custom Rod Builder and Blank Suggestions for Custom Rod Builder and Blank
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    Suggestions for Custom Rod Builder and Blank
from Dave520 #11473 #11473  
4/3/2012 9:42:44 AM


 I want to have a custom flippin stick built for me. NOT a punch rod for mats, but a 7' 6" rod, micro guides, split cork handle, 3/8 oz to 1.0 oz, for use with braid in Florida lilly pads.

Any suggestions for a rod builder and also blank recomendations would be appreciated.


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   Here's one from Jeff Hahn  4/3/2012 10:07:42 AM
  Here's a custom rod builder. He's the son of a friend of mine. I've seen his work, fished his rods, and they are top of the line.


   Flippin rod build from ipoppa33 #9487  4/3/2012 10:36:20 AM
 I finally got my rodbuilding room finished after moving and would be glad to talk to you about your build. Email me

Thanks. Stan

   Shakedown Rods from Fisherboy #10852 #10852  4/3/2012 11:29:14 AM
Stan all the way.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if I didn't build my own rods, Stan would be the guy. As a matter of fact, I've had him do some grip inlay work for me previously for my wife's rod.

What sets Stan apart from most rod builders including many that way graced this board is attention to detail and craftsmanship. Anyone can epoxy parts, wrap thread and slap on some finish.

It's the tight wraps, straight edges on the even finish and the exact fit of the components that sets his work apart from most.

Plus you get more than you pay for with one of his sticks. That's my 2 cents about Stan's work.He's a craftsman, not a rodbuilder.

As far as a true flipping blank, I would step up to a 1.5 ounce lure rating and pick out the St. Croix of your choice. A Lamiglas CRB 805 is also a good choice, but more power than you are asking for, but a very durable workhorse. Rogue is another good option as well.

From your specs, looks like you are leaning more toward pitching than flipping.

   Thank you from ipoppa33 #9487  4/4/2012 1:31:38 PM
 Wow I used to think my dog was the only one who thought I was good.

Fisherboy thank you for the kind words, making me blush lol.

Thanks again.


   Thanks for the replies from Dave520 #11473 #11473  4/4/2012 3:10:42 PM
 Thank you for the replies. I've talked to Stan and we are figuring out the details.


   I beg to differ from Fisherboy #10852 #10852  4/4/2012 4:39:49 PM
Just for the record not once, did I use the word "good".

Now, for full discloure, the only reason I know about Stan's work is that I've had to repair several of his builds .... Dohhhhhhh! Good luck with that stick. LOL

In all seriousness, one of his longtime customers is a friend of mine. He's the owner of all those rods with the inlaid flames in the grips, plus a few more.

Since my house is on the way to the ramp, it's cost effective to swing by my crib for a single guide replacement. The boy is rough on rods -- second only to IKE.

I have to be on my A game when repairing one of Stan's rods. Half-ass work won't cut it.

   Stan - Shakedown Rods from Big Al #10768 #10768  4/5/2012 7:22:03 PM
 I met Stan a few years ago while when he was with a buddy of mine that also builds rods. Stan handed me one of his rods with an Alphas Ito on it. I think the whole thing weighed about 7 oz. His rods are incredible! The work as Fisherboy said is craftsmanship. They are ART.



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