A funny thing happened on the way to ebay. A funny thing happened on the way to ebay.
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    A funny thing happened on the way to ebay.
from Ppen  
4/26/2012 4:20:48 PM


 It seems I have not spent any money with them for 2 or 3 years. It seems they have a CC number for me which is at least three versions back from what we use now. (It seems that some wives wear out their CC's faster than others.) So, simple task. Go to my old account and replace the old CC number with the latest number and all will be OK. Not so fast. It seem that PayPal is also involved. PayPal says I can not change the CC number unless I can provide them the number of the last CC I had on file with them. OK, tell me what that number is and we can proceed. Nope. YOU have to tell us what that number is. PayPal lady says I have to wade through our past records and find a number which is the latest CC number they have. Given that that CC number has to have been last used back when I still had hair I explained that we did not have that number readily available. "Well FIND IT!", she says.

I said it seems a lot easier to close out my PayPal account and reopen it with my new CC number. This did not please her. But I insisted and she closed my PP account.

OK, on to ebay.... Seems a simple matter. Just change my account to reflect my new CC number. Not so fast. Can't change that without congressional approval. But, there is another way. Close out my ebay account and start over. Just borrow the EASY button from Staples and have at it.

So I closed the ebay account, I thought, and began to create a new account in which to give them my shiny new CC number. All went well... briefly. They agreed to my new user name and password so I clicked to proceed. Bad mistake. 'SORRY", they said. The email addy you provided is already pinned to another account. WTF! Of course it is, you dummies. Turned out there was no way around that so I tried to talk to somebody. Mistake. I don't think anybody with a voice works there. Finally, w/o ever talking to a live person, I reached a screen which offered me the option to close my account. At last!

Then a screen advised me that I could not open another ebay account for 7 days. Fine... no, extra fine with me.

When I finally got back to my mail program I found an email from PayPal and another email from ebay both telling me how sorry they were that I had opted to close my account with each of them. What a crock!

From now on I only deal with cash. Sure hope gerry can handle that method of payment!

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   Paypal -E Bay from Big Al #10768 #10768  4/26/2012 5:56:50 PM

I've been using Paypal since 1995 or so and NEVER had a problem with my bank account or credit card. With all the identity theft going on I feel safe that my account is well protected. I agree it is frustrating to go through what you needed to but it is to protect YOUR credit card and account. Hope you get it straightened out.
BTW, I've always got someone on the phone that understands quite well.
Good Luck!



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